Friday, October 30, 2009

Gang Bang Rapers Of A 15 Year Old California Girl Should Be Punished To The Maximum If Convicted!

Rape is not cool. It is never a sign of manhood. It is never romantic. It is a crime for which the strictest punishment should follow. Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl on a Richmond, California high school campus. The crime itself is disgusting. Jose Carlos Montano, 18, has been charged with felony rape, rape in concert with force, and penetration with a foreign object.

Montano's bail has been set at $1.3 million. Police hypothesize that as many as 10 people were involved in the back alley rape while another 10 watched without calling 911. Hopefully, prosecution for those who failed to stop the attach will follow. The 15 year old girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Fortunately, she received excellent care and has recently been discharged from the hospital.

This was a cowardly gang rape. Four other teens were arraigned Thursday on charges connected to the rape. Cody Ray Smith, "older than 14," pleaded not guilty to charges of rape with a foreign object and rape by force. Ari Abdallah Morales and Marcelles James Peter, appeared with Smith but did not enter a plea. All three juveniles wore bulletproof vests at the hearing. All have been charged as adults.

Manuel Ortega, 19, appeared separately and did not enter a plea. He did not wear a protective vest. Another person, Salvador Rodriguez, 21, has also been arrested.


All suspects are to be presumed innocent until otherwise proven.
UPDATE 11-3-09: Regular reader Helena shares with us this video covering the issues of why bystanders did nothing: VIDEO LINK.
Update 3-8-11: Gang rape has become all too common. In Texas, thirteen adults and five juveniles have been arrested as part of an investigation into the alleged rape of a Texas girl. The Cleveland, Texas, police department is continuing to investigate the incident. According to CNN, more people of interest may be interviewed. The 18 individuals charged so far are apparently between 14 and 27 years old. Four students in the Cleveland Independent school district had been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14. However, not all suspects are students at Cleveland High School.
Mike Little, the district attorney in Liberty County, indicated that more people may be charged. CNN affiliate KHOU, reported that the female victim may have been only 11 years old.
Keep in mind that some of the people charged may be innocent. Those over the age of eighteen could be tried for sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony in Texas. If convicted, one could face 25 year to life in prison.
Allegations and charges are not convictions. A person is presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blond Bombshell's Educational Guideline For A Long Marriage ~by Shell

Time for an education in happiness, boys and girls. Want to have a long happy union with your mate? Marry up! When you're talking age, the key to a happy marriage is for a woman to pick a man at least 5 years her elder. Recent studies suggest that the happiest couples with the lowest divorce rate were those where the woman was at least five years younger than her husband. Similarly, the more educated the woman, the better the chance of marital bliss. See:';

But when the wife is older by five or more years, the couple is three times more likely to break up than if they're the same age. Simply, men with younger wives are destined to be happier. Sorry cougars. It's okay to play, but don't make it permanent or you will likely pay.

The majority of people don't even think about having affairs. The Times of London. In the London Times poll, 54 percent of those polled hadn't even considered having an affair. The number one key to the success of a relationship was obvious: plentiful amount of sex. 44 percent had sex at least once a week. 32 percent are having it two to four times a month. 2 percent have sex every day. To see why women stop having sex read: LINK

In 2006, A NORC Survey found that 16.7 percent of women admitted to infidelity. Why do women cheat? That's simple, to feel young again. Why do men cheat, to get more sex. The conclusion is obvious. If a woman wants to stay married, pick a guy at least 5 years her senior and give him plenty of loving. Than if there is infidelity in the marriage, it will likely be because you found a Brad Pitt look alike who takes you sky diving.
Editors Note: Avoiding divorce is a little like the man in this video, it takes some degree of skill and a whole lot of luck. VIDEO LINK.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Richard Heene Is Merely A Capitalist! ~ by Banker Man

Just stop! It is not like this country does not have bigger fish to fry. Remember the joy many felt when the news broke that little Falcon was not on the balloon. It wasn't until little Falcon revealed to Wolf Blitzer that they "did this for the show” that all the negativity started. Suddenly Richard Heene was labelled as someone who exploited his child for fame and profit.

But who is really to blame? In this world of "reality t.v." who without flaw may cast the first stone. For many, the incident provided a welcome diversion from the pain of reality. Unemployment, inflation, a depressed stock market, crooked CEOs and murdering pedophiles. For once, many had a common goal, the safety of “balloon boy.” Was it a “massive fraud,” as Bill O’Reilly claimed? Or was it a brief reality T.V. show that entertained the masses with hope for a cute little boy?

Sheriff, Jim Alderden said, “They put on a very good show for us, and we bought it.” In hindsight, the show wasn’t that good. But, it did provide diversionary relief. Now some may argue that the balloon may have caused the rerouting of flights and the wasteful deployment of law enforcement resources. But it is not like the diversion was not welcome. Furthermore, Halloween costumes of the ballon boy have been extremely popular thus stimulating the economy. In sum, Richard Heene is a product of the times. An entrepreneur trying to gain an upper hand in the “reality” television market. Some are calling it fraud. Others, simply call it capitalism.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Life Creep, Richard Ramirez, Suspect In Mei Leung's Death?

The "Night Stalker" was one of the original creeps. In fact, even more creepy than "Jack the Ripper." One can only bet how proud his family is of his reputation. Now Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker is being blamed for another killing. San Francisco Police reopened a 25-year-old homicide that may be linked to Ramirez, known during his 1984-85 killing spree.

Ramirez's DNA will be tested to see if it is linked to the 1984 death of 9-year-old Mei Leung. Leung was sexually assaulted and killed in the basement of her home. Ramirez should come clean and just tell the truth, if it is in him. After all, Ramirez is awaiting execution, after being convicted in 1985 of 13 murders. In addition, he has been convicted of five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries. Has Ramirez made his peace with God? Doubtful, as he is a professed "satanist." Despite being sentenced to death since 1989, Ramirez while in custody married a woman (Doreen Lioy)who wrote him over 70 letters while he was incarcerated. Just goes to show you, that there must be someone for everyone.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carie Prejean Has A Couple Of Points Arising From The Pageant! ~ by Surfer Dude

Miss California has a couple of points... and she is not happy about them. Carrie Prejean, Miss California, has been surrounded in controversy. Apparently, Prejean borrowed $5,200 to have her breasts augmented last year. Carrie Prejean has filed a lawsuit in which she has claimed pageant officials violated her privacy by acknowledging to reporters that her breasts were "fake." Pageant lawyers claim that Prejean's breasts "ceased being private during the swimsuit competition of the nationally televised Miss USA pageant, in which Ms. Prejean walked the stage in a bikini." State pageant officials claim they loaned the money for the surgery and they want the money repaid. The same officials apparently dethroned Prejean as Miss California because of her stance on gay marriage.

Pagent officials are seeking any profits from Prejean's tell-all book which they claim was written in violation of her pageant contract. The pageant's demands appear in a cross-complaint filed in response to Prejean's lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Prejean continues to claim that her dethroning was because of religious discrimination because of her position against same-sex marriage.
Pagent officials claim Prejean, 22, did not retain he throne because of belligerent behavior, lack of cooperation and contract breaches causing her firing. "Ethically and morally, Carrie Prejean no longer deserved to be Miss California USA," according to pageant pleadings.

One has to wonder why Prejean needed bigger breasts in the first place. Prejean apparently felt that she would be more competitive for the Miss USA pageant after the surgery. But just how is it appropriate for pageant officials to loan her the money for breast augmentation? Just what was the relationship between Prejean, California pageant officials and Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump? And just what is the purpose of this lawsuit? Is it to extend Prejean's notoriety and name recognition? Or is Prejean taking up the cross of exposing the superficial nature of the pageant industry?
Update 11-5-09: Litigation can get nasty! TMZ allegedly obtained the a sex tape involving Prejean. Prejean and Miss California USA officials had sued each other and were in settlement talks last week. Prejean was allegely demanding at least six figures but when Pageant officials showed her they had a copy of the tape, it apparently ended Prejean's demands. Prejean had sued the Pageant for allegedly firing her because of her beliefs and disclosing confidential information about her breast implants. The Pageant countersued, claiming Prejean had violated the terms of being Miss Cali USA. Under Pageant rules, all contestants signed forms that gave assurance they had no nude videos or pictures in their past. The sex tape apparently was the "trump card" for the Pageant officials.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jasper Howard, Jon Fenlon, Rick Brown and Daniel Langdon All Depart This Earth After Athletic Endeavors, Could It Just Be In The Stars? ~by Seeker

It was simply a bad weekend for athletes. First there was the Connecticut football player who met his maker. Then it was the runners in a Detroit race. Just why was it such a bad weekend? Before we blame it on the stars, lets look at some more terrestrial facts.

Jasper Howard was a corner back for Connecticut. They had just beaten Louisville. He called his mom after the game and told her that he had been awarded the game winning ball. Life was good. Then at 12:33 a.m., after a sponsored student dance on campus, Jasper's life ended after he was stabbed to death. Watch Family Reaction.

To make matters worse, Howard, 20, was a soon-to-be dad. So how could such a thing happen? At the university student center dance, a fire alarm was pulled at about 12:26 a.m. More than 300 dance attendees left the building and spilled out into the street. Suddenly, two groups of people began to fight. Next thing any one knows, Howard had been stabbed by an unidentified person at 12:33 a.m. Howard and another victim were taken to a local hospital. Howard was airlifted by helicopter to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, where he was pronounced dead. The other victim was treated and released.

University police and the Connecticut State Police currently do not have a suspect. Similarly there were deaths in Detroit this weekend without a clear victim to blame.

Specifically, three runners in Detroit died during or shortly after a race and the public wants to know why. This was the 32nd annual Free Press/Flagstar Marathon in Detroit. 26-year-old Jon Fenlon collapsed at the finish line. 65-year-old Rick Brown and 36-year-old Daniel Langdon collapsed between the 11- and 12-mile mark at a rest station. All three were running in the half marathon (13.1 miles.) 3 Runners Die.

Did the runners die because of lack of qualified personnel? The race director says there were 60 medical professionals along the route, including 14 doctors. Each man apparently received medial assistance within seconds of their collapse. All three were taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital. Jon Fenlon was from Waterford, Michigan. In 2006 he caught a home run ball hit by the Detroit Tigers Magglio Ordonez in a game against the A's. The Tigers went on to the world series. He was a 2007 graduate of Eastern Michigan University. He worked at Campbell- Ewald in advertising. Daniel Langdon was Laingsburg. Langdon was celebrating his 36th birthday. Rick Brown was a resident of Mariette, Ohio. He was an experienced runner. He was at the race with his wife and friends from a running club. While heart disease is the suspected killer, an autopsy will be done to confirm the identity of the killer. In 1994, a 42 year old died at this same race which of course brings up discussion of a possible serial killer. Those interesting in seeing the scene of the crime may view:

Keep in mind, that all suspects, including heart disease are to be presumed innocent until such time as there is a legal decision to the contrary.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Brewer Serves As A Burning Example Of The Need For Stricter Punishment Of Juveniles

We all know that kids can be cruel. Now it is time to deal with cruelty with the harshest of penalties. Specifically, the teens that set Michael Brewer on fire deserve life in prison. Then we shall see just how funny it is to watch another teen burn. Five juveniles are detained in juvenile custody for intentionally setting 15-year-old Brewer on fire at a Deerfield Beach, Florida, apartment complex. Punishment should begin by releasing the juveniles names, but society frowns on that. Society needs to change.

Brewer has second-degree burns over 80 percent of his body. According to police, a couple of the accused juveniles laughed about the incident. Only one apparently felt genuinely sorry about it. This makes it clear to the undersigned that some of today's youth simply do not know right from wrong. What makes matters worse is that all of the teens attend school together. Brewer apparently owed one of the suspects $40 for a video game. So the "creditor" allegedly stole Brewer's father's bicycle. Brewer reported the bicycle stolen and the suspect was taken to a detention center and released to his parents within 24 hours. Watch Alleged Motive.

On Monday, the suspect in the bicycle theft and two other people approached him. The apparently yelled, "He's a snitch, he's a snitch" and "pour it on him." Then the suspects accomplice apparently threw rubbing alcohol on Brewer from a plastic jug and set him on fire. Five were arrested. Five arrested. One is charged with attempted murder. 15-year-old charged with attempted murder

Provindencia Maldenero apparently witnessed the event. Another apartment complex resident apparently used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Brewer then jumped into the swimming pool. Malissa Durkee, Brewer's sister said that her brother was in critical condition. Brewer is expected to be hospitalized for several months.

This heinous crime is inexcusable. To laugh about it simply intolerable. Now if found guilty, punishment must be severe and harsh so as to teach teens what apparently some are lacking, a sense of right and wrong.
Update 10 -15-09: As Video Guy reminds us, history repeats itself. Remember the teenage girls who set another girl on fire? VIDEO LINK.
Update 12-23-09: Michael is now out of the hospital. He still has a long way on his road to recovery.
Update 9-2-10: Due to excessive spamming, all future comments must be emailed to Comments will be then posted appropriately.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pistol Packing Momma Murdered While Web Chatting

Meleanie Hain made headlines as a pistol packing soccer mom in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, while chatting with a friend via web cam she was apparently murdered by her husband, Scott Hain, who then went upstairs and shot himself. Oh how times can change so quickly. Hain, 31, made headlines last year as the mother who carried a loaded, holstered Glock (handgun) to her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game. Nine days after the incident, her permit to carry a handgun was revoked by the Sheriff for showing poor judgment. Judge Robert Eby reinstated her permit. Now a year later, one wonders if she had been wearing her gun in her own home, would she still be alive? Watch Hain Controversy.

The male friend Meleanie was chatting with did not actually see the murder but heard the shot and a scream over his computer. When he looked back at the monitor, he allegedly saw Scott Hain firing several rounds from a 9 mm handgun. (Meleanie's body had apparently already fallen to the floor by the time the friend looked at his monitor. Soccer Mom Dead. After Meleanie was shot, Scott Hain apparently went upstairs and shot himself with a 12 gauge shot gun.

Upon investigation, Meleanie's fully loaded 9 mm handgun was found in her backpack hanging on the back of the front door. Obviously, it did little good not on her person. Apparently the couple's three children were in the home at the time of the murder but were unharmed. Police have the computer but the conversation was not recorded. But that does not mean that a motive is unknown. Four months ago, Meleanie Hain apparently told her attorney, Matthew B. Weisberg, that she was separating from her husband. However, the couple still appeared to be living together at the time of the murder.

Was this incident another example for pro and anti gun advocates to debate? Or is this another example to support Legal Pub's solution to domestic violence? LEGAL PUB PROPOSAL

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are David Letterman and Herman Thomas Part Of A Larger Problem?

What to David Letterman and Herman Thomas have in common? Both allegedly misused their staff. Letterman is different than some unfaithful spouses. He has at least publicly admitted his shortcomings. However, consistency is not necessarily his strong point. For example, after last week saying that he won't publicly discuss his sexual relationships with staffers again, Letterman was back at his media strategy last night, this time apologizing to his wife who, he said, had been "horribly hurt by my behavior."

Can he repair his relationship with Regina Lasko? "Either you're going to make some progress and get it fixed, or you're going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed, so let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me," said Letterman.
His opening monologue included: "I mean, I'll be honest with you folks," he said. "Right now, I would give anything to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I got in the car this morning -- and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me."
In the mean time, the extortion prosecution continues. The CBS Producer has pleaded not guilty. Indictment against Halderman . The 62-year-old Letterman claimed Halderman said he would publicly reveal Letterman's affair with staff members unless he was paid $2 million.

Letterman has dated Regina Lasko since 1986. The couple have a five year old son but just recently married in March. All the affairs apparently took place before the marriage.

Robert "Joe" Halderman is a CBS veteran and a producer for the network's news magazine "48 Hours." He pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree attempted grand larceny. Even though he has been suspended from his job, Halderman must be considered innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law. He could face up to 15 years in prison. He is represented by
Gerald Shargel. Letterman concluded his public apology with the following, "Ladies and gentleman, this is only phase one of the scandal," he joked. "Phase two? Next week I go on 'Oprah' and sob."

Like Letterman, former judge Herman Thomas apparently also has a "staff problem." Despite a good political record, the Democrat finds himself in hot water down in Alabama. He was thought to be a front runner for a federal judgeship until allegations surfaced that he brought inmates to his office and spanked them with a paddle. An indictment accuses him of sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency. A trial on charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations is set to start next week.

Thomas resigned from the bench in 2007 when allegations he spanked inmates with a paddle surfaced. Thomas resigned prior to a judicial ethics trial that could have removed him from office. This past spring, Mobile County grand jury indicted Thomas on charges including sodomy and kidnapping. If convicted, Thomas could face up to 20 years in prison. In 2001, an inmate claimed the judge offered to help him with his case in return for sex. Two lawsuits against the judge were subsequently dismissed.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson began scrutinizing Thomas after he changed a jail sentence in 2006 for his cousin, former Mobile County school commissioner David Thomas. (The case was actually handled by another judge.) Other cases that Thomas had allegedly taken over from other judges soon surfaced. There were allegations of inmates having to pull down their underwear for spankings with a wooden paddle. These allegations were followed by claims of oral and anal sex. Defense attorney Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark calls the accusers "lying felons" who are trying to wreck the career of "a prestigious member of the Bar for over 20 years." The NAACP claims race is behind Thomas' prosecution.

But the alleged victims are black. According to the prosecution, jail checkout records back up inmates' claims about trips to Thomas' private office. There is an accusation that one inmate's seminal fluid was detected on the office carpet. Are the allegations true? That is what trials are for, to seek the truth. In the mean time, both cases may illustrate a growing problem with the abuse of power in high places. Subordinates should not feel that the only way to advance or gain favor with a superior is to engage in sex. Our country should be moving away from such abusive archaic notions that the way to advance forward is to bend over. But of course, keep in mind that all suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Does A Pyramid Of Evil Contribute To Murder And/Or A Coverup?

At times, crimes simply solve themselves. Recently, William Inmon, a 21-year-old man, walked into a small Arizona police station in Springerville to tell cops that out of town cops were in their jurisdiction. Imnon initially suggested that they run these cops out of town. In the end, Inmon confessed to murder. News

William Inmon, of Springerville, Ariz., plead guilty to killing a teenager and two older men. The teen age victim was 16-year-old Ricky Flores. Inmon confessed to being a serial killer, admitting to two more murders and two failed attempts at murder. Inmon claimed that in each murder he had an accomplice. Inmon's motive for murder was to rid the world of those who didn't live up to his standards. Four other people have been arrested in association with the three slayings.

Inmon has admitted to killing Flores and to fatally shooting William "Stoney" McCarragher, 72, and Daniel Achten, 60. As a result of pleading guilty, Inmon will avoid the death penalty. Inmon claims that he killed McCarragher in 2007 after he "inappropriately touched him."
Inmon shot Achten because of his "constant humming, because he used drugs, shot Inmon's dog and generally mistreated people." The alleged reason for killing Flores appears even less compelling. Inmon allegedly killed Flores after the father of Flores' girlfriend had allegedly encouraged him. Inmon's girlfriend, is also apparently charged in connection with Flores murder.

Flores body was uncovered in a shallow grave in a part of the National Forest known to locals as the "Blue Wilderness area". The body was wrapped in various materials and may have been partially burned. William Inmon, 21, of Springerville and 44-year-old Storm E. Williams, were both arrested August 28th. Three days later, a third suspect, 43-year-old Jeffery Alan Johnson of St. Johns was arrested. Inmon and Williams are facing charges of first-degree murder and other lesser crimes. Johnson is facing a charge of conspiracy to commit murder and other lesser charges. Melissa Johnson, wife of suspect Jeffery Alan Johnson, faces a possible felony charge of hindering an investigation and a lesser charge of giving false information to police.
Caution: All Subjects are presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ronald Tachman and Evander Couey Both Escape Prison Using Different Methods

Two men have escaped from prison. There methods were completely different.

Ronald Tackman has been labeled as a career criminal at the age of 54. He was accused of a string of hit-and-run robberies. He escaped from Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday disguised as a lawyer. Daily News. Tackman was charged with six counts of robbery in New York City. While awaiting trial on Rikers Island, Tackman showed up for his pretrial hearing in a three-piece suit. Tackman apparently descended two flights of stairs and entered a holding area for prisoners. A court officer saw him and thinking he was a lawyer, let him walk away. At that point he apparently wandered into a court room where Anthony Marshall was being tried for embezzlement and screamed something about a nuclear bomb. This caused some panic. Tackman than exited the north doors of the building during the confusion. New York Post.

Tachman apparently has a history of escape attempts. In 1985, he allegedly tried to commandeer a prison van crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. In another attempt he used a gun made out of soap. He is described as an elusive fellow, but one suspects that he will soon be caught.

The other escape from life in prison was more conventional and more permanent. John Evander Couey, a 51 year old convicted sex offender, was to be executed for kidnapping, raping and burying 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford alive. Couey's confinement ended when he died of natural causes yesterday. Couey died at a Jacksonville hospital where he had been since Aug. 12.

The 2005 murder of Jessica caused many states to pass laws named for Jessica that impose restrictions on sex offenders. For example, Florida bans persons convicted of serious crimes from school grounds. Couey died a month before the Florida Supreme Court was scheduled to hear his automatic appeal.