Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Canada Has Cowardly Idiots Too! ~by Legal Pub

What have we learned about Alek Minassian?  That Canada has idiot cowards too.  The 25 year-old intentionally drove a rented van onto a pedestrian walk way on Yonge Street in Canada killing ten people and injuring several others.

Courtesy of LinkedIn, the murderer is pictured below.

Why does a murder like Alek Minassian even have a LinkedIn profile? The accused claims to be a student at Seneca College in North York (North of Toronto). He apparently had no criminal record.
Prior to his arrest, Minassian lived in Richmond Hill a suburb of Toronto.  The heinous actions of Minassian apparently injured 15 people along with killing another ten.  Many of the victims have yet to be identified. One of the first of the deceased identified was beautiful Anne Marie D'Amico who worked at Invesco, an investment management company. D'Amico also volunteered on a humanitarian housing project in developing countries.  
It is unknown whether Minassian knew any of the victims or what the hell he was thinking when he killed these innocent people. Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders was unwilling to speculate about a motive.  However, he labeled Minassian's actions as "deliberate."  Other anonymous sources suggest that the accused was a social misfit like mass murderer "Elliot Rodger" who was routinely rejected by women. Others simply suggest that he was a loner.   
Cellphone video on social media shows a man stepping out of a white van with a damaged front end that is stopped on the sidewalk. He appears to yell, "Kill me!" 

 Minassian is scheduled to make a court appearance Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET.  While he must be presumed innocent until otherwise shown in a court of law, this individual needs to be made an example of how cowards should be punished if he is convicted.