Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are Presidential Candidates Trump and Clinton Similar to Orlando Salinas? ~by Legal Pub

 Presidential candidate Donald Trump says a lot of things, some of which are better off not being said.  Hillary Clinton also says things that appear not to be accurate. However, on one point Trump and Hillary may both agree.  Specifically, the media is not above the law. The same principles that guide average citizens should also apply to those in the lime light. Former FOX and CBS news correspondent Orlando Salinas may be an example of a fallen star who forgot that no one is above the law.  Salinas has recently been arrested  and charged with rape and forcible sodomy.  The incident allegedly occurred back in January. Ironically, Salinas, a former law and order type of public figure, is now personally being held without bond courtesy of the Montgomery county jail.

The fall from public stardom is seldom pleasant.  Salinas lost his last media job (CBS affiliate WDBJ) in April of 2015 for alleged insubordination. Since that time, Salinas has been working as a real estate agent.Salinas, like all suspects, is to be considered innocent unless otherwise proven guilty in a court of law.  This presumption would normally also be extended to Hillary Clinton (email issue) and Donald Trump (tax return issue) but for their continuing self incriminatory public declarations.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Gavin Eugene Long Just Another Loser ~by Legal Pub

Image for the news resultGavin Eugene Long is not a hero.  He is not a freedom fighter nor any person to be admired.  Mr. Long, you are not the alpha male you pretended to be.  You, the gunman in the deadly shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are just another loser begging for attention. Long perhaps used to be a hero.  He served as a marine in the middle east.  But since returning to the U.S., Long took a wrong turn.  Understandably, he was upset by allegations of unfair treatment of African Americans by police officers.  However; rather than peacefully air his views, he cowardly opened fire on police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He killed three officers (including an African American officer) and wounded three other officers. Long was reportedly carrying a rifle and wearing all-black attire when he ambushed police.  Several videos within recent weeks discuss various police-involved shootings and demonstrate one thing, Long became a loser and sunk to the lowest common denominator
Long authored many angry posts on "Convos With Cosmo" prior to the shooting. Long describes himself as a "Freedom Strategist, Mental Game Coach, Nutritionist, Author and Spiritual Advisor" but instead, he should have simply admitted that he was a selfish loser seeking attention. He also listed organizations he may be affiliated with -- including the Nation of Islam ( he claimed membership), Floyd Mayweather's The Money Team (hat) and terror groups like ISIS.  Yet he concludes: "I thought my own stuff; I made my own decisions; I'm the one who gotta listen to the judgment." 
Spoken like a true loser who would prefer anarchy to the rule of law.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beau Solomon Killed by 40 Year-old Homeless Man in Italy? ~by Legal Pub

Justice can be swift in Italy.  But is it always just?  Massimo
Galioto, a 40 year-old homeless Italian man, was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of murdering 19-year-old Beau Solomon. While this is potentially a swift response to a genuine fear of American's traveling abroad, is Galioto really the killer? 
To be clear, Massimo Galioto, is only being held for questioning concerning a suspicion of aggravated homicide.   Solomon, from Wisconsin, was found dead tangled in vegetation in the Tiber River three days after he went missing. The 19 year old student was suppose to start a study program at John Cabot University, in the central Trastevere district.

Solomon had apparently been drinking Thursday night and was last seen leaving a pub early Friday morning. A check of Solomon's credit card revealed that several hundred dollars of unauthorized charges had been made in a city several hundred miles away.  Such credit card activity seems unlikely to be attributed to a homeless man.  

So what will the questioning reveal?  Will there be a short but real answer to the "who done it" or will Italian law enforcement sweep this matter under the rug?

Massimo Galioto is to be presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.