Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Hits, Flu Epidemic Hits Harder ~by Legal Pub

New Years Eve Ball-Drop Tower (New York City, New York) This years flu shot apparently doesn't work well. The Center 
for Disease Control and Prevention has now officially declared an epidemic  

in its FluView report.   Specifically, 22 states (Midwest and Southeast ) have high levels of influenza activity.15 children have died from the flu so far this season.  The mortality rate for flu related deaths may be as high as 6.8 percent of those infected. Thus, epidemic levels 
have been reached peaking concern with the H3N2 virus.  The virus has apparently mutated making vaccines less effective. "What they're finding is in the predominant virus - at least, early on - it has drifted or become different from what they had predicted," according to Lenny Bernstein.  The Washington Post.  Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa of NYU told Fox, "By the time they knew that it had mutated to this extent, it was really too late to change the vaccine...They figured this out around March. That's too late for a vaccine that really comes out in October." Fox News

Nevertheless, if you have not been vaccinated yet get vaccinated as some resistance is better than none. The Washington Post   However, more importantly, spare that New Years kiss with anyone who might be effective.  Not only may that prevent chapped lips, it may also prevent a nasty experience for the start of the new year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

South Korea Nuclear Plants Cyber-hacked? ~by Legal Pub

What is Nuclear Power?We simply can't let North Korea have headlines without sharing the hacking of computer systems at South Korea’s nuclear plan!  While South Korea claims to have lost security of only non-critical data, who knows if there is risk to the safety of nuclear installations including the country's 23 atomic reactors? 

 North Korea threatened cyberattacks against industrial and social targets as part of its assault on Sony Pictures.  Furthermore, South Korea is still technically at war with the North Korea.  So is North Korea so stupid as to cause nuclear explosions?  Let's see, the fall out radiation would eventually kill all citizens of both North and South Korea...  guess that's one way to protest a bad movie. A more likely effect would simply be to shut down the nuclear power plants. Yup, that would be good news for the oil barons who have seen the price of oil plummet.  So far a South Korean blogger is under suspicion for the cyber attack.

Can it get any sillier?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas North Korea -by Legal Pub

Korea: Kim Jong Un enjoys execution of his uncle? But why?As you probably know, Sony has cancelled the opening of its new Christmas time movie whose story line included an assassination attempt on the North Korean prime minister.  While we may know nothing about the movie, it sounds like a topic that needs not be promoted.  Nevertheless, hacking into the Sony computers and threatening terrorist acts is simply bush league.  Who knows if the prime minister will ever see The Interview, but the controversial movie clips appear to be a bad attempt at humor. Grow up, North Korea.  Kim Il-Sung is the "Eternal President" of North Korea.  If your eternal preident you don't need to worry about elections and you sure as heck need to have a sense of humor. Kim IL-Sung could have handled the situation by holding a press conference exclaiming what poor taste was exhibited by those associated with the movie. He could have nicely asked patrons to boycott the movie and he would have gained world wide popularity. That is how it really works over here, and he knows that. Someone over there really needs to suggest a P.R. expert besides Dennis Rodman.

Meanwhile, China can't help but hurt its public image either.  China arrested a Korean American Christian aid worker today.  Peter Hahn, 74, is a Christian activist who was close to the North Korean border. Hahn is allegedly charged with embezzlement and counterfeiting receipts.  He is represented by attorney Zhang Peihong. More appropriate charges would likely have been promoting Christian faith but that won't sell as many papers during the holiday season.  Hahn ran a vocational school in Tumen.  It appeared that the school was a mission base camp for promoting missionaries for Christianity, not violence; nevertheless, both can be seen as evil in China.  

Christian missionaries have routinely been forced to leave China, most settling in South Korea. 
China's Foreign Ministry confirmed the charges against Hahn but labelled him as "criminally detained."  Hahn's attorney calls it "formally arrested." Perhaps a mere matter of semantics because in any event, Hahn is not free to spread the Christmas cheer as he sees fit. Another bad P.R. move in the east.

To both North Korea and China:  hire better P.R. people and help make the world a better place.

12-23-14 Update:  Sony seems no longer intimidated.  Sony originally canceled the film’s planned release after their systems were hacked and threats were made against national movie theater chains. However, two independent theater owners indicate that they  will be able to screen The Interview on Christmas Day. Sony later confirmed “a limited theatrical release” for the film in select U.S. theaters on Christmas.

If one were guessing, Sony is letting North Korea know that its engineers can do a lot more damage than North Korea can possibly imagine.  When it comes to technology, it would be a huge mistake to underestimate the Japanese!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ugly Consequences

The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City, have fueled chaos and unjustly reinforced stereo types of both police and minorities. Both killings involve an unarmed black male and one or more white police officers.  More troublesome, both involve a relatively minor crimes. No one videoed Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's  shooting of Mike Brown; however, officer Daniel Pantaleo's choking of Garner was recorded and shown to by the media. Different yet similar in that both result in the dark side of humanity.
Wilson apparently fired his gun 12 times at Brown.  Probably 5 or 6 bullets hit their mark. Was Brown trying to surrender or was he attacking the officer?  We may never know. As for Garner, he did offer some resistance to arrest when he apparently refused to be handcuffed; however, was his death from compression of his neck and chest unwarranted?
Both Garner (6-foot-3 and 350 pounds) and Brown (6-foot-5 and 289 pounds) may have played a factor leading to aggression in the officers. Regardless, however, the deaths are troublesome even if the grand juries found the actions not warranting criminal charges. However, even more troublesome are the angry protests, riots and destruction that have taken place. Non peaceful reaction by minorities only fuels the stereo type that minorities are dangerous and thus excessive force may be needed for a police officer to enforce compliance.   
A law enforcement officers job is very stressful and can at any time end in disability or death. The life of a minority growing up with the constant struggle of overcome prejudice and inequities can be taxing and also extremely stressful.  Education of both police and young males of all ethnic backgrounds need to take place with true dialogue, not shouting or violence.  A police force's diversity should be consistent with the ratio of ethnicity of the community that they serve and protect.  Funding should also be raised for mandatory body cams on officers.  Video tape of encounters would keep both officers and detainees on their best behavior and quite frankly, document behavior that is inconsistent with common sense.  
End the darkness, the violence and the ignorance.  Now is the time for education, dialogue and solutions so that the day may be near when color becomes relevant only to the crayola that one chooses to use..

Monday, November 24, 2014

What Was This Australian Mom Thinking?

One natural response is to stare at this article in disbelief.  Postpartum depression is a disease. It can make a mother do things that she might not otherwise do; however, what possibly could this 30 year-old Australian mom have been thinking when she allegedly abandoned her baby in a place that it was unlikely to be found?  This mother, Saifale Nai, is accused of trying to kill her newborn son who was found abandoned in a roadside drain by bicyclists. The newborn may have been in the eight foot deep drain for a few days before he was discovered and taken to Westmead Children's Hospital.  The young lad is now in serious but stable condition where he is surrounded by nurses and doctors providing much needed affection as well as medical attention.

Saifale Nai, the newborn's mom will undoubtedly be subjected to an evaluation to see if she is competent to stand trial.  She is currently in custody without bail.  If found guilty, she could be sentenced to 25 years in jail. Abandoning a newborn without food for several days can cause the child to have serious impairment, including brain damage. Yet, newborns can truly be amazing with their resilience. 
The infant was discovered wrapped in a hospital blanket.  The mother was identified using hospital records. Presumably the state will find a good home for the child after he is released from the hospital.  

Of course, this mom must be presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bill Cosby, A Moving Target? ~by Legal Pub

  Scott Simon of NPR Weekend Edition has been busy tweeting. Simon recently interviewed icon Bill Cosby. Cosby is 77-years-old, but the comedian is still a target for accusations and criticism.  Cosby recently refused to answer questions about multiple sexual assault allegations that keep popping up.  Simon asked Cosby about the "serious allegations raised" against him.  In a Christ like move, Cosby remained silent, shaking his head "no." After he was again asked by Pilot...  I mean Simon, Cosby again shook his head.
Simon's tweets apparently are designed to explain his line of questions during this interview which was suppose to be about charity.  Now, Cosby's publicist, David Brokow, announced Bill Cosby will decline to appear on the Nov. 19 episode of The Late Show With David Letterman. Cosby allegedly cancelled an October 30, 2014 visit to The Queen Latifah Show after comedian Hannibal Buress brought attention to rape allegations during an earlier stand-up routine.
At this point, allegations are merely allegations. Whether they have merit or not; what does become clear is that African American Role models appear to be targets at a time when children need role models not tabloid stories.

Follow the Criminal Allegation against Bill Cosby at this link:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Rodgers City Attorney Clashes With City Hall ~by Legal Pub

What happens when a city attorney in Arkansas does not see eye to eye with the mayor?  Folks in Arkansas may get an answer.  The Rogers city attorney, Ben Lipscomb, has sued city leaders in Federal Court, claiming that the city broke the law by stripping him of many of his city attorney duties.  (Mayor Greg Hines and city council members are defendants included in the suit.)  The city denies liability and claims that the city council ordinance passed last month is lawful.
The U.S. District Court in Fayetteville may host a jury trial, as well as a bench trial to determine whether the ordinance is constitutional.  A key question may be whether the ordinance unfairly singles out one person, Lipscomb.  Will it be easy to determine if the city attorney was stripped of duties as “punishment?” Clearly, the September 23, 2014 Rogers City Council Ordinance appears to specifically deal with the city attorney’s duties involving proprietorial matters. Furthermore, a new staff attorney, Chris Griffin, has assumed control over many civil matters and is serving as a legal adviser to the city.   These are roles exclusively of the city attorney, according to Lipscomb. Given that change has occurred, why were the changes in job duties put in place?
Lipscomb was initially elected city attorney in 1997.  At the time, the duties outlined by city ordinance apparently included all civil and criminal matters. The duties also included representing the city and acting as a legal adviser on city issues.  Lipscomb was recently reelected in 2010. It appears that Lipscomb was involved in a criminal investigation.  Specifically, a special prosecutor, Marc McCune, apparently investigated whether Lipscomb broke any laws by using a city badge to gain entry into a VIP tent at a concert over the summer.  McCune announced September 5, 2014 that Lipscomb would face no criminal charges concerning the concert incident.  Yet, Mayor Hines allegedly told the news media (5 NEWS) that Lipscomb’s actions were “egregious” and “troubling.” Hines reportedly told 5 NEWS:
“The greater concern is an elected official thinking it’s OK to use his position to gain access to a restricted area for the sole purpose of obtaining a cocktail,” Hines said. “If getting a drink is so important, buy the VIP tickets.”
Qualifications of Chris Griffin do not appear to be an issue.  Griffin served as the deputy city attorney from 2005 to 2008.  Consequently, the issue appears to revolve around constitutionality and alleged punishment for an innocent that resulted in no charges.
All allegations remain unproven in any lawsuit until there is a determination by a court of competent jurisdiction as to the merits.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Michael Skiadas is Added to the "What Was He Thinking" List. ~by Legal Pub

Some men have a ridiculously low tipping point.  Dr. Samson killed his wife after their wedding reception. LINK.  Now another man has been added to the "what was he thinking list."  In Long Island, Michael Skiadas murdered Frank Panebianco and then committed suicide in front of 28 year-old Jessica Kasten..  Why?  

Is there ever a real reason?  Kasten previously dated Skiadas. Kasten and Panebianco were leaving a bar around 11:20 pm when Skiadas confronted them.  Skiadas apparently left only to return with a shotgun. Jack Schneider tried to calm Skiadas down unsuccessfully.  Panebianco and Kasten attempted to drive away but Skiadas fired two shots at them. One of the shots fatally wounded Panebianco.   WCBS.

Skiadas then reloaded his shotgun and killed himself. Kasten was not physically injured. If men are to earn respect in this world, such unhealthy behavior needs to stop.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Enterovirus D68 Is A True Halloween Predator! ~by Legal Pub

Enterovirus D68 is a rare, deadly viral infection.  It comes with little warning and often ends in respiratory failure. Its symptoms are hard to distinguish from a common cold: cough, runny nose, a low-grade fever. Yet, the virus is deadly.  Since September, five children have died after getting the virus know as Enterovirus D68.  Enterovirus D68 was first recognized in the U.S. in 1962.  The virus can cause respiratory problems and low blood-oxygen levels. The effects of the virus are much more harsh for children. At this point, death is still considered a rare event.  But for the 5 families who have lost children this year to the virus, that is of no consolation. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Indiana Doctor Weds Wife Than Kills Her and Himself ~by Legal Pub

You can't write scripts any more bizarre than reality. Dr. George Samson, an anesthesiologist,  married his bride, "Kelly," who was a nurse at Union Hospital in southwestern Indiana.  The couple lived in a gorgeous house at 4025 Creal Street in Vigo County.  After a beautiful wedding and reception at the Ohio Building in Terre Haute, the couple left separately for what was suppose to be an after hours celebration at their home.  Unfortunately, a murder-suicide ruined the weekend.  Just what triggered the dispute?  It appears that the good doctor's credit card was rejected at the reception.  Could it be that his new bride charged the card over its limits?  Officially, the Vigo County Sheriff's department is still investigating what appears to be a murder suicide.  But behind the scenes, folks say the relationship was troubled even before the red wedding. Apparently, the couple did not see eye to eye on money issues and the topic apparently surfaced at the reception and again when they returned home.

A 911 call originated around 1:20 am Sunday. An excited woman said her new husband had threatened to kill her.  The line went dead.  The woman called back and then gun shots could be heard. (Chilling audio tape of the 911 calls are  available on the internet but will not be posted here.) When police arrived, a woman was dead.  The man had barricaded himself in the basement. An elder couple (relatives) and a fifth grade boy (son of the woman) were removed from the home.  After a robotic camera search of the house, it was revealed that the man in the basement had taken his own life.

The name of the male and female was not initially released.  However, it did not take long in the Terre Haute community for the word to get out that the doctor was George "Scott" Samson and the woman was Kelly Ecker Samson.  This was the doctor's second marriage. It was apparently Kelly's third or perhaps her fourth.  Samson was a 54 year-old anesthesiologist who collected guns.  He had many guns in the house and a federal dealers license. Kelly was 50 years-old.  Her ten year-old son was inside the home at the time of the tragedy. Fortunately, the young man was not physically harmed.  Vigo County Sheriffs Deputy Clark Cottom served as a spokesman for law enforcement.  Cottom is running for sheriff in neighboring Sullivan County, Indiana and has been recognized on "Cold Cases." While the investigation continues, it is unlikely that any reason other than rage will surface as the motive for this tragedy.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Adrian Peterson Legal Troubles Trigger Punishment v. Discipline Debate? ~by Legal Pub

Perhaps it would help to get one's story straight before jumping on or off the "throw the book at Adrian Peterson bandwagon."  Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was placed on the exempt/commissioner's permission list which prevents him from playing or participating in any Viking activities.  The reason Peterson is blacklisted is because he was indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child.  Specifically, Peterson disciplined his 4-year-old son with a "switch" in May.  The switch apparently left a number of bruises and small lacerations.
To explain the black listing roller coaster, it is best to look at the history.  The Vikings deactivated Peterson for Week 2.  Then for some reason, the Vikings reinstated him on Monday in order for Peterson to play Week 3 against the Saints. However, in the early morning hours Wednesday, the Vikings reversed their field and put Peterson on the exempt list.  These sudden change of direction by the Vikings are perhaps even more evasive then their star running back's moves on the field. The madness may not end until Peterson can sort out his legal troubles.  So how did it all get to this point?  Let's look at the history of this matter for direction.
May 18: Peterson allegedly disciplined his son after the boy pushed another one of Peterson's sons off of a motorbike video game. Unfortunately, the discipline took the form of a thin branch or rod referred to as a "switch." The so called discipline allegedly resulted in bruises and lacerations on the boy's back, legs, arms and buttocks. When the boy returned to mom, doctors examined the bruises and apparently found them to be consistent with child abuse.
Aug. 21: Peterson appeared in Montgomery County, Texas in front of a Grand Jury.
Sept. 4: The grand jury decided not to indict Peterson, apparently because it was his intent to discipline but not hurt the child. 
Sept. 11: Peterson missed  Viking practice which is labelled by the head coach as a veteran day off. 
Sept. 12, 4:36 p.m. EST: Peterson is indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child in Montgomery County. (Apparently this charge does not require intent to harm.)
Sept. 12, 5:04 p.m.: Vikings announce that Peterson will not play in week 2 against the Patriots and that he is deactivated until further notice.  
Sept. 13, 2:15 a.m.: Peterson surrenders to Montgomery, County police. Peterson is released on fifteen thousand dollars bond.  
Sunday, Sept. 14:  Vikings play without Peterson.
Sept. 15, 1:54 p.m.: Peterson makes a public statement about the accusations. 
Sept. 15, 2:46 p.m.: Vikings reinstate Peterson based on Peterson's statement that it was not abuse it was disciplining a child.  
Sept. 15, 7:30 p.m.:  Peterson's history of a prior incident possibly involving abuse hits the press.  (Peterson was not charged in the incident.  The 4-year-old hit his forehead on a car seat while being disciplined.)
Sept. 15, 8:12 p.m.: Radisson suspends its limited sponsorship of the Vikings.
Sept. 16: Mark DaytonMinnesota governor, says Peterson is innocent until proven guilty. But he also called Peterson's actions "a public embarrassment.  Governor Mark Dayton went on to say that Adrian Peterson should have been suspended by the team over the recent allegations of abuse.     
Sept. 16: Anheuser-Busch expresses concern over  Peterson's legal trouble.
Sept. 17, 2:00 a.m.:  Peterson is placed on exempt/commissioner's permission list.  
Sept. 17, noon: Vikings owners address the media. By 12:15 pm, Nike and Castrol suspend their sponsorship of Adrian Peterson.
Sept. 19, 4:15 p.m.: A petition for protective order barring Peterson from having any unsupervised contact with his four-year-old son is filed in court.
Sept. 21: Pro Football Talk reports that Adrian Peterson will request an expedited trial in an attempt to salvage some of the 2014 season.
So when does discipline become punishment? Punishment is an intervention that uses a penalty for a child’s offense. Too often the punishment comes as a result from a parent’s feelings of frustration and desperation. It is often a desperate attempt for a parent to maintain control.  It is trying to prove to the child that “I’m in charge."  There can be several problems with punishments. One problem is that children are not taught how to behave. For example, if a child hits his brother and then receives a spanking, he is not taught what to do the next time he feels angry with his brother. Punishment also sends the message that parents must manage a child's behavior and feelings because the child is not able to do it on his or her own. Punishment may lead children to grow up with a lack of ability to make good decisions because all their decisions have been made for them. When children receive a punishment, they often focus on anger directed at their parents instead of thinking about how they can learn from their mistake.

Discipline focuses on teaching children skills to manage their behaviors and deal with their feelings. Discipline focuses on training so that children can potentially learn from their mistakes.  The goal is to teach children better ways to solve their problems in the future. Discipline techniques include timeout to reflect on how to manage their frustration.  When given the option of negative consequences, choices make sense.  A child who does not eat all of his dinner, is not allowed to have desert.  If he wants desert the next night, he will choose to eat all of his food. Discipline may may also use praise and reward to reinforce good choices.  Discipline fosters a positive relationship between children and parents. 

So what does religion suggest?  Exodus 21:15  “Whoever strikes his father or his mother shall be put to death. "   Perhaps that will become Peterson's basis for a plea of leniency...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Extended Stay in Hospital May Make You Sick, Both Physically and Mentally ~by Legal Pub

We all know that extended stays in hospitals may be hazardous to your wallet; however, it may also be hazardous to your health. Recent studies suggest that staying in a hospital increases your risk of serious infection.  A University of Utah interpretation of a recent hospital study suggests that the risk of serious drug resistant infection increases 1% for each day a patient stays in a hospital.  The actual study was performed at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston by John Bosso.

In general, the risk of getting an infection while in hospital is about one in 20 according to Michael Schmidt PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.  Furthermore, the risk of dying from infection once acquired is also 5%.  (The overall risk of infection-related mortality is only .25% which is 1 in 400.)

Bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections are all possible complications of extended hospital stay. Studies suggest there is a definite link between length of stay and the chance of getting a drug-resistant infection. The overall risk of a drug-resistant infection rose 1% a day.  The risk of bankruptcy also increases exponentially for each day stayed in the hospital.  Stay out of the belly of the beast.  Avoid extended stay in hospitals and keep your money in the bank.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is A Small Jail Cell Appropriate Punishment For Ricky House Jr., If Convicted of Confining A Woman In A Cage? ~by Legal Pub

Kendra Tooley, Ricky Roy House Jr. 
Ricky House Jr. allegedly chloroformed an Indiana mother and held her captive for two months.  Allegedly, House forced her to wear a dog collar tethered to an "intricate restraint system." House also allegedly kept the woman in a wooden cage. The victim was allegedly beaten and raped. The kidnapping apparently took place on July 9, 2014 and continued until her rescue on September 4, 2014.  The 30-year-old victim from Evansville knew Ricky House Jr. before the ordeal according to Chief Deputy Tom Latham of the Posey County Sheriff's Office. House offered her a ride which resulted in the victim being missing for nearly two months. 
House shared a mobile home with his girlfriend Kendra Tooley in Stewartsville, Indiana.  House apparently  too the victim to his home and when she tried to leave he allegedly placed chloroform over her mouth and nose rendering the victim unconscious.  When the victim awoke, her clothes were allegedly cut off and she was bound to a bed.  
Throughout July and August the  victim was kept bound to the bed.  House and Tooley  allegedly treated her like a dog, forcing her to wear a collar with a rope or leash.  She was also allegedly confined to a  "locked wooden cage." 
The victim allegedly said that her captors were trying to "impregnate" her because Tooley was too old to have children of her own. Ronald Higgs, 61-years-old, ended up saving the victim.  At some point, Higgs was able to head butt House, and help the victim escape.
House, 37 is facing 14 counts of rape, kidnapping, criminal confinement and battery.  Tooley, 44, was charged with 10 counts of rape, kidnapping and criminal confinement. Both suspects were assigned public defenders and the court entered a preliminary not guilty plea for each.  The next scheduled court date is October 1, 2014.
As always, all suspects are innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

Conservative Treatment A Preferred Method to Treat Back Pain? ~by Legal Pub

Dr. Patrick Roth, M.D. recently shared an article on back pain.  (See September 5, 2014 Bottom Line.)  Dr. Roth opines: "In any three-month period, 25% of adults will suffer at least one day of back pain. Over the course of a lifetime, about 85% of us will experience back pain at some point."
Despite being a spinal surgeon, Dr. Roth advocates conservative treatment such as exercise prior to considering pain medication or surgery. Dr. Roth advocates three basic exercises for the treatment and prevention of back pain:  1. Front Plank  2.  Side Plank and 3. Bird dog extension of arm and opposite leg.  Dr. Roth also advocates walking and/or jogging.  He opines that higher impact exercises end to stimulate bones to become more dense and the discs in the spine to become "fuller."
Consequently, Dr. Roth recommends such exercise as long as the patient does not experience hip or knee pain.

Dr. Patrick Roth, M.D., FACS, is the founder of the North Jersey Brain & Spine Center in Oradell, New Jersey, and the author of The End of Back Pain (HarperOne).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A Medical or Legal Issue? by Legal Pub

Numbness or pain in your wrist or fingers?  Perhaps you have carpal tunnel syndrome.  CTS can affect the hand and sometimes the whole lower arm and even the shoulder. But here is the clue for lawyers and potential plaintiffs:  Carpal tunnel syndorme (CTS) is not typically caused by a single trauma!  In the vast majority of the cases, CTS is the result of repetitive overuse of the wrist. So, think workers compensation rather than personal injury litigation and you likely will be on the right track in deciphering who is responsible for paying for treatment.
Symptoms of CTS may include: 
-Numbness or pain in the hand, forearm, or wrist that affects sleep. 
-Occasional tingling, numbness, "pins-and-needles" sensation, or pain. 
-Pain or numbness that gets worse while using the hand or wrist in a flexed (bent) position. 
-Occasional aching in the region between the elbow and wrist.
-Finger stiffness in the morning.
In more severe cases of CTS, numbness may result  in decreased grip strength and actual weakness of the fingers, thumb, or hand.  Symptoms increase when the muscles innervated by the median nerve our affected. Decreased strength in the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of the ring finger are consistent with median nerve involvement. However, if there are complaints with the little finger, it is not the result of median nerve damage associated with  carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
CTS may occur in one or both hands.  Symptoms are first noted at night and are typically associated with sleep disturbance.  The condition is often first noticed at night when the patient complains of interrupted sleep.  However, an injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons should always be ruled out before concluding CTS is responsible for a patient.s symptoms.   Shaking or moving the fingers may ease this numbness and pain associated with CTS.  Ice and rest often relieves the symptoms in minor cases.  Ultimately, if the patient can not function with CTS, a surgical consult is appropriate.
Conclusion, is there ever really just one? If you develop CTS symptoms, try rest first. This may mean spending a bit less time typing on the computer, knitting, or woodworking.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Albert Ebosse Dies Because of Fan Rage? ~by Legal Pub

Once again, fans over due their emotional expressions at a game. Soccer player Albert Ebosse is dead after being injured during his team's match with USM.  No, not  a heart malfunction.  Ebosse was hit by something thrown from the stands during his teams loss in the Algerian football championship.  Ebosse was walking off the field after a 2-1 loss when he was hit in the head.  The 24-year-old Ebosse, was the leading goal-scorer in the Algerian league last season.  He was apparently hit by the rock thrown from a section of JS Kabylie supporters. The so called fans were angry at their team's loss. Other players were also struck with rocks after they walked off the field. Algeria's interior ministry has requested police to investigate the death.
Algeria Football Federation President Mohamed Raouraoua said he hoped that ''the perpetrators of this unspeakable act are severely punished.''
Image result for soccer ball photo  Albert Ebosse, R.I.P.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Did Office Darren Wilson Shoot 18-Year-old Michael Brown Over A $48.99 Box of Cigars or Were Shots Fired In Self Defense?

Police are to serve and protect.  Citizens deserve respect, but so do police officers. So, when is force by an officer become unreasonable?  It may be like pornography, the Court knows it when it sees it. However, hindsight is always 20/20.  Unfortunately the real world sometimes requires split second reactions and the line between a good decision and a bad one may become blurred in the heat of the moment. If nothing else comes out of the protests in Missouri, the message that officer education and training is critical to preserve the delicate balance of preserving freedom and keeping order.

Unfortunately, that is of little consolation to the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot by officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. Wilson's suburban St. Louis police chief, Thomas Jackson, has now released documents alleging the teen was killed after an alleged robbery in which he was suspected of stealing a box of cigars. The cigars retailed for $48.99.
Officer Wilson may have been paroling when a 911 dispatch that allegedly reported a "strong-arm" robbery just before noon.The dispatcher supposedly gave a description that may match Brown.  Wilson, a six-year veteran of the police department, apparently confronted Brown before back up arrived. It is not clear at this point if Wilson suspected Brown of being involved in the store altercation. Early reports are that the store incident and the shooting may not be related. Attorney, Benjamin Crump, represents Brown's parents. He stated, "It's bad enough they assassinated him, and now they're trying to assassinate his character."   (Crump also represented the family of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager fatally shot by Zimmerman.)
 Supposedly the August 9, 2014 store video reveals a man wearing a ball cap, shorts and white T-shirt grabbing a much shorter man by his shirt near the store's door.(Video photo's above.) A police report alleges that Brown grabbed a man who had come from behind the store counter by his shirt and "forcefully pushed him back" into a display rack. Johnson, Brown's friend, acknowledged that he and Brown were in the store.  Little else is clear from comments released in the press. Furthermore, it is not been confirmed who is shown on the above photos. Some say the video photos are not of Brown.  Nevertheless, the officer is expected to claim that Brown was shot after he encountered Brown and another man on the street during his patrol. It is expected that the officer will claim that one of the men pushed him into his squad car and a struggled occurred over the officer's weapon. At least one shot was fired inside the car before the struggle spilled onto the street,  Brown is believed to  have been shot more than once. Officer Wilson may not have suspected Brown to have been related to the store incident.
Dorian Johnson has told the media that a police officer ordered him and Brown onto the sidewalk, then grabbed his friend's neck and tried to pull him into the car before brandishing his weapon and firing. He said Brown started to run and the officer pursued him, firing multiple times.

Tiffany Mitchell allegedly witnessed the incident. She said on CNN Tonight that Brown was trying to pull away from the officers, and then the officer was pulling him into the car when a shot was fired from inside the car. Mitchell said that Brown broke free and started running and then "the kid's body jerked as if he was hit from behind and he turned around and he puts his hands up like this, and the cop continued to fire, until he just dropped down to the ground and his face smacked the concrete."  According to Mitchell, the officer fired five or six shots.

Some question whether Brown was even a legitimate suspect to be stopped, detained or questioned. Photos of Brown don't really match up with the store surveillance photos. Dorian Johnson, Brown's friend, has stated that the officer told him and Brown to get out of the street and that Brown had his hands up when he was shot. If Brown's hands were up, why was it necessary to shoot him in the face?  That appears to be the question protesters want answered. Legal Pub shares the desire for such answers but asks that the answers be obtained through peaceful lawful means.
The State Highway Patrol seems to have matters now under control as they walk side-by-side with thousands of peaceful protesters.  Police in riot gear and armored tanks the nights before had only added fury to the fire.Now it appears things are on track for calmer heads to prevail until all the facts are known.

Darren Wilson, who has been on administrative leave since he shot Michael Brown. All suspects are to be presumed innocent and all allegations are to be considered untrue unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

Update 11-24-2014:  A grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson for any alleged crimes associated with the death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.  Prosecutor Robert McCulloch gave a news conference expressing his sympathies to the Brown family.