Monday, September 10, 2012

Bank Robbery Foiled by Stupidity ~by Legal Eagle 7

They say that as a whole, test scores are down in the U.S.  This leads one to believe that folks are getting dumber.  Fortunately, this downward trend in intelligence has spread to the criminals.  For example, a Pennsylvania robber was apprehended by a front door last Thursday morning.  The unidentified, 27-year-old suspect entered the Pittsburgh Citizens Bank at about 9 a.m. He demanded money from tellers and then tried to exit the building after obtaining a handful of cash.  However, after he exited the first set of doors, they locked behind him.  When he tried to exit the outside doors, they too were locked.

Perhaps the would be robber was illiterate because the bank prominently displayed its security system outside of the building including advertisement of the double doors that lock in the event of a robbery. To further demonstrate the robbers low IQ, he attempted to head butt the doors which were made of bullet proof glass.  After much futile flailing around, screaming and banging his arms and head, the suspect was released from his glass prison into the arms of law enforcement. For part of his rehabilitation, perhaps he will study English lit and read the how to guide of Bonnie and Clyde and realize it was before the day and age of modern security.


Anonymous said...

What an idiot

Video Guy said...

Yep...Its called research. Or as the old bank robbers would say, "Case the Joint"
Some duck tape on the door lock would have saved him...prob.

Not that he might not draw attention to himself duck-taping the door locks during banking hours...I guess the old fashion way would have been better...get some accomplices, and a driver with a stolen car...a few Tommy Guns, and a big ol' Stogy hanging out of ones mouth for effect.

These suburban fly-by-night Little League dads just don't cut it...must be the economy

Anonymous said...

Good comment