Friday, June 2, 2017

Gruesome Twosome in Snohomish County? ~by Legal Pub

Somethings are just plain gross. What we know is that Deborah Jeanneret, age 50, was stabbed to death and her body was found under a mattress.   Carl Bustard is accused of murder; however, he denies the crime and claims he has an alibi.  Co-defendant Tammie Lewis is alleged to be an accomplice to the homicide.  Bustard's attorney said in court, "My client was not anywhere near the scene where the homicide allegedly took place.” 

Jeanneret, the victim, and her roommate were allowing Tammie Lewis to live in their residence. However, Bustard who was a friend of Lewis was not welcome in the home. According to probable cause information, Lewis allegedly told police that Jeanneret struck Bustard on the top of his head when he refused to her residence.  Bustard then allegedly retaliated by stabbing Jeanneret. According to Lewis, Bustard allegedly forced her to clean up the mess and help hide Jeanneret's body under a mattress.  The body was apparently discovered almost a week later by a roommate and reported in a 911 call.  (Can you imagine the smell!)

Bustard was apprehended in Marysville.  In his car, police found nitrile gloves, bleach and an enhanced driver’s license.  Busard’s attorney explained that her client had just returned from a road trip with family and had not been in Everett the day of the murder.  She further argued that the gloves and bleach were for cleaning a boat.  The enhanced driver’s license was for a trip to Canada.
Nevertheless, the judge found probable cause and set bond at $5 million for Busard.  Lewis is held on $250,000 bond.

Both Bustard and Lewis are both presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law!