Monday, September 24, 2012

Is the Piggyback Bandit Real?

Here is an article about an unusual man.  Is he real?  Does he exist on this earth merely for the purpose of catching a free ride?   Read this Deadspin article and let us know:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Post Film Violence Is Not The Answer

So what did an alleged director of the controversial film hope to accomplish?  Nakoula Basseley Nakoula supposedly directed the anti-Islamic movie that has stirred up violent protests across the world.  (But Nakoula's exact role in the production of the film has not been confirmed.  Rumours continue to circulate about the video's dissemination. Nakoula initially claimed to the AP that he was the film's writer and director. He subsequently denied that he was the director.)  Now the 55 year-old California native has abandoned his home in fear of his families safety. Nakoula apparently disguised his appearance when he left his home.  So just who is this man? 

Nakoula pleaded guilty in 1997 to possession with intent to manufacture methamphetamine.  He was sentenced to a year in jail,.  In 2010, Nakoula was charged with bank fraud.  Nakoula pleaded no contest in 2010 to federal bank fraud charges  and was ordered to pay more than $790,000 in restitution and was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison.  Prior to his bank fraud conviction, Nakoula struggled with financial problems.  In June 2006, a $191,000 tax lien was filed against him in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds office. In 1997, a $106,000 lien was filed against him in Orange County.

So is it surprising that Nakoula might be a key figure behind "Innocence of Muslims?" The film unfairly denigrates Islam; however, that does not justify the violence against U.S. embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.  Why should the U.S. be targeted for the actions of a convict or even of a few loose cannons?  It simply doesn't make sense unless someone is looking for an excuse to pick a fight.  When it comes to zeoulous religious folks, experience suggests that common sense sometimes gets bypassed in favor of a strange sense of justice..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bank Robbery Foiled by Stupidity ~by Legal Eagle 7

They say that as a whole, test scores are down in the U.S.  This leads one to believe that folks are getting dumber.  Fortunately, this downward trend in intelligence has spread to the criminals.  For example, a Pennsylvania robber was apprehended by a front door last Thursday morning.  The unidentified, 27-year-old suspect entered the Pittsburgh Citizens Bank at about 9 a.m. He demanded money from tellers and then tried to exit the building after obtaining a handful of cash.  However, after he exited the first set of doors, they locked behind him.  When he tried to exit the outside doors, they too were locked.

Perhaps the would be robber was illiterate because the bank prominently displayed its security system outside of the building including advertisement of the double doors that lock in the event of a robbery. To further demonstrate the robbers low IQ, he attempted to head butt the doors which were made of bullet proof glass.  After much futile flailing around, screaming and banging his arms and head, the suspect was released from his glass prison into the arms of law enforcement. For part of his rehabilitation, perhaps he will study English lit and read the how to guide of Bonnie and Clyde and realize it was before the day and age of modern security.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kids Are Back In The Classroom and Teachers Are Back At It?

What a way to welcome the kids back to school.  Erica DePalo won the coveted award of  'Teacher Of The Year" last year in Essex County, New Jersey. This 33 year old teacher now faces charges of having a sexual relationship with one of her 15-year-old honors English students.  DePalo was described as being really close with the students. Now the allegation is that she was a little too close. DePalo was officially charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.  The alleged relationship supposedly began on June 15 and ended last Tuesday.

Even though DePalo is considered innocent until otherwise proven in a court of law, the West Orange Public School district announced that DePalo has been suspended "immediately and indefinitely" much to the disappointment of her students.  While such allegations are distasteful and evidence of a growing epidemic, one can only ponder that if such allegations were true in my day, then perhaps more teenage boys might have looked forward to the start of school year.