Monday, November 20, 2017

Roy Moore "No More?" ~~by Legal Pub

Will Roy Moore drop out of the Senate race?  Probably not since he is not a quitter.  But this is the Democrats chance to prevent the Republicans from advancing their agenda and Doug Jones thinks he can win and he is not alone.  “This is our only opportunity, we need to seize it.” said more than one Democrat when discussing the race between Republican Roy S. Moore and the Democrat Doug Jones. Roy Moore has always been controversial.  Now he has been accused of numerous unwanted advances toward numerous young women and girls, one as young as 14.   The Birmingham News on Sunday ran a front page headline:  “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore.”

Doug Jones is trying to capture the black vote and moderate white Republicans who are disappointed against the alleged conduct of Moore. Mr. Jones’s is ahead even in counties that voted 65 percent or more for President Trump. The path to victory for Mr. Jones includes capturing Shelby County voter support.  But some of the voters may resist the switch in party affiliation.   “I question why these allegations didn't come out during the primary if they were true,"  exclaimed one potential voter to Legal Pub.  In the end, voters need to decide if the allegations warrant the Republicans from losing the Senate.

To demonstrate what a large victory this would be, consider that the Democrats did not even put up a nominee for the United States Senate seat that Mr. Jones seems destined to capture.  Polls have Jones leading by 10%.  If this holds true, chalk one up for the power of the press in helping the Democrats recapture a Senate seat.