Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Sex Change Operation for Prisoner a Good Use of Tax Dollars?

A Boston federal court has been trying to answer this question over the last year. After hundreds of hours of testimony and at least ten expert witnesses pontificating on the merits of the operation, the court may not be much closer to an answer. The prisoner/patient is a murderer serving life in prison. Legal Pub questions whether taxes be used to pay for his sex-change operation?

Michelle (previously known as Robert) Kosilek wants a sex change. To date, no transgender inmate has succeeded in obtaining a court ordered sex-change. The Massachusetts Correction Department opposes the surgery. They argue that it would make Kosilek a target for sexual assault. (But Legal Pub questions, if he has the sex change, should he not then be housed in the Women's Prison?)
The A.P. has reported that the State has spent $52,000 on experts to testify about an operation that would cost about $20,000.

State Sen. Scott Brown said,"They are prisoners. They are there because they've broken the law," who unsuccessfully introduced a bill to ban sex-change surgery for inmates. Other folks, people who want to get these types of surgeries, they have to go through their insurance carrier or save up for it and do it independently. Yet if you are in prison, you can do it for nothing? That doesn't make a lot of sense."

The opposition argues that Kosilek ( who allegedly has attempted suicide ) needs the sex-change surgery as much a medical necessity for treatment.

Kosilek , 58, killed his wife in 1990 after she spilled boiling tea on his genitals. He legally changed his name to Michelle in 1993. He alleges that the States refusal to pay for the surgery violates the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ian Coburn's book "God is a Woman" has reached the top 200 best seller list. I wonder if men like Kosilek had read the book if they would have learned to interact better with women. Serious question. Something definitely went wrong in this man's life.

Kosilek strangled his wife. Obviously not marital harmony. Divorce with Viper would have been a preferred path as opposed to life in prison.

Maybe Paris Hilton will share some thoughts on jail (as opposed to prison) life.

Just some thoughts.


Ms. Calabaza said...

My friends in Massachussetts have lost their minds. What are they doing paying to sex change operations for prisoners with their tax dollars? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Pretty scary looking dude. He may need hormonal help even after surgery to make the transition to a woman.

And yes, I agree. If he does get the operation, he should be transferred to the women's pen.

Anonymous said...

Scary looking Dude/Gal

Anonymous said...

Is it necessary treatment or medical necessity? Only his/her significant other and his/her physician really know.

colleency said...

Fascinating story ... Poor tormented soul.

Is it a medical / psychological necessity? - that's the question. Can he survive without it? Physically, yes - but his mental and emotional state has led him to attempt suicide. However, as Paris has learned, suffering is part of the package of life behind bars.

Tax dollars? No.

The perfect solution would be for Hollywood to adopt his cause. Maybe a benefit fundraiser tied to the 'Hairspray' premier. : )

And definately a women's prison post-surgery.

William the Weasle said...

Not that I think books are the answer, but I have to agree on this one. If he had read Ian Coburns book God is a Woman...Dating disasters, this gentleman might have taken matters into his own hands and eliminated the build up leading to this so called sex change.