Monday, June 27, 2011

For Richard Poplawski It All Comes Down To Life Or Death

Innocent until proven guilty; however, Richard Poplawski has already had his day in court. So now, it all comes down to whether jurors think the man convicted of killing three Pittsburgh police officers deserves the death penalty. It is never an easy task to sentence a man to death. (Cruelty LINK) Jurors will have to listen carefully to what witnesses say about the 24-year-old Poplawski. Only last week, a jury convicted him of first-degree murder for the April 2009 deaths of Officers Paul Sciullo II, Stephen Mayhle and Eric Kelly. It all started as a result of domestic violence. Officers responded to a call after Poplawski's mother called 911 about a domestic dispute over her son's dogs. Rather than discuss the matter rationally, a bulletproof vested Poplawski decided to put his fate in an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun. As a result, Poplawski faces either death or life in prison. For the family and friends of the slain police officers, no penalty will bring back their loved ones.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Does the United States have an epidemic caused by Cougar infestation?

Does the United States have an epidemic caused by Cougar infestation? We all know that some teachers have generated some poor publicity. LINK. Now another teacher may be in trouble.
Anne Lynn Montgomery used to be a Texas dance teacher. She recently was charged with two counts of second-degree felonies- sexual assault of a child under age 17 and having an improper relationship between an educator and a student. Her defense is apparently love since she has bore him two children.

Montgomery, 35, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. This dancing instructor's relationship with the victim (presumed to be Bradman Moore) allegedly began at a high school in Houston four years ago. The young man was apparently in the marching band. The relationship was apparently never brought to the public attention until Montgomery sought a protective order against Moore because of alleged physical abuse and threats. Moore not only refuted the grounds for the protective order, he provided ammunition for the prosecution of his lover and former educator. According o Moore, he and Montgomery ended up transferring to another Houston high school. They eventually moved in together. Their first child was born in March 2008. A second child was born in August of 2009. In the mean time, Montgomery stopped teaching in January of 2009.

The couple is now spit up. Moore is now 20. He alleges the breakup was caused by her allegedly sleeping with other students. Source: LINK. But teachers are apparently not the only cougars preying on our young lean teens. For example, Tressie Hayes, 35, is a former therapist with the Prestera Center in Danville, WV. She is charged with providing drugs to and having sex with teenage boys that were her patients while she worked at the Boone County facility. LINK.

Or consider Christine Hubbs of California. This 42 year old wife of a dentist pleaded no contest to four felony counts for having sex with two underage boys — one being her daughter’s boyfriend. Video Games for Sex?

In New York, State Police arrested 38-year-old Diana O'Lena for allegedly engaging in oral sex with a male child under the age of 13. Seems like most of these women get caught after their victims are heard to be bragging to their friends.

Normally, the story of these women would cast a nasty shadow on the female persuasion. However, you can always count on a man to outdo the women in the category of stupidity. Today's top clown in is four-term Republican state senator from Idaho, John Mcgee. Mcgee was arrested June 19, 2011 on charges of grand theft and for driving under the influence. KTVB-TV. According to Sgt. Carlos De Leon, McGee began drinking at a Boise golf course at Saturday night. McGee left the clubhouse just before 3 a.m. There was a Ford Excursion with the keys inside and a 20-foot travel trailer attached near the Muir Woods Subdivision in Boise. McGee drove apparently entered the Excursion and drove off. He apparently tried to turn the vehicle and trailer around but jack-knifed in the driveway.The senator was found asleep in the SUV. Two young constituents (kids) inside the house called the police. McGee's blood alcohol level was reportedly .15. The 38 year-old McGee represents 50,000 people in District 10. He was the 2006 Idaho State Republican Legislator of the Year and the chairman of the Regional Substance Abuse Authority Legislative Committee! Perhaps he was merely conducting a field study.

Update 6-21-11: Women continue to dominate in the bad news department. Janet Chiauzzi, a New York. mom, was arrested and charged with stalking, falsely reporting an incident, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment. The charges arise out of allegations that Janet made threats all because her son did not make a summer baseball travel team. "Today" reports. She allegedly even sent threatening letters and claimed child abuse by someone affiliated with the team . Allegations against the Little league official were apparently investigated and dismissed. Moral of the story: powerful women take playing ball with young boys very seriously.

Keep in mind all suspects and defendants are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lauren Spierer Disappearance Puzzles Authorities Update 6-29-16 Videotape,Testimony, Time-lines, Tall Tales, Possible Guest & Still Nobody?

Grave concern over the safety of Lauren Spierer has overcome the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington since the twenty year old disappeared early Friday morning. Two searches have taken place, so far all of no avail. (Head basketball coach Tom Crean participated in one of the searches as did numerous other members of the faculty.) Police are seeking any information about Lauren's whereabouts.

This 20 year-old blond woman is a 2009 graduate of Edgemont High School in Scarsdale, N.Y. She is currently a junior at Indiana University studying fashion merchandising. She was taking a summer class in Bloomington at Ivy Tech. She was last seen leaving Kilroy Sports bar on Friday early in the morning, wearing black pants, a white shirt and no shoes. According to the Indiana Daily-Student, Spierer lived only a block and a half away from Kilroy's. Her known locations that early morning were all within a three block radius of her Smallwood apartment. Video from the apartment complex is consistent with Lauren never reaching her apartment. Indiana Daily-Student

Lauren is described as a 90 lbs, 4 feet, 11 inches tall blond with blue eyes. She was last wearing a white tank top with a light-colored shirt over it and black pants. Any tips should be forwarded to the Bloomington Police Department, (812) 339-4477.

Update 6-8-11: Still not much more information on Lauren. However, in Arizona a somewhat similar abduction may have taken place. Kristian Faith Ward, an 18-year-old model and mother has been missing since late last month. Ward (aka Kristian Faith Stout), was last seen walking away from the Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix on May 27. Phoenix Police Department. Ward apparently picked up her check at the mall and then subsequently disappeared without a trace. (The search for Kristian Faith Ward from Phoenix, Ariz., ended with the young woman's safe recovery, according to her father. Her father said,"This is a matter of family privacy and we thank you for all of your concern and prayers." Let's all pray that the search for Lauren Spierer ends in a similar result.)

Update 6-9-11: In today's age of video surveillance, the chances of getting to the truth have increased several fold. Corey Rossman, an IU student, had been with Lauren Spierer a few hours before her disappearance. Corey was apparently punched by another man or men near Lauren's apartment. "At Smallwood, someone confronted them... He got punched in the face. He has no memory of that, or of the 15 minutes leading to that moment...” said Corey's attorney, Carl Salzmann.

Rossman has cooperated. He and Lauren were seen on videotape returning to her residence around 2:30 a.m. They then left the building about 10 minutes later. Lauren was helping Rossman go home because Rossman had been punched. The couple went to Rossman's building complex. Lauren apparently visited another apartment at the complex. There may have been another “confrontation” that morning at Rossman’s building; however, this officially remains speculation.

It is reported that Spierer was last seen rounding a corner on her way back to her apartment at about 4:15 to 4:30 a.m according to Jay Rosenbaum. (Cory Rossman was apparently not the last one to see Spierer that morning. Perhaps as many as three or four other people may have seen Lauren after Cory Rossman went to bed.) Video footage from security cameras back at Lauren’s apartment building (Smallwood) suggest that she may have argued with several men that morning. One can expect police will get to the bottom of this matter. Lauren's father is offering a $100,000 reward for information concerning his daughter.

Afternoon update: Crystal Grubb disappeared last September in Bloomington. Crystal's body was found after 13 days in a cornfield just outside of Bloomington. Her homicide remains unsolved; however, information has leaked out that her purse may have been found near one of the apartment buildings in question. If that is true, there may be link between the Crystal's murder and Lauren's disappearance. In the mean time, it has also been reported that Rossman's car, credit card and cell phone have been examined by the police for possible information. Police continue to say that Lauren was not herself involved in the altercation with the other men and that Rossman has cooperated. Spierer apparently met Cory Rossman recently at the Indianapolis 500 track.

Update 6-10-11: Here is more information about the altercation which occurred at the fifth floor lobby of Spierer's apartment. Cory Rossman apparently recently met Spierer at the Indy 500 track. He was not close with Lauren's circle of friends. Apparently, Rossman was punched in the face in the 5th floor elevator lobby by someone who may know Spierer's boyfriend. (The puncher is rumored to be Zach Oakes but his identity has not been officially released.) Spierer's boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, a 22 year old IU student from Port Washington, New York, was not present at the time of the altercation. (The person who hit Rossman may or may not be one of Wolff's friends. Wolff was reportedly at home watching basketball at the time of the altercation.) After the altercation at Smallwood Apartments, Rossman and Spierer then apparently walked to Rossman's apartment near 11th and Morton. Rossman was allegedly put to bed by his roommate (Mike Beth.) Beth was reportedly sober as he had been up late working on a term paper. Beth said that Spierer left his apartment and went to see another friend. (This is believed to be Jay Rosenbaum of West Bloomfield, MI.) Spierer reportedly left the North Townhomes apartments around 4:30 a.m. Keys and a purse were apparently found on the route between North Townhomes and Smallwood. According to today's police press conference, Parker said surveillance video from nearby businesses may show some cars in the area at the time she disappeared. Investigators are working to identify the vehicles.

Update Afternoon 6-10-11:
Nothing specific on Spierer; however, Plainfield, Indiana police are seeking information on Morgan Johnson, 27, who may be in need of medical attention. Morgan Johnson, 27, was last seen on May 18th at the Value Place hotel on Gateway Drive in Plainfield. Johnson has not made any phone calls on his cell phone or made any financial transactions. He drives a white 1995 Pontiac Grand Am, license plate # JS1830. Anyone with information on Morgan Johnson's whereabouts should call the Plainfield Police Department at 317-839-2566. Ironic that Lauren's case generated so much publicity but Morgan's did not.

Update 6-12-11: The Spierer investigation continues. Bloomington attorney Ron Chapman represents Mike Beth, a roommate of Corey Rossman. Chapman says Beth was at home doing classwork the early morning when Spierer disappeared. He says Beth is cooperating "totally and completely" with police. Both Mike Beth and Cory Rossman have apparently given police DNA samples.

Update 6-13-11
While the T.V. show generated tips, still no Lauren. The family has set up a website: In the meantime, can the police publicly confirm the identity of the man in the alley captured on surveillance? (Is it indeed Rossman getting walked back from the altercation by Spierer?) See the following quote: "Surveillance video also shows Lauren in an alley walking with an acquaintance on the morning she disappeared. The alley is the same place where her keys and coin purse were found by authorities." Confirm the name of the man and provide a description and photo of the vehicles seen on video. Let the public see if they know anything about the whereabouts of this man (and perhaps of the vehicles) during the 24 hours after Lauren disappeared.

Here is what Legal Pub thinks may be an APPROPRIATE TIMELINE:12:16 a.m. While still at Smallwood, Lauren last uses her cell phone.
12:30 a.m. Hadar Tamir, Spierer's roommate at Smallwood, was hanging out with Lauren until then. Lauren then apparently went with David Rohn, to Jay Rosenbaum's apartment at North Townhomes. Rossman apparently joined Spierer at Rosenbaum's apartment. Next, Rossman apparently went with Spierer to Kilroy's Sports Bar.

2:25, Lauren and Rossman leave the bar but Lauren leaves behind her shoes and cell phone. Spierer and Corey Rossman (who lives at 5 North Townhomes) walked to Lauren's apartment complex arriving around 2:30 a.m.

Around 2:30 a.m., Jesse Wolff, Speirer's boyfriend says that he went to sleep in his apartment after watching basketball and not being able to reach Lauren Spierer by phone.

At 2:45 a.m., Rossman apparently exchanges words and perhaps a punch with some possible aquaintences of Jesse Wolff (Spierer's boyfriend.) The puncher is rumored to be Zach Oakes but that has not been confirmed. The confrontation takes place in the 5th floor elevator lobby of Spierer's apartment building. (Rossman apparently has no memory of the fight or the walk back to his apartment.)

Around 2:55, Spierer begins walking Cory Rossman home. (Just before 3:00 a.m. is apparently the last video confirmation of Lauren by the alley. It was also reported that this was near the area where a key was found. (Note Ajay A. may have been the one to find a single key around 3:00 a.m. Note, there are later reports that Spierer's keys were found on a railing near Rosenbaum's apartment at 5 North Townhomes. A poster here says that a wrist-let that carried her key, key card, and ID was seen by A.A., a friend, that morning around 3 a.m. Later that morning, 2 females (one interviewed in MSM), apparently picked up the key and one of them turned it in to law enforcement.)

Around 3:10, the couple should have arrived at Cory Rossman's apartment. Rossman's roommate, Mike Beth, claims he put Rossman to bed. Beth says he was sober and up late working on a paper. Spierer allegedly wanted to keep on partying so she apparently left Rossman's apartment to visit Jay Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum lived two doors down.

At 3:38 a bar manager allegedly sees a woman who looks like Spierer with what appears to be a darker skinned man in the alley. (Source Police discount the witnesses testimony based on a lack of video confirmation. ( The bar manager witness who apparently came forward and told the police that she saw an intoxicated Spierer at 3:38 a.m. at 10th and College with an unidentified man was also discredited by Bloomington police apparently because of a lack of video confirmation.)

At 4:15 a.m. there is a phone call from Rosenbaum's cell phone to David Rohn's phone which apparently goes unanswered. Rosenbaum says that it was Lauren calling David Rohn to see if he knew where her phone was located. Rosenbaum reportedly told police Spierer left the apartment complex at approximately 4:30 a.m. to walk home. (It is possible that she may have left Rosenbaum's as early as 4:16.) Rosenbaum claims that he last saw her near 11th Street and College Avenue but there is apparently no video proof of her presence.

At 4:24 a.m., what appears to be a white four door Sierra circles the block. Police say they checked out the owner of the vehicle. (The 4:24 sighting of what was described as a white Silverado or Colorado truck captured on video has been declared not related by Bloomington police.)

(NOTE: while police say that "a neighbor of Rossman" say that Spierer was last seen around
4:30 a.m., police apparently have no video confirmation of Lauren at that time. It is assumed that "the neighbor" who gave this statement is Jay Rosenbaum.)

4:30 a.m. There is an unconfirmed report that a homeless man heard a scream.7:30: Later Friday Morning: Allegedly the trash dumpsters were emptied on Friday before 8:00 a.m.

7:45 Jesse Wolff
apparently gets up and takes a roommate to his 8:00 a.m. class.

Later that morning: Wolff apparently texts Lauren without any answer. Killroys apparently texts back to "tell your friend her phone is here." Wolff contacts Hadar Tamir to get Lauren's keys to see if Lauren is still in her apartment. Wolfe enters the apartment in the afternoon. Wolff apparently calls Lauren's parents to say she is missing. Sara and Amanda Roude fill out some type of missing person's report with the Bloomington police. (It appears that Lauren was reported missing within 12 hours of her last alleged sighting.) Unconfirmed reports also describe a possible confrontation between Wolff and Jay Rosenbaum on that Friday.

Representation: Persons of interest have legal representation and thus direct access to them is not possible. Rosenbaum is represented by attorney James Voyles. Wolff is being represented by Joe Lozano. Wolff met Spierer in summer camp as a child. They have been dating for a couple of years. Wolff, is reported to have spent the evening watching basketball and unsuccessfully attempting to reach Spierer by text. Wolff allegedly went to bed in his residence at 2:30 p.m. Wolff did track down Spierer's roommate (Hadar Tamir) the next day. She gave him keys to the apartment where he confirmed Lauren was missing. Wolff apparently called Lauren's parents to tell them he could not find Lauren. Wolff is believed to be back in his home town of Port Washington, New York. Jay Rosenbaum is believed to be back at home in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Cory Rossman and Mike Beth apparently remain in Bloomington going about their normal lives.

All person's of interest are to be presumed innocent!

Update 6-14-11: Rumors persist that Lauren Spierer may have overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. If Lauren (who had a heart condition) really did die of an overdose (and those with her panicked and disposed of her body) then those folks should come forward to authorities with the truth. Mike Beth's attorney denies that there is any truth to the rumor of some type of coverup. KEEP IN MIND AT THIS POINT, RUMORS ARE MERELY RUMORS AND NOT FACT.

From the video, a more accurate description of Lauren's clothing is as follows: "A V-neck white shirt that may have had a "distressed" look, with elbow-length butterfly sleeves and a scooped bottom. She also wore black leggings with silver zippers at the ankles." With regard to the timeline, video from an alley between Smallwood and Rossman's apartment showed them walking toward his building around 3 a.m. Keys were later found in that alley. A neighbor of Rossman reported seeing Spierer leave around 4:30 a.m., but police have no video confirmation of Spierer after the 3 a.m.

Update 6-15-11:
Equisearch was in town adding firepower to the search for Lauren Spierer. Legal Pub also had a presence in Bloomington. There is a construction project underway that seemed like a logical place to search. Many dumpsters in the area are regularly emptied and the contents taken to a land fill in another city. Presumably the police have alerted the landfill in question. The bottom line is that if Lauren got into a motor vehicle, then the search area is vast. For example, Bloomington and the surrounding rural areas have many wooded areas and bodies of water. The further one travels away from Bloomington, the more rural the area. While rumors of an accidental death persist, there is little evidence to substantiate many of the claims. Foul play is not always the culprit. One can't help but recall the missing Purdue student, Wade Steffey, who was later found dead after he stumbled into a high voltage area. Key questions to a few persons of interest and locating the drivers of one or two vehicles in the area could possibly lead to locating Lauren Spierer. Unfortunately, a prompt resolution is not in sight.

Legal Pub would welcome the opportunity to get input directly from Hadar Tamir. She can reach us at Of interest is Hadar's statement that Lauren Spierer used Rosenbaum's phone to call David Rhon at 4:15 a.m. that morning to see if he knew the whereabouts of her cell phone. Rhon has apparently cooperated with police.
Finally photos of the white pickup truck and of Lauren at the apartment have been released. See top of page. We still need photos of the last confirmed sighting and a public confirmation who was with her in the photos. Knowing all of the people who were at Rosenbaum's that early morning would also be helpful.

Update 6-16-11:
Apparently the purse found belonged to a former homicide victim Angela Holder not Crystal Grubb. Holder was a 39 year old resident who worked at the Scottish Inn. She apparently argued with her boyfriend and was found stabbed to death in her residence on June 7, 2011. Bruce Edward Foster has been arrested on charges of murder arising out of what is believed to be a crime of passion.

LINK Another photo of the truck is posted above. There is another surveillance photo of Lauren that police have not released. Police won't say if there is anyone else in the photo!

Update 6-17-11: A search warrant was apparently obtained in the Spierer case to search the Republic Sycamore Ridge Landfill in Pimento Indiana. Police have not yet acted on the warant. In the mean time, police are following up on leads concerning the white Colorado or Silverado truck in the photos. Apparently the truck circled the block and when it left, it failed to stop for a stop sign. Some one, some where, knows about an acquaintance who was driving a white truck in Bloomington, Indiana in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011! In an unrelated case, Carley Jean Lewis, the missing 16 year-old girl from Michigan was found dead. An acquaintance of Carley, Robert Jensen Schwander, is charged with "Open Murder."

Afternoon 6-17-11: The end game would seem near with the reported sighting at 3:38 at 10th and College. According to an unidentified witness believed to be a bar manager, a drunk Spierer was apparently seen with a man who at one point put Lauren over his shoulder. According to the witness, the darker skinned man does not look like any of the person's of interest. The witness allegedly told that Lauren appeared very intoxicated. Lauren may have even hit her head in the encounter. (Why has this witness not come forward sooner? Is she credible? Why have the police not released the rest of the video? Why does her timeline (3:38 sighting) apparently conflict with Rosenbaum's statement? Police apparently believe that this bar manager's recollection of time is erroneous.) In perhaps a completely unrelated manner, there are reports of a bag of man and woman's clothes being found in a dumpster behind Lauren's apartment. The clothing supposedly has nothing to do with the Spierer case; however, authorities do not always tell the public everything. Police took no questions today at their police conference.

Update 6-20-11:
Without tips, the search for Lauren must depend upon luck. The search has expanded to outlying areas. It is reasonable to believe that a bridge, wooded area and water area off of highway 37 was recently searched near Martinsville. Apparently nothing of significance was recovered. It is also reasonable to assume that the police have followed up on leads on what is believed to be a 2006 to 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 with fancy wheels, black handles and a black protector over the bed rails. Officially, the search continues. It remains difficult to reconcile the bar manager's alleged 3:38 sighting of Lauren with a dark skinned man at 11th and college with Rosenbaum's story that he last saw her at 4:30 a.m.

Police visited the owner of the white truck and he has cooperated fully. Police conclude that he was not involved in the Spierer incident. He was picking up a worker in an area with lots of construction. Police are satisfied with the man's explanation. Law enforcement also indicates that the clothes found by the dumpster at Smallwood are not related to the case. Finally, the search near Martinsville did not turn up anything. Assuming the police information is accurate, given no video evidence of Spierer after 2:45, the focus most likely will shift back to what happened at Rosenbaum's apartment complex. Keep in mind, that David Rohn was quoted early on to the effect that he was with Lauren early in the evening at a friends (presumably Rosenbaum's apartment.) Then he went back to Smallwood and she presumably went to Sports. (Fox 59 video.) If David Rohn mentions the 4:15 call Rosenbaum says Lauren made on his phone to David Rohn, I can't find Rohn's comments in the press. An attorney has said that Rohn was asleep and the call went unanswered. David Rohn participated in the search on 6-5-11 and gave a voluntary statement to Fox 59. Police say that Rossman, Beth, Rosenbaum, Rohn and Wolff have cooperated. Just what was the 4:15 call all about and who said what?Update 6-21-11: Try not to be too critical of law enforcement. It is not just the Bloomington police department. The U.S. Marshall's office, the FBI and the Indiana State police are all involved to some extent. By way of clarification, the official explanation of the white truck is as follows: "The owner of the truck was driving in that location, an area with a lot of construction, to pick up a worker."The driver has been interrogated and law enforcement is confident that the pickup was not involved in the disappearance of Lauren Spierer. As for those calling for a further interrogation of certain person's of interest, there is no way at to make them speak further. Upon advice of counsel, they are unlikely to give any further statements. That does not in any way make them guilty. In fact, they are presumed innocent. Finally, the bar manager's story is a continued source of investigation. Keep in mind, it is a process that tries to rule theories out. Other surveillance footage in other parts of Bloomington may be helpful to track vehicle movement; however, there appears to be no video surveillance at 5 North Townhomes complex where Lauren Spierer apparently last visited before her disappearance.

Update 6-22-11: Police will hold a briefing today. While they may take few questions, here are what we believe are the "probable answers" to questions that our readers have been asking:

1. Comments are still posted, but to read them, you must got to the bottom of the comments and click on "newer posts."
2. You may assume that Bloomington police have access to Rosenbaum's and Rohn's phone records. This is possible through consent and through subpoena.
3. You may also assume that law enforcement knows whether or not the 4:15 a.m. caller left a message. If one was left, rest assured it has been reviewed.
4. There are no reports as to the degree of inebriation (if any) of Rosenbaum or Rohn. Assumptions that Rohn or Rosenbaum were "wasted" etc are rank speculation at this point.
5. Mike Beth and Rossman appear to have gone out of their way to cooperate. They remain in Bloomington. It was Beth who said Lauren left to go to Rosenbaum's and that turned out to be true.
6. Lauren's keys were reportedly found on a rail near Rosenbaum's apartment. The exact location has not been reported. Keep in mind, Rossman and Beth live two doors down from Rosenbaum. It is possible Lauren never possessed the keys at Rosenbaum's apartment or that she could have lost them in transition. We do know that Rosenbaum is the last person to report that he was with Lauren and that was shortly before 4:30.
7. Surveillance cameras, if motion activated, tend to detect larger objects. Depending on their settings, Lauren would not necessarily be considered a "larger object."
8. Law enforcement has much more information then what they are releasing to the public. The public has "no right to know." On the other hand, when information might help lead to a resolution, law enforcement releases the information.
9. Until they find Lauren, they do not have a cause of death. If her death was arrhythmia induced from consumption of illegal drugs, then suppliers of those drugs could faces charges UNLESS they cooperate with the State and enter into a deal. Keep in mind, no drug use is confirmed at this point.
10. Once a person of interest is identified as a true person of interest, they tend to remain watched even if they leave town. U.S. Marshall's and FBI are involved...
11. This is a process of elimination. Many theories have already been ruled out. Be a little patient. Retaining legal counsel is smart and not a sign of guilt. Find Lauren and the rest will follow...

Update 6-23-11: Yesterday's press conference revealed nothing that has not already been discussed. While Lauren's parents are disappointed in the number of tips and the less then 50 people who showed up for the most recent search, the overall suport for finding Lauren and the truth has been just short of remarkable. While this tragic event has forever changed the Speirer's life, life must go on. Unless Lauren's body wound up in a landfill, eventually she will be found. Perhaps, only then will some answers become apparent.

As for who was at Rosenbaum's apartment that early morning, one suspects that the official response is likely as follows: Early that morning, Lauren and David Rohn were apparently at Jay Rosenbaum's apartment. Cory Rossman joined them at Rosenbaum's. Rossman and Lauren then left to go to Sports. Lauren and Rossman went to Smallwood, where Rossman got punched. Rossmman and Lauren then apparently returned to Rossman's apartment where he was put to bed by Mike Beth. Lauren then went over to Rosenbaum's. I have seen no evidence that Beth was ever at Rosenbaum's apartment that early morning . (Another blog claims Beth was present prior to Lauren and Rossman visiting Sports. ) There is no official report of anyone else having been present at Rosenbaum's when Lauren was last present. However, it is certainly possible that someone else was present as suggested by Cory Rossman's attorney. Perhaps that person or persons identity has not been released.

Two lingering questions for Jesse Wolff's attorney may help clarify things:
When does Jesse's roommates say that they last saw Jesse on June 3, 2011? Second, Did you read your client's Facebook postings?Update 6-30-11: The police search for DNA has intensified. On Wednesday, law enforcement and their K-9's sniffed inside the apartments located at Five North Complex at 11th and Morton. According to the Herald Times, Bloomington police also searched Jesse Wolff’s house in the 600 block of East Ninth Street. At the Five North apartments, they apparently searched Corey Rossman and Mike Beth's apartment. It is unknown whether they also entered Jay Rosenbaum's apartment.

Based on the released evidence, Rosenbaum was the last to admit seeing Lauren Spierer
. (Another blog claims it was Mike Beth, which we believe is inaccurate.) Beth and Rossman have fully cooperated and remain in Bloomington. Jesse Wolff claims he had stayed home and was in bed. Jesse is now in New York and has not participated in the searches, either at the instruction of law enforcement or upon advice of counsel.

7. Mystery man in alley. Police have said LS last appears on video around 2:51 p.m. in the presence of a "known person." This could be CR or someone entirely different.
8. Mystery man described by bar manager at 3:38 a.m. This could be number 7 with an error in time or it could be someone completely different. Bar manager says someone looking like L.S. is drunk and thrown over the shoulder of the dark skinned, polo clad rather short individual. The bar managers testimony appears to be discounted by law enforcement at least as to the time it allegedly occurred.

9. A.B. and B.B. This cast of characters would be roommates of ZO. They apparently live at 10th and college. What exactly were they doing that early morning? Their involvement or lack of involvement has not been verified nor publicly released.

10. A.A. Described off the record as an all around good guy. He apparently saw LS's key around 3:00 a.m.

11. Hadar Tamir. From Roslyn Heights New York. LS roommate. A.S. is another roommate. HT is one of only a few that have openly shared thoughts with the press. Says Wolff is a great boyfriend who would never hurt LS. Indicates that LS me CR at the Indy 500 track. Labelled as a very cooperative witness.

12. D.R. A 20 year-old from New York, New York. Studying recreational sports management. Lives at Smallwood. LS allegedly called his phone using JR's phone at 4:15 am. DR was allegedly in bed and did not answer. Participates in the first searches and is labeled as cooperative. Believed to be represented by attorney Ron Chapman.

13. Homeless man. Allegedly told law enforcement that he heard a scream at around 4:30 a.m. Reports concerning this man remain sketchy and unverified. Some say this character is completely fictitious.

14. Two girls. Allegedly two girls turned in LS's key and id.

15. Owner of a white truck. First police say there our a couple of vehicles in the area and they want to check out whether the owners know anything. Later photos of a white truck are released with the information that it was near the scene at 4:24 a.m. It apparently runs a stop sign and may have circled the block. Bloomington police then release a statement that the owner of the white truck has been identified and is not involved in the LS case. The identification of the driver of the truck remain private and are not released to public. No further mention is made of the other vehicles in the area.

16. Robert and Charlene Spierer. Grieving parents. Four months and still looking for their daughter. They just want closure, not a pound of flesh.

17. Law Enforcement. Police have refused to release the last known videos of LS for reasons completely unknown. At least one person has been very critical of the investigation. (See 7-9-11 update for link.) Even the Herald Times has quotes indicating that the landfills have yet to be searched.

18. Garbageman. Dumpsters in the area are usually picked up by 8:00 a.m. The garbage is typically brought to a station and then trucked to the landfill south of Terre Haute. Not unusual for the garbage to be buried in the landfill before noon.

19. L.S. Call her the wild card. With no physical evidence of a crime, could she have had temporary amnesia and be alive and living some where? Very doubtful, but we know of rare cases like Lula Hood found after forty years.

Update 6-25-11: Search was not successful despite a good turn out of volunteers. No more formal press conferences unless the police discover something of significance.Update 6-29-11: State police helicopters flew over the Bloomington area confirming what has already been reported, the area is vast with lots of wooded areas and bodies of water. Official searches have been called off. The McNutt search headquarters will close today. Future searches will be conducted only pursuant to reliable tips. Presumably law enforcement has checked local land fills... Prayer service tomorrow night in Bloomington. Last scheduled press conference at BPD will be Friday. Lauren's parents will read a statement.

Update 6-24-11:
Plans for a massive search on Saturday! Send in the drones...
Keep in mind we do not live in a police state where subjects are forced to submit to unfair interrogation. Indiana will not tolerate strong
armed confessions like what apparently happened during the 1987 homicide investigation involving Peggy Hettrick. Timothy Masters, who was actually convicted of the crime, has recently been exonerated after serving ten years of a life sentence. Masterson was saved by DNA evidence. Shortly after the crime, the 15 year-old Masterson was subjected to vigorous police interrogation which ultimately resulted in his conviction.

Update 6-27-11: The days of wanting to clear one's name in the press have apparently become a thing of the past for some. Neither Jason Rosenbaum nor Jesse Wolff apparently have anything to say to Mr. or Mrs Spierer about their daughter. Their attorneys remain tight lipped as well. The Spierers just want closure. Nevertheless, there are growing rumors that Rosenbaum had a guest at his home that early morning besides Lauren. Police have not officially released the guest's name. The problem with rumors is that it can spread inaccurate information and spoil an investigation. If they turn out true, they can be darn right embarrassing for law enforcement if they let such an individual slip away without so much as an interview. So until either the police or the person's of interest come forward with facts, there is not much to do but ignore the rumors and wait until Lauren is discovered.

Update 6-28-11: Attorney James Voyles is truly a master who knows that silence is not always golden. Credit has to be given to Rosenbaum's attorney for not remaining silent. Monday afternoon, Voyles told the press that Rosenbaum has cooperated fully. He claims that his client gave "a full statement" to authorities and also said that the results of a polygraph have been shared with the police. (Presumably Voyles had a private polygraph given to Rosenbaum.) Voyles statements spawn additional questions. Does this open the door for the police to provide a response to the press? May they now ask this cooperative witness additional questions? And last but not least, "Who was your house guest that early morning"? Hadar Tamir claims that Rosenbaum had a friend from his hometown staying with him that early morning. One wonders if this individual offered police the opportunity to interview him and search his vehicle?

Update July 1, 2011: Thursdays prayer service was filled with support and encouragement for Robert and Charlene Spierer. A minister prayed that whoever knows what happened to Lauren steps out of "the shadows of darkness."
The Spierers will read a statement of thanks and a promise that they will not rest until Lauren is found.

Update 7-2-11: Perhaps we were the first to point out the disparate treatment of Morgan Johnson's case in our 6-10-11 update. Now, Morgan's mom is doing something about it.
Ann Smith filed a civil rights complaint against the Plainfield Police Department. She wants them taken off the case immediately and wants the state police to take over the investigation and that the case get the same attention as the Lauren Spierer case. "Based on other current and recent investigations on other missing persons in Indiana, there is a disparity in the action taken for them and not the same actions taken for Morgan," said Smith. Ironically, at least one newspaper, the Indianapolis Star, appears to be very critical of the Bloomington police for not doing more in the 4 weeks since Lauren's disappearance.

Update 7-4-11: Yesterday evening around 7:00 p.m. some one called in a sighting of a body in Fall Creek (Marion County.) The badly decomposed female body has yet to be identified. While it is possible that this might be related to the Spierer case, it is more likely to be a missing Indianapolis woman.

Update 7-5-11:
The official word is that an autopsy of the body is scheduled for Tuesday. Police hope the forensic examination leads to the woman's identity. A press conference has been scheduled for after the autopsy. Unofficially, L.P. has been told that the hair on the decomposed body will not rule out Lauren. The teeth, however, do not appear to be Lauren's. Thus, the search is likely to continue. Noon Update: The tip to L.P. was correct. The coronor confirmed that the body found in Fall Creek was NOT Lauren Spierer. The coronor believes the very badly decomposed body is that of an African American woman.Update 7-7-11: The public's thirst for knowledge has generated wild speculation and rumor. It is extremely unlikely that Lauren Spierer ran off to Israel or anywhere else without her shoes and cell phone. (Heck now days young adults don't typically leave the house without the ability to text. See Legal Pub article on sexting. LINK.) Similarly, it is unlikely that professionals were "called in" to dispose of a body. More likely the remains will turn up someday in a field or body of water. If that does not happen, then the remains may have made it to a land fill. Law enforcement continues to investigate and follow up leads. When they are ready to come forward, they certainly will do so.

Update 7-8-11: Recent news may encourage the Spierer family not to give up hope.
Lula Cora Hood, disappeared in 1970 after a family fight. Forty years later, this missing Illinois woman has now been discovered alive and well and living in Florida. Forty years later, police in Galesburg, Illinois say they've found her in Florida.

Update 7-9-11: One reader suggested that the Bloomington Police Department should check their own ranks for Persons of Interest. While Legal Pub does not share this opinion, it is linking a site that apparently thinks such a hypothesis is worth exploring. LINK. In the meantime, Saturday is an opportunity for a renewed search for Lauren. Past searchers are gathering at the track in an event called "Laps for Lauren." The Find Lauren site has details for those interested in participating in the event. Twitter Find Lauren posted: "Don't be sorry, just start being honest. It's not going to go away. The situation or the guilt. No one will know you called. 800-CRIMETV."

Update 7-11-11:
The rest of the world goes on with its lives as illustrated by Seven Eleven giving out free Slurpees in honor of today's date. For the Speirers, the struggle is not over and they are not alone. "We will continue to be with the family every step of the way,” said Rabbi Sue Silberberg, director of IU’s Helene G. Simon Hillel Center. “We are determined and will not stop until we find Lauren.” Similarly, IU is continuing to provide some funding to defray the cost of future recovery efforts.

Update 7-12-11: An early preview of tomorrows post. If this were a play, the cast might include a list of interesting people as potential characters. Please note these are not "suspects" and they are not even necessarily "persons of interest"; however, as one poster pointed out, they are all interesting people.

1. Mike Beth.
From Morganville, New Jersey. Roommate of CR at 5 North Townhomes. Up late, allegedly sober working on a paper. Beth told The Journal News on 6-10-11 that he did give a DNA sample, but that he was told by his lawyer not to discuss the case with reporters. “I just hope that they find her,” he said. “She was our friend.” ~by Shawn Cohen and Jonathan Bandler. Apparently cooperative. Note attorney Chapman says that the lawyers for MB, CR and JR have all discussed the matter and Chapman claims none of these three are responsible for the LS disappearance. LINK.

2. Corey Rossman. He is one of the few legal drinkers as he is 21. In the Kelley School of Business studying real estate finance. Apparently met L.S. at the Indy 500. Some speculate that CR might have been a johnny come lately in LS's romantic life with the two of them sharing some mutual attraction. CR joined LS at Rossman's early in the evening. CR and L.S. then went to Killroy's and then later to Smallwood where CR is apparently on a "no trespass" list. At Smallwood CR was allegedly punched by Z.O. CR and L.S. then apparently returned to CR's apartment at 5 North Townhomes where M.B. puts CR to bed. CR has little or no memory after the alleged punch according to his attorney (Salzmann) CR has apparently been cooperative.

3. Jesse Wolff. Lauren's long time boyfriend from New York. JW lived at 9th and Fess, about six blocks away from JR's. He was reportedly at home watching basketball that evening and went to bed at 2:30 a.m. Later that morning he drove a roommate to 8:00 a.m. class and tracked down Lauren's phone at Killroys. He also got a key from Tamir Hadar and confirmed L.S. was not in her room. He also called L.S. parents. He is believed to be represented by attorney Joe Lozano. Initially cooperative. (On 7-22-11, JW's facebook claims he has spoken to police and passed a polograph.)

4. Jay Rosenbaum. From West Bloomfield, MI. Lives at 5 North Townhomes two doors down from CR and MB. Apparently his apartment was a gathering place sometime after midnight. Early in the evening he hosted guest including LS, DR and CR. He may have also had a house guest who for purposes of discussion only, we will give the frictional name of D.B. JR's story is apparently that CR and LS left for the bars. LS apparently came back around 3:00 a.m. She allegedly called DR on his phone at 4:15. At 4:30 he says he saw her leave his apartment, and round the corner at 11th and college. Initially cooperative. Represented by James Voyles who told the public that his client passed a polygraph, presumably a privately administered one.

5. House guest of JR. HT suggested that JR had a house guest that early morning. LINK. We have given this "house guest" the fictional identification of D.B. He might be a hometown guest visiting JR who could fill in some of the gaps missing from "play" as it currently might be written. Police have not released the name of the house guest or what if anything he knows about the early morning in question. So, what if anything does the mysterious house guest know about that morning?

6. Z.O. The name assigned to a character who allegedly punched CR at Smallwood a little after 2:30 a.m. LS was apparently with CR at the time. The reason for the dispute is unknown although early media accounts would suggest that perhaps CR was being aggressive toward L.S. however, keep in mind LS voluntarily left with CR after the alleged altercation. (Note video of the alleged altercation have not been released to the public so the identity of the alleged puncher is not confirmed.)

20. Indiana University. IU hates the negative press. A warning has been issued to incoming freshman.

Keep in mind NONE of the above are suspects nor are they even necessarily "person's of interest." All are, however, interesting people some of whom may be able to help solve the mystery of "what happened to Lauren."Update 7-22-11: Assume this report of Lauren stumbling around Smallwood with CR is correct. LINK. Why is that such a surprise? Does someone who is not under the influence of some intoxicating substance leave shoes, cell phone and perhaps a coat elsewhere? Again assuming this is true, LS lacked capacity to knowingly consent to anything. (An intoxicated person lacks capacity to consume more alcohol, take drugs, or have sex.) Re-read Legal Pub 7-15-11 update. Now, do you really still wonder why some folks might not be too eager to volunteer information leading to her discovery? Find the body and the rest will follow...

Update July 13, 2011: SO WHERE IS NANCY GRACE? She crusaded so hard against the tot mom, Casey Anthony. The Anthony story is now a dead horse. Stop beating it and the jury to death. Your show has a chance to demonstrate real investigatory journalism. Find Lauren Spierer! Nancy, accept the challenge and see if the truth can be uncovered irrespective of the money. The Speirer family needs closure and persons of interest need to be cleared of scrutiny. You know you need credibility (and ratings) after the Anthony debacle. The challenge: Show the world that NANCY GRACE has superior investigatory reporting skills and help BPD find Lauren.

Update July 14, 2011: Still no hint of Nancy Grace getting involved. Feel free to contact her using this LINK. For those frustrated with the pace of the investigation, keep in mind the following:
~ You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free. ~Clarence Darrow.~ I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. ~Abraham Lincoln.
~ It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.~William Blackstone.
(Bet some of you thought Jimmy Voyles said all these things first. LOL.)

Update July 15, 2011: It has been said that silence breeds contempt. In this case, silence breeds speculation. One of the theories bantered about is that someone gave LS a "date rape drug."
Such a drug is any chemical that can assist in the execution of a sex crime, typically a sedative or hypnotic which tends to induce amnesia. (This could include serving her alcohol past the point of intoxication.) "Drink spiking"is when an intoxicating substance is added to a drink for amusement or malicious intent (robbery, battery, sexual assault etc). The concept is not new. For centuries, alcohol has incapacitated individuals and lowered inhibitions.

In-gestation of such substances can be voluntary or involuntary. The most common substances are alcohol, benodiazepines (flunitrazepam, midazolam, temazepam or rohupnol) and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid). Alcohol remains the most common substance used in large part because of its availability and acceptability. Furthermore, most victims willing consume the alcohol. However, even if an intoxicated victim agrees to sex, it can still be considered "rape" due to the lack of ability to consent. A limited example would be having sex with someone who has passed out. Respiratory depression, coma and even death are real possibilities when someone ingests a date rape drug, especially if mixed with alcohol. In the case of LS we have no real evidence other than she was at a bar drinking alcohol and her movements on video which apparently depict her conduct. Despite the limited evidence, it appears to be a safe assumption that she was intoxicated. But to what extent?

Update 7-18-11: Harley Ride for Lauren is scheduled for 7-30-11. Here is our issue Nancy Grace: For weeks Legal Pub has suggested a search of the landfill. Officer Parker back on 6-10-11 said dumpsters and landfills were searched. BPD is aparently admitting that land fills were never searched. Sycamore Ridge Landfill is the final destination for all Indiana University and Bloomingonton Indiana trash. Garbage is mixed with garbage from other destinations; however, the location of each day's dump can be located through GPS. Talk about a story on credibility. Why are you scared to get your hands dirty, CNN? (Finally 8-15-11 Nancy Graces Blog starts to get interested...)Update 7-20-11: Many responses have been offered concerning the land fill controversy. One supporter of the BPD pointed out that on 6-18 a massive search was conducted in Martinsville based on a tip. LINK. Furthermore, if there is any truth to the growing rumor that the 4:15 a.m. call may not have originated in Bloomington, then there may be rhyme to their reasoning. Police are not corroborating any rumor, but if the origin of the call was traced to a place other than Bloomington, then the failure to immediately search the Pimento landfill may be justified. Keep in mind that at this point it is only unsubstantiated rumor. Visit this Facebook to help keep attention on Lauren: LINK.

Update 7-21-11: Most missing people don't generate a great deal of media coverage. LINK. So what? This one did. So what is the media going to do to help find Lauren? One word of advice, try to be a leader and not a follower! Go interview the cell phone provider. Get a quote for exactly how much the search of the landfill will cost. Do it today!

Mrs. Spierer speaks: An open letter from Mrs. Spierer may be found here: LINK.
Jessie Wolff speaks: A reporter from Journal News has apparently decided to step out of the shadows of the followers and has tried to contact JW. Wolff finally responded today via Facebook, urging "Leave me alone please." Wolff added, "I spoke with the detectives Tuesday and have taken a polygraph. All my cards are out on the table ..." According to this article, when asked whether police administered the polygraph, and for the results, Wolff replied, "what the (expletive) do you think the results were? if i failed a polygraph everyone in the world would know ...." LINK.

Update 7-26-11: A break in the case or another distraction? Six blocks away from where Lauren Spierer disappeared, Meredith Ephlin, an IU student, reports that a man attempted to strangle her. The 34 year old woman was apparently walking to a convenience store near 17th and Woodburn when she was attacked. At the current time, law enforcement is downplaying any possible relationship to the Spierer disappearance. LINK.

Update 8-3-11: A search warrant has been executed to search the Republic Sycamore Ridge Landfill on East Cottom in Pimento (near Terre Haute, IN.) A section of the landfill has been roped off as the area where trash was dumped from Bloomington. The excavation and search of the site will be under the direct supervision of the FBI. LINK.

Update 8-12-11: So far, nothing more than persistant rumors. There are unconfirmed rumors that a security guard was in the vicinity of 11th and College around 4:30 a.m. If true, what the security guard saw or what he did not see, may be very helpful in confirming or refuting the story of JR. Another rumor that just won't die is that some people are hiding the identity of a person with major drug connections. Fact is, for now they are just unconfirmed rumors. Come fall, when the vegetation dies and crops are harvested, there will be fewer locations for the "rumors" to hide.

Update 8-16-11: The roar of the huge backhoes couldn't be ignored. The landfill search began early this morning under the direction of the FBI and Bloomington Police Department. As of noon they were still digging and we have been informed that the search may last up to two weeks. No one is allowed to get too close as the fumes are apparently toxic.

Update 8-17-11: Trash search video: LINK. Police chief was on the scene today. (See comments.) Lauren's parents to leave and go back to New York for a "family function." Speculation is rising... Now may be the time for any POI to make a deal...

Update 8-22-11: Police have completed one week of trash scrutiny. The 12 hour shifts should end within the next 7 days. So far, no report of any evidence found.
Update 8-24-11: Video criticism of CR and other so called "friends" of Lauren Spierer. LINK

Update 8-27-11: The almighty roar of the equipment came to an end on Friday. The search is now officially over."The fact that no evidence related to this case was discovered is unfortunate, but we are confident that the proper area at the landfill was identified and thoroughly checked by the officers working there," said Chief Michael Diekhoff. Some two dozen police, FBI agents and an expert from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children searched the 8,400-square-foot area of the landfill.

Update 8-29-11: School started at IU. Another search on Sunday was unsuccessful. Quotes of interest: "It was the worst news I could have gotten. It's just, there are no words to describe it, hearing that your best friend is missing...We're still finding her, and I'm still as determined as I was the minute I heard it that we're going to find her. I'm never going to give up," said IU student Blair Wallach.

Update 8-30-11: Jay Rosenbaum claims that he has talked to Lauren's parents privately. Video LINK. I wonder if Lauren's mom or dad would verify such a conversation?
Lauren Spierer's Mom tells FOX59 "I have not spoken with Jay Rosenbaum. I was surprised to hear his comment. Jay says he speaks to parents." LINK.

Update 9-5-11: Mrs. Spierer has sent an open letter to her daughter's abductor:

"If you think for a minute, her father and I are going to disappear, think again. We are just as determined today as we were day one," Charlene Spierer writes. "Do you think this is a game? This is no game. We are in this for the long haul ... we will NEVER give up."
Latest statments of Hadar Tamir:

"When we had to move out and saw her room so empty, we just sat on the floor crying... It was completely surreal... We went home for the summer and came back, and nothing has changed, really." LINK

September 14, 2011: The body found in a wooded area of Jennings County in southern Indiana is not Lauren Spierer. Capt. Joe Qualters confirmed that the body found does not match Lauren's description.
September 19, 2011: Rob and Charlene Spierer, remain in Bloomington to prepare for a Sept. 22 concert and walk to bring attention to search and investigation efforts.

September 28, 2011: Can you say "You don't pull the mask off the old Long Ranger and you don't mess around with slim? Dietl & Associates, private investigators, are apparently not licensed in the state of Indiana according to the state Attorney General's Office. A firm representative appearance on a Fox morning show where he made fun of Bloomington Police Chief Michael Diekhoff. Now expect the private detectives to be barred from participating further in the Lauren Spierer case.

October 10, 2011: Legal Pub had a presence today in Bloomington. This is what we have learned about the body found in Bloomington, Illinois: Badly decomposed white female. NOT LOCAL. Coroner awaiting dental and DNA confirmation of identiy. Based on missing person's report she has an idea who it may be. (She is not giving any further information until DNA and dental records confirm her hunch.) While the body was found far from Bloomington, Indiana, anything is possible...

October 12, 2011: Still no official word on the identity of the remains found. Names like Kathy Christensen from North Chicago, who has been missing since April, Bonnie Woodward who has been missing since June, 2010, Stacy Peterson who has been missing forever and Lauren Spierer who has been missing since June have been tossed around. In the meantime there are reports out of Bloomington, Indiana that it does not appear to be Lauren. However, we will wait for the official DNA results.
October 13, 2011: McLean County Coroner Beth Kimmerling said that Jean L. Kelly of Minier was identified through dental records. Kelly had been missing since early September. Cause of death and toxicology are pending.

October 24, 2011: Mrs. Spierer posted on a blog that she was hurt by an anonymous letter sent to her complaining that her search posters are "littering Bloomington."

November 3, 2011: Jay Rosenbaum, in the presence of own of his attorneys, has met with Mr. and Mrs. Spierer and their attorney on September 19, 2011. Rosenbaum also met with the Spierer family's investigator, Bo Dietl, on Sept. 21. Jay subsequently reported to the Journal News: "Yes, I have cooperated since day one, and I will continue to cooperate... And I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Lauren. Obviously, there's nothing more that I want than for Lauren to be found and safe, and for this all to be over." Attorney Lukemeyer said she "... felt compelled to defend her client now because he continues to face heavy scrutiny."

January 7, 2012: Bill Warner's blog questions whether the disappearance of six petite females, Crystal Hall, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift are all related... LINK.

January 20, 2012: Lauren's parents have enlisted the help of New York detectives. The Spierer's apparently feel comfortable eliminating some person's of interest. Those cooperating apparently include J.W., J.R., and M.B. Others may also be cooperating. LINK.

February 27, 2012: Lauren's family has increased the amount of reward money offered for information leading to her discovery $100,000 to $250,000. Family blog: blog site.

May 1, 2012: As the anniversary date of Lauren Spierer's disappearance approaches, the  "deafening silence" makes it look more and more like a random abduction. After all, what college kids could keep their mouths shut this long if they were actually involved?  One would suspect, not many. The tip lines are still open and the reward money is still available.

May 15, 2012: As "find Lauren" posters are being made for the upcoming anniversary of Lauren's disappearance, it sometimes appears that police are grasping at straws. Police are reportedly looking at William Clyde Gibson, a man who is suspected in the deaths of three women more than 100 miles away from the Bloomington according to the Journal News.  (William Clyde Gibson is charged with the 2002 murder of 45-year-old Karen Hodella and the murder of 75-year-old Christine Whitis. He is also suspected of murder with regards to another woman found buried in his backyard.)  At this time; however, there are no specific leads that indicate Gibson may have been involved in Lauren's disappearance.

May 29, 2012: Lauren Spierer's disappearance ha no connection to the disappearance of Mickey Shunick, the University of Louisina student that disappeared May 19, 2012.  Capt. Joe Qualters told the press: “Any reports of a ‘connection’ have been manufactured by the media and was never put forth by us... I simply indicated to a media person that we’d made an ‘inquiry’— a seemingly appropriate thing to do — and that was turned into us contacting them because of ‘similarities’ which is inaccurate.. Nothing of significance to the Spierer investigation came from the discussion held with police investigators in Louisiana.”

August 13, 2012:  A fisherman found a skull in  Marion County.  Speculation was that it could be Lauren.  It was not her. It wasn't covered here because it was unwarranted speculation. If something credible happens, we will cover it.

August 20, 2012:  Still nothingThe armed man who claimed he met Lauren Spierer at a shooting range was not arrested.  He had been surveilling Killroys. No crime was committed.  His name was not released. The 56-year-old man had two guns on him and a shotgun in the trunk. The man wasn’t believed to be involved in Lauren's disappearance.

December 10, 2012:  As the holidays approach, the frustration of family increases with the current stalemate known as "The Lauren Spierer Investigation."  Lauren's parents do not believe their daughter’s disappearance was a “random abduction.” They have publicly criticized Lauren's male friends who were the last to see her before she vanished. “We have these boys that were there that night that clammed up, shut down, lawyered up,” Robert Spierer, said  on “Katie.”  Lauren Spierer's parents continue to offer a $250,000 reward. 

February 11, 2013:  Despite months of searching, still no sign of Lauren Spierer.  There have been no arrests and no suspects named.  CBS New York, claims that police have received more than 2,400 tips in the case. Nevertheless, no end is in sight. Perhaps warm weather will lead to a well deserved resolution to this tragedy.

February 3, 2016:  Has the trail become warm or is it still cold?  It depends who you consult. The Bloomington Herald-Times documented a recent search warrant search on Doug Wager's property.  His son Justin Wagers was thought to be the target of that search. Doug Wagers, told the newspaper that police spent four to six hours searching the family property in Trafalgar as well as the family residence. Doug Wagers said he told investigators to search, and search hard, because his son, Justin, is innocent.  
“The system got a hold of him and the only thing he did wrong was indecent exposure," Doug Wagers explained. Mean while, Justin Wagers, who has a history of public indecency arrests, is currently being held in the Johnson County Jail on charges of public indecency and performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor.  This does not, of course, mean that he had anything to do with Lauren Spierer's disappearance.  As always, Wagers is to be presumed innocent unless otherwise convicted in a court of law.

June 9, 2016:  Brad Garrett and some private consultants working with Spierer's family are still trying to figure out what happened to Lauren who disappeared from Bloomington, Indiana in 2011.

March 15, 2019:  Now approaching the eight year mark, the trail is still cold. Many theories, some inconsistent statements, but mostly rank speculation.  DNA analysis would probably identify the killer, but without a body, there is little analysis to be done.  Lauren's parents posted on FaceBook:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
-Edmund Burke-

Readers are reminded if you have information, please contact:
Bloomington Police Department 812.339.4477
Or email: