Monday, November 26, 2012

Dylan Redwine Missing?

Missing children seldom lead to good news. The New Mexico State Police Dive Team spent Sunday searching for Dylan Redwine, 13, near the dam at Vallecito Reservoir.  The 13 year-old was first reported missing from his father’s home in Vallecito, Colo. on Nov. 19.  Divers searched an area targeted by trained cadaver dogs.  Dogs repeatedly “hit” on several spots near the dam while aboard watercraft, according to the Durango Herald. However, no body was found. Dylan disappeared last week from his father’s home in Vallecito, Colo., during a one-day court ordered visit. Mark Redwine, Dylan's father, told police that his son was in his house when he left to run some errands at 7:30 a.m. When Mark returned four hours later, the boy was missing according to ABC News. 

Dylan normally lives with his mother in Colorado Springs.  He is described as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. When he was last seen, Dylan was wearing a blue-and-white Duke Blue Devils baseball cap, black Nike T-shirt and black Jordan tennis shoes. Investigators are hoping to speak with two boys who were seen by a postal worker on Nov. 19 at the Vallecito Lake Country Market. The postal worker told police that one of the boys looked like Dylan.  La Plata County Sheriff's Office is considering various scenarios, including whether he might have run away or been abducted.

Update 2-119-13: Separating fact from fiction is always the hardest part of these posts. Facts: the teenager disappeared durign a court-ordered Thanksgiving week visit with his father, Mark Redwine.  Dylan  vanished from his father's Vallecito home on Nov. 19. The rest remains a mystery despite a recent tip from someone who remembered seeing a Hispanic man in the north end of Vallecito the day Dylan was reported missing. The 45 to 50 year old man asked where he could buy gas for his vehicle. The man is not a suspect nor a person of interest.  However, he may have seen Dylan or have information about Dylan.

The authorities believe Dylan did not run away. But no one has publicly revealed the reasoning behind this assumption. The reward for information concerning Dylan is reportedly $50,000. Anyone with information concerning  Dylan's whereabouts is encouraged to call La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Investigators Dan Patterson 970-382-7015 or Tom Cowing 970-382-7045. The local tip line is 970-382-7511. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cop Fantasizing Over A Meal?

Cops are known to get hungry.  How many cop at the donut shop jokes have you heard?  So is it surprising that Gilberto Valle, a New York cop, is accused of getting the munchies?  Valle pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he plotted to kidnap, torture, cook and eat at least 100 women.  Valle allegedly obtained the prospective victim's photos, names and addresses from a confidential law enforcement database. Gilberto Valle denied all charges in the federal court in Manhattan.

Valle, a 28-year-old New York Police Department officer, was arrested last month based on a tip from his estranged wife.Valle's computer allegedly contained documents including one titled "Abducting and Cooking (Victim 1): A Blueprint."  The file allegedly included the woman's birth date and other personal information.
Valle allegedly participated in online conversations involving the mechanics of fitting a woman's body into an oven (her legs would have to be bent) and using chloroform to knock a woman out.

A prospective female victim told the FBI she knew Valle and met him for lunch in July. Valle's computer allegedly contained at least 100 women names, addresses and photos. Some of the information was thought to have come from a restricted law enforcement database.

No women were actually harmed.  Valle's lawyer claims he was never a threat and that the alleged plot was pure fantasy. Valle was suspended from the police force after his arrest. He has a bail hearing scheduled for today.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Indianapolis Blast Destroys Homes and Sense of Safety

Indianapolis is always thought of as a safe city.  Crime is low, spirits generally high, especially when the Colts and the Pacers play well.  But a Saturday evening blast changed everything.  What is believed to be a natural gas explosion shook the south side of Indianapolis around 11 p.m. Saturday. A loud boom was heard and the concussion blew out windows and collapsed ceilings. A fire engulfed several homes. (Photo courtesy of A.P.)

31 homes were damaged so badly that they may have to be demolished. A total of 80 homes were damaged.  The estimated damage is $3.6 million. More importantly, two people lost their lives.  Greenwood's Southwest Elementary School second-grade teacher Jennifer Longworth and her husband John Dion Longworth perished in the explosion. Seven other people were taken to local hospitals with injuries.

Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon said that investigators haven't eliminated any possible causes for the blast. But U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, said that a bomb or meth lab explosion had been ruled out. Dan Considine, of Citizens Energy, responded to assumptions that the fire may have been caused by a natural gas leak by saying that there had been no reports of anyone smelling natural gas in the area. The National Transportation Safety Board and the federal Department of Transportation, which regulate pipelines, are also involved in the investigation.

Until more is known about the cause of the fire, the Indianapolis area will sleep a little less comfortably for the next few days.

11-20-2012 Update:  Indianapolis Homeland Security Director Gary Coons announced a criminal investigation is underway. This is the first public acknowledgement by investigators of a possible criminal element to the Nov. 10 explosion.  There is a $10,000 reward offered for information concerning a white van that was seen in the subdivision on the day of the blast.  No suspects or arrests have been announced.

Randall Cable, an attorney representing Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard, who lived in that home that is believed to have exploded, seemed perplexed by the new direction of the investigation.What is believed to be a natural gas explosion caused an estimated $4.4 million in damage.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Strange But Surprising True!

-40 percent of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals.
-Over 300 entries in Webster's 1996 Dictionary were misspelled.
-Over 10 newborns per day were given to the wrong parents prior to "the bracelet system."
-Chocolate is harmful to a dog's cardiovascular system and can be fatal!
-Bruce Lee was so fast that they had to slow a film down so you could see his moves.
-Raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, may keep you afloat in quicksand.
-A toothbrush within six feet of a toilet may be susceptible to airborne particles resulting from the flush.
-Michael Jordan makes more money than the entire Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.
-Marilyn Monroe had six toes on one foot.
-Cockroach can live for 10 days without a head.