Friday, May 29, 2009

Nevaeh Buchanan, 5 Years Old, Missing In Michigan

Five year old Nevaeh Buchanan from Michigan is missing and the news is not encouraging. Police in Monroe, Michigan have told the press that two convicted sex offenders are considered "persons of interest" in the disappearance of Nevaeh Buchanan. Local news also reported that a bloody tool had been found in one man's van. A bloodstained towel and hairs were discovered in the other man's motel room.
While Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield state, "We are hopeful she is still alive... We have no indication that she is not still alive," past experience would tend to indicate otherwise.
Yet the search must go on. Nevaeh was last seen Sunday evening in the parking lot of the apartment complex in Monroe. Persons of interest include: convicted sex offender Roy Lee Smith, 48. However, he has not been charged in Nevaeh's disappearance. Smith was friends with Nevaeh's mother, Jennifer Buchanan, age 24. Detroit News .
A tool discovered in an unlocked glove box apparently had blood on it which has been sent to a lab for testing.

Convicted sex offender George Kennedy, 39, is also a person of interest. Kennedy, apparently was Buchanan's boyfriend. He is currently being held on an unrelated parole violation. He has not yet been charged with any crime related to Nevaeh's disappearance. Two children allegedly told police that they saw Nevaeh go into a wooded area to meet "Daddy George." The 8 year old boy told an FBI agent that Nevaeh was "kidnapped" and a "bad man stabbed Nevaeh in the stomach with a knife." The boys explanation was neither clear nor complete. However, a search of Kennedy's room apparently resulted in blood and hair samples being accumulated for testing. The Sheriff cautions that the focus should not be restricted to Kennedy. Keep in mind any person of interest or suspect is to be considered innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

In the interim, if you have seen this little girl, please contact the Monroe County Sheriff Department.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bonnie Sweeton Apparently Faked Her and Her Daughter's Abduction

Some folks might not admit it; however, domestic relations problems appear to be at the root of another instance of socially unacceptable behavior. Bonnie Sweeton, a 38 year old Pennsylvania woman, called 911 to report that she and her daughter had been abducted. It apparently was not true. Bonnie is now charged with making a false report and identity theft. Police found Bonnie and her 9 year old child, Julia Rakoczy at a Disney resort in Florida.

Bonnie Sweeten had originally told the police that she and her daughter were kidnapped after two men in a Cadillac rear-ended her sport-utility vehicle in Upper Southampton. She then said that they were being held in the trunk of the Cadillac. Sweeten was arrested at Disney in Orlando on Wednesday. Sweeten awaits extradition. Alleged kidnap victim found.

Sweeten's daughter is in state custody until her biological father picks her up. Sweeten withdrew about $12,000 and obtained a driver's license from a co-worker to buy airline tickets. She and her daughter then traveled under false names. Police spokes person Henry said, "We believe there were some domestic problems." Surprise. Surprise!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Courts Can Change Lives, Will Judge Sonia Sotomayor Affect California "Reform?"

Voters in California banned same sex marriage. Advocates of same sex marriages filed a legal challenge. California's highest court has now upheld Proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages. Despite upholding the ban, the court allowed the approximaltely 18,000 unions performed before the ban to remain valid. The California Supreme Court ruling sparked protests in San Francisco. The ruling was a 6 to 1 decision.

Protests resulted in 159 adults and three juveniles being arrested according to the San Francisco Police Department as reported by CNN. In Los Angeles, approximately 3,500 protesters voiced their discontent without any arrests.

Ignoring the emotional moral issues, does the ban improperly alter California's constitution to restrict a fundamental right guaranteed in the state charter? Some say Californians long have had the right to change their state constitution through ballot initiatives. According to the court, the ban restricts the designation of marriage "while not otherwise affecting the fundamental constitutional rights of same-sex couples," per Chief Justice Ronald George.
Justice Carlos Moreno dissented.

This is not just a California issue. Voters in 28 other states have approved constitutional bans on same sex marriages. Will other states favor same-sex marriage? Popular opinion on constitutional bans varies according to age. CNN poll: Generations disagree.

Undoubtedly there will be an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. However, Dennis Herrera, San Francisco's city attorney, opined that the fight for same-sex marriage rights would most likely go on "in the electoral arena." A new proposition "Yes on Equality" will be on the 2010 ballot. If passed, it will repeal Proposition 8. The recent California decison did not address whether same-sex marriages performed in other states before the ban would be recognized in California. It may violate rights under the U.S. Constitution for California to disregard such foreign unions.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opposed the initiative banning same sex marriages. He praised the court for leaving the previous marriages intact. "While I believe that one day either the people or courts will recognize gay marriage, as governor of California, I will uphold the decision of the California Supreme Court," Schwarzenegger published in a written statement.
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Iowa currently allow same-sex marriages. Vermont will be added to the list in September. The District of Columbia has also voted to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. (It does not issue its own marriage licenses.)

Now as President Obama nominates Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court, one has to ask, just where does she stand on this issue.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patricia Ingalls Should Know That Drinking And Driving Is Nothing To Clown Around About!

Send in the clowns. Don't worry they're here. Well actually, when it comes to bad examples maybe we need to worry about the presence of clowns. Patricia Ingalls is a clown recently arrested by Wheeling Police for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.
Ingalls told NEWS9 that she's sorry that the children witnessed her get taken into custody.

Ingalls faces charges of driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of an accident. According to police, Ingalls left the scene of an accident before arriving at her entertainment gig.
Ingalls denies driving drunk. She said that she consumed alcohol after the accident but before she was to start entertaining the kids. Ingall's blood alcohol content was apparently .252.

Ingalls is no novice to clowning around as she has 17 years experience. She seems genuinely sorry that she disappointed the kids and set a bad example by getting arrested in their presence. Apparently some of the children even begged the police not to arrest their entertainer. In the end, lessons can be learned at any age. And whether guilty or innocent, driving under the influence is nothing to be clowning around about.

Patricia Ingalls is to be considered innocent until otherwise proven in a court of law.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Does Nanette Packard McNeal Know How To Take Care Of A Man Permanently? Update 10-31-11

Just how well does she know how to take care of her man? Eric Naposki, a former new England Patriot and former Indianapolis Colt football player along with his ex-girlfriend, Nanette Packard McNeal, have been charged in the 1994 murder of Bill McLaughlin .

Eric Naposki and Nanette Packard McNeal face the possibility of life sentences over the shooting. McLaughlin and Pakard McNeal apparently met when she ran an ad that said, " I know how to take care of my man if he knows how to take care of me." Prosecutors contend that Packard McNeal persuaded Eric Naposki to kill McLaughlin so she could receive the proceeds of a $1 million life insurance policy, inherit $150,000 and get the right to live in McLaughlin's beach house for a year. McNeal allegedly gave Naposki a key to McLaughlin's house. Naposki apparently entered into the house and shot McLaughlin six times. After the shooting, Naposki apparently went to work at a nearby nightclub where he was a bouncer.
Housewife arrested in 1994 murder
KTLA: Ex NFL-player arrested

Nanette Packard McNeal has been jailed for writing checks to herself from McLaughlin's account without his knowledge. This includes a $250,000 check on the day he was murdered. She pleaded guilty to that crime in 1996 and was jailed for a year. Recent murder charges Have been fueled by newly discovered evidence. However, all suspects are innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.

Update 10-31-11: Halloween is not always scary but this year it may be for some. The several time delayed trial of "No, no, Natette" who is
charged along with her former lover of allegedly murdering her multimillionaire boyfriend in 1994 has been set for November 4, 2011. The scary thing is that this time the case may actually be tried.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Does Room Service Entertainment Demonstrates Technology Merged With The Oldest Profession Can Be Profitable Until You Attract The State's Attention?

Seven individuals are accused of running a prostitution ring in New York on Craigslist. This is an obvious attempt by the State of New York to keep the world's oldest profession from merging with new technology. Craigslist has shown signs of cooperating as it has replaced its "erotic services" listings with "screened ads."

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo accused the the seven of running a 24-hour prostitution ring called "Room Service Entertainment" from Craigslist's erotic services section from June 2007 to December 2008. The indictment named the company's co-owners as Scott Rosenberg, 45, and Josef Davenport, 31. Patricia Krupa, Joanna Mercado, Sylvia Soto, Lina Vazquez and Barbara Morris were also named as bookers for the alleged prostitution ring.

Allegedly, Craigslist was the "sole vehicle through which the company operated," according to Cuomo's office. See: Craigslist replaces alleged 'Internet brothel'
and Criminal action over Craigslist sex ads

Ads often contained either a semipornographic photograph and a phone number to call to "arrange a date." Room Service Entertainment allegedly employed 10 drivers and 16 prostitutes. Obviously, if true, this will just ad to New Yorks unemployment rate. If the company had operated in Nevada, it would have most likely have been legitimate. But since it was in New York, Room Service Entertainment allegedly masked credit card transactions through a Chase merchant account utilizing charges for magicians, clowns, balloons or disc jockeys. (At times, perhaps legitimate descriptions of the working women. I.E. for the man who has not had an erection in years, perhaps a prostitute was a magician. For the elder john who had not smiled in years, perhaps she was a clown."

If convicted all could face up to 25 years in prison. Craigslist chief executive Jim Buckmaster released a statement saying the activities took place in 2008, "well before Craigslist eliminated erotic services and commenced manual screening of all ads posted to adult services." But as these serious charges are pending, might one question whether there are more serious crimes that need to be stopped than the world's oldest profession merged onto the internet?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daniel Hauser And His Mom Fail To Appear In Court...

Come home. That is a father's plea. Daniel Hauser is the 13-year-old boy whose family has refused treatment for his cancer. Anthony Hauser is urging his son and wife to come back, after neither of them showed up for a court appearance.

Daniel Hauser's lymphoma apparently responded well to a first round of chemotherapy in February. A Minnesota judge issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for the mother of Daniel Hauser after she and the boy did not appear at a court hearing scheduled to review an X-ray ordered by the court to assess whether the boy's Hodgkin's lymphoma was worsening. Anthony Hauser testified at the hearing that he last saw his wife at the family's farm on Monday night, when she told him she was going to leave "for a time." Anthony told reporters that he wants his son and wife to come back and face this dilemma as a family. God speed to all involved.

Update 5-26-09: The parents of Daniel Hauser have told a judge they now agree to the medical treatment. In return, the judge says the boy can stay with them. Daniel Hauser's Hodgkin's lymphoma will be treated by chemo. Colleen and Anthony Hauser now say they understand their son needs chemotherapy. Good resolution for all concerned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Has A 16 Month Toddler Joined Mitchell Wiener As A New York Swine Flu Fatality?

So far, the Swine Flu has not caused an epidemic. As my daughter chuckled when the news of a possible swine flu epidemic was first reported, "Don't they know that hundreds of people die each year from the common cold. There are an awful lot of us on this earth, and some of us are going to die. Not just those of us who are messy eaters." Wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. Yet the wisdom is so much more painful when it hits close to home. For example, the New York City Health Department is investigating the death of a 16 month boy as a possible swine flu case. The toddler died Monday night at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens. When he arrived at the hospital he had a high fever. Unfortunately, he continued to deteriorate.

A Health Department spokesperson confirmed the investigation but said the agency does not comment on specific cases. In the interim, we do know that last Sunday, a public school assistant principal, Mitchell Wiener was New York's first official death attributed to swine flu. However, other health factors may have contributed to Wiener's death. However, Wiener's family has only shared a history of gout and degenerative joint disease.Skip over this content While my daughter is right in that it is not time to panic, there are some health tips worth following: Tips to Contain Swine Flu

Official opine that swine flu originated in Mexico and has spread around the world. Thousands of people have become sick but there have only been a handful of reported deaths.
Update 5-26-09: Mexico announced three more swine flu deaths. The United States and Canada annouced one more death. The world's largest vaccine maker has now signed a deal with the United States to produce a swine flu vaccine. According to the World Health Organization, at least 46 countries have confirmed more than 12,950 swine flu cases. The Mexican death toll now stands at 83. Canada's is two. The U.S. is 12.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Girl on Kill List At Bryant -Webster School Thinks Author Needs To Be Removed From School?

And one thought it was bad to be on Santa's list. A Bryant-Webster student apparently authored a journal with a "kill list" inside. A fellow classmate who is on the list discovered the journal and brought it to the attention of authorities. The student who was on the list believed this to be a legitimate threat.

Besides a list on names, the journal contained several drawings of girls being hung by nooses. and There were eight people listed to be killed. On the right side of the list were sketches of various weapons. The list was given to police who then turned it over to the school. A threat assessment was conducted by the school and they did not identify a "viable" one. The mother of the girl who discovered the list is upset that the author of the list was not removed from the school.

Denver Public Schools has taken the position that in absence of a "viable" threat they could not remove or punish the student for expressing themselves. Is this just another case of freedom of speech or did the school district fail to take needed action?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Did Pilot Fatigue Play A Role In Flight 3407's Crash?

It is not admirable to show that you can drive long distances despite being tired. Similarly, it is not cause for an award to fly a plane when the pilot is exhausted. Common sense and safety concerns should guide both drivers and pilots. Reports are surfacing that co-pilot Rebecca Shaw had stayed up all night before she got on the commuter plane that nosedived into a house near Buffalo, New York. As you recall, all 49 passengers died on that icy February night. The Continental Connection Dash 8 turboprop was suppose to be quick, safe transportation for these 49 people, not the coffin it became.

Rebecca was a 24-year-old pilot with a year of experience. She was living in Seattle, Washington, and commuting to Newark, New Jersey. Continental Flight 3407 operated by Colgan Air Inc. Rebecca had three days off before the flight. After her days off, she apparently commuted through the night from Seattle by riding FedEx flights to get to Newark.

Colgan Air, the regional airline Shaw worked for, told investigators that Rebecca Shaw did not "reserve adequate time to travel from her home to her base in order to ensure she was properly rested and fit for duty." This apparent revelation is stimulating public concern over pilot fatigue. Watch hearing concerning crew fatigue »

Fatigue has been associated with 250 fatalities in air carrier accidents during the last 16 years. (Robert Sumwalt, NTSB vice chairman at a FAA July symposium.) On the other hand, pilot
Capt. Marvin Renslow, 47, who had been flying for Colgan for over three years. He had a day off before piloting Flight 3407; however. the NTSB investigation apparently found he slept in the Newark Airport crew lounge, against Colgan Air regulations.

Federal Aviation Administration guidelines set the number of hours a pilot can work and how many hours he or she must rest before flying. The rules have remained unchanged since the 1940s. FAA regulations for regional and major airlines limit pilots to eight hours of flying during a 24-hour period. After a shift, the pilot should have had at least nine hours of consecutive rest during the 24-hour period. Pilots are limited to 100 hours of flying in a calendar month and 1,000 hours a year. While these rules sound good, they may not be enough. Closer scrutiny into pilot fatigue has become a must. Whether pilot fatigue played a role in the crash of Flight 3407 may never be known. Nevertheless, stricter rest guidelines certainly can't hurt.
Update 10-29-09: Pilots of a recent Northwest flight to Minneapolis overshot their destination by about 150 miles. They also apparently missed calls from the ground to descend because they were distracted. Apparently both claim that they were using their laptop computers. Others suggest fatigue may have played a role in the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration is rewriting its rules that govern flight time for pilots. Larger rest periods are anticipated in order to reduce the chances of fatigue. It will be the first update to the rules in decades.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Richard Rodriguez May Have Learned That A Failure To Yield The Right Away Ticket Is Better Than A Kick In The Head

"No peace, no justice, I say," says a pub member as he watches a video of a police officer in California kick a suspect (Richard Rodriguez) in the head. "Cops got to follow rules just like everyone else," he quickly added. What has the pub stirring this morning is another alleged police brutality case. Richard Rodriguez, 23, was apparently driving a silver Toyota Corolla that failed to yield the right away. Apparently, there was a police chase through suburban Los Angeles County on Wednesday. Originally there were three suspects in the vehicle. One got out and surrendered. The car continued to flee with two suspects in the vehicle. After a vehicular collision with a parked car, the chase ended in a foot pursuit. After a brief run, the driver apparently gives up and lays face down. Then it appears an Elmonte Police officer comes over to the suspect and kicked him in the head. Then another police officer appears to hit the suspect with a baton. The suspect continues to lay face down on the ground. A KNBC-TV helicopter filmed the chase and the alleged incident with the driver. HERE.

Skip over this contentThe officer accused of abuse is from the El Monte Police Department. It is alleged that he ran up to the suspect after he had given himself up and delivered a kick to the head or neck. Three other officers and a police dog arrive on the scene shortly thereafter. El Monte police Chief Tom Armstrong told the media that he had not yet seen the video. Rodriguez was apparently a parolee at large. He had served time on an unspecified drug charge. He is alleged to have been a member of the El Monte Flores street gang. After the incident he was taken to Greater El Monte Community Hospital to be medically evaluated.

Richard Rodriguez, 23, of El Monte and Alfredo Rodriguez, 22, of Long Beach were arrested at the scene. The third man who had surrendered earlier was identified as 29-year-old Tony Castro of Baldwin Park. According to El Monte police officer Lt. Bob Roach, Castro is not known to have any gang ties. El Monte police Lt. Chuck Carlson said his department has initiated an internal affairs investigation into any alleged excessive force by the officers.
Richard Rodriguez was wanted for alleged parole violations. He now will likely face additional charges of felony evading, interfering with or obstructing police, a parole violation and an allegation that he committed the crimes for the benefit of a gang.

Alfredo Rodriguez was also on parole. Alfredo was booked on suspicion of interfering with or obstructing police. Both are currently held without bail. Castro was cited on suspicion of interfering with or obstructing police; however, Castro was released. During the chase, the car allegedly reached speeds of up to 80 mph in 30 mph zones. At one point, the car travels in the opposite direction of traffic. According to reports, allegedly, the occupants of the vehicle were "throwing gang signs" during the pursuit.

Legal Pub: Keep in mind, that all of the suspects, including the police officers are innocent until other wise proven in a court of law.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ACLU Sues To Ban Patents On Genetic Testing, Could They Be Right?

The ACLU may be right. Painful words for a conservative lawyer. The ACLU is fighting patents on two human genes linked to breast and ovarian cancers. The ACLU's legal argument is that patenting pure genes is unconstitutional and hinders research for a cancer cure.They may be right. "Knowledge about our own bodies and the ability to make decisions about our health care are some of our most personal and fundamental rights," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. The lawsuit is pending in U.S. District Court in southern New York against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Utah-based Myriad Genetics and the University of Utah Research Foundation.

Of course, there is another side. Myriad and the research foundation hold patents on BRCA1 and BRCA2, genes that are responsible for many cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.
The ACLU's lawsuit based on the First Amendment challenges genetic patenting in general, noting that about 20 percent of all human genes are patented. While officials at Myriad declined to comment, you can expect the argument to be that without the financial protection of patents, research concerning genetics role in cancer will decrease. Patents give the company the rights to future mutations on the BRCA2 gene and the power to limit others from providing genetic testing. At $3,000 a test, the current system may keep some women from seeking preventive genetic testing.

No matter how the courts rule, the implications of the case on medicine and corporate finances are great. While the ACLU may be right, the cost to corporate America may be so staggering as to return genetic research back to the stone age. Only time, and our Supreme Court, will tell.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did Cutting Foot Loose At Prom Cost Tyler Frost The Opportunity To Graduate With His Class?

Every body cut foot loose! 17 year old Tyler Frost is a real life star of Foot Loose! Tyler is a student at Heritage Christian School, a fundamentalist Baptist school, that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding and kissing. He was told by the school that he would be suspended if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom. Well, Tyler took his girl friend to the Findlay High School prom this past Saturday despite the threat of suspension. Now Tyler is suspended and can't participate in graduation ceremonies.

Senior Tyler Frost does not regret taking his girlfriend to her prom. Frost knew the consequences and made a grown up decision to attend the prom. Tyler appeared on CBS this morning and made a good impression on his audience. He believes that the schools rules should not apply on a weekend at facilities not affiliated with his private school. His principal disagrees and therefore Tyler's step dad, Stephan Johnson, is looking into litigation.

Heritage Christian School is in northwest Ohio. Tyler signed a written pledge to follow the school's rules (a statement of cooperation) at the beginning of the year. Principal Tim England apparently believes the rules are to be followed even while off campus. Tyler is now suspended from classes and will receive an "incomplete" on remaining assignments. He will not be permitted to attend graduation. He will still get a diploma once he completes final exams. If Frost engaged in alcohol use or sex at the prom, the punishment would be expulsion. (There is no evidence that Tyler did anything but dance so that should not be an issue.)

What did Tyler do wrong? Findlay requires students from other schools attending the prom to get a signature from their principal. Frost complied. The principal signed the form but warned of the consequences if he attended the dance. Tyler brought the issue to a school committee who threatened suspension. The student handbook says rock music "is part of the counterculture which seeks to implant seeds of rebellion in young people's hearts and minds." While that may be a common belief at Heritage Christian School, Tyler seems like a good kid who weighed his consequences and made a choice.It is a choice he says that he does not regret.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Okay, So Father Albert Cutie Likes Women...

"At least he's not with a little boy," the Irish pub's patrons shouted when Father Albert Cutie's story broke on national news. Rev. Alberto Cutie is a very handsome priest. He has been a spokesperson for the Catholic faith. He has given relationship advice on the radio and t.v. Fr. Cutie, is;however, also a sinner. He recently admitted that he is in love with a woman. He was recently photographed kissing Ruhama Buni Canellis, 35, a divorced mother living in South Beach. He apparently met Ruhama 10 years ago. Despite his apparent breach of his celibacy vows, a sigh of relief fell over catholics because, in the words of the pub patrons, "it could be much worse, he could have been gay."

Cutie remains popular among Catholics, who also overwhelmingly disapprove of the church’s celibacy policy. A weekend poll of 400 Miami-Dade, Fla., Catholics shows that 74 percent of those surveyed oppose the Catholic Church’s requirements that priests remain celibate. The survey shows an overwhelming majority disapproving of the 12th Century rule. The poll also showed that 78% of Catholics supported and approved of Father Cutie. (That's even better then President Obama's numbers!)

Cutie is nick named “Father Oprah” for offering relationship advice on the radio. He was taken off the air after photos were published of him embracing a woman at a bar and at the beach. Cutie was pastor of St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church in Miami Beach. Cutie issued a statement Tuesday saying “I ask for the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions.”

Cutie appeared this morning on CBS’ “The Early Show.” Cutie said he was not suspended, but he asked for time off for meditation and reflection. Cutie previously told The Miami Herald that marriage and a family were not out of the question for him. But one has to wonder, if Father Albert Cutie is allowed to marry, would he still be perceived as special or would he return to the ranks of being a "regular guy." Some speculate that is exactly what Cutie wanted. It will give him an out from the priesthood with a sound declaration of his sexual preference. Fr. Cutie told the t.v. audience that celibacy is a preferred goal and that he did not want to be the poster boy for allowing priests to marry. Yet, his popularity and the manner in which his heterosexual preference was exposed is suitable for a Hollywood script.
Update 5-29-09: Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? "Father Oprah" has left the Roman Catholic Church and joined the Episcopal Church. This change in employment comes a little less than a month after photos of him on the beach with his girlfriend hit the press. At the news conference at the Episcopal Church's Trinity Cathedral, Father Cutie appeared with the Episcopal bishop, a half-dozen Episcopal priests and his girlfriend.
Updated 6-17-09: On Tuesday, Father Cutie apparently married his sweetie. Welcome to the real world school of hard knocks, Father. Good luck.
Update 1-6-11: Father Alberto CutiƩ married his girl friend, Ruhamma Canellis. Cutie switched from the Roman Catholic to the Anglican in order to keep serving God as a married man. He has released a new book: 'Dilemma' which details his personal struggle.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Did Kiefer Sutherland Head Butt Jack McCollough Because He Got To Close To Brooke Shields?

Ouch. Most would suspect this would only happen in Hollywood during a filming of Idiocracy. Nevertheless, it is apparently true. Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly head-butted Jack McCollough a fashion designer. The incident occurred at a New York night club when McCollough walked between Sutherland and Brooke Shields.

Kiefer Sutherland surrendered to police in New York on Thursday.

According to his publicist, McCollough claims that he was "the victim of a vicious, violent, unprovoked assault." Sutherland is 42, and McCollough is 30. McCollough received a bloody nose. Sutherland, if convicted, is likely to pay a large fine and face some type of community service obligation. Regardless of what happens in the legal world, Kiefer will not come out of this incident without some real negative publicity. McCollough is a passive fashion designer not a fighter. By the description of the alleged bump on Sutherland's head, Sutherland apparently is not much of a fighter either.

Update July 22, 2009: Misdemeanor assault charges have been dropped against Kiefer Sutherland according to Alicia Maxey Greene, spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

Update 3-16-10: Any further Comments on this thread must be preapproved by sending to Thanks spammers, you know how to ruin a good thing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Was 4 Month Old Emanuel Murray Murdered by Richard Anthony McTear Jr. As A Result Of A Dirty Game?

Emanuel Murray appears to be a victim of Richard Anthony McTear Jr.'s stupidity. McTear, a 20 year-old Florida man threw Emanuel Murray, a 4-month-old boy, out the window of a moving car. McTear allegedly murdered the infant because he had a disagreement with the boys mother.

Emanuel Murray died on Interstate 275 early Tuesday morning. Richard Anthony McTear Jr., has been charged with first-degree murder. Emanuel was the son of Jasmine Bedwell, 18. Jasmine alleged that McTear hit her several times and threatened "to kill the both of y'all."
During the fight, McTear allegedly threw a car seat containing the child across the room causing the boy to fall onto the apartment's concrete floor. He then drove off with the boy. He threw the boy out of the while on the interstate according to the police report. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be blunt trauma to the head.

McTear faces charges of murder, burglary with battery, felony battery, aggravated child abuse and kidnapping. He is to be presumed innocent until otherwise proven in court. However, when McTear was asked by reporters if he had thrown the child out of the car window, McTear allegedly answered, "It's a dirty game. A dirty game."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Something Fishy About Briant Rodriquez Being Kidnapped?

Most likely you have already heard the story. Two armed robbers burst into a modest Los Angeles California home, tie up the mom and siblings but abduct the three-year-old boy. Furthermore, gunmen tell the mother they will take the child to Mexico and kill him.

Briant Rodriguez's mother has told detectives in San Bernadino the story. But most are left scratching their heads trying to figure out why Briant Rodriguez was the target of the kidnappers. The boy's mother and her four other children were spared. The gunmen searched the house for around 15 to 20 minutes and left with the child and only a small amount of money.

After the robbers left, the eight-year-old brother managed to get free and help the rest of the family escape. Rosa Millana has made a public plea for her son's safe return. Raul Rodriguez, the boys father, was at work during the robbery. To our knowledge, there has been no ransom demand and no further contact with the gunmen.

Lt Rick Ells has described the abduction as "extraordinarily unusual". A more accurate description may be bazaar.
Update May 18, 2009: No matter how bazaar, it is great news that Briant was found on May 15, 2009 wandering the streets in Mexicali by a police officer. The police turned him over to a child services. The boy's mother went to Calexico and identified her son. ABC7 reported the happy reunion.
Update May 19, 2009: Liberato Vega, 30, and Israel Moreno, 28, are suspects in the kidnapping of 3-year-old Briant Rodriguez. Both men are believed to still be in Mexico. Both have previously been deported from the United States as illegal immigrants. Warrants were issued!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Adam Cook Was More Than The Brother Of An American Idol...

Monday, it was hard not to read a headline that said "David Cook's older brother" had died. This man had a name. It was Adam. Adam Cook. Adam was more than an American Idol's brother. He was an attorney, a husband to his wife Kendra and a father to two children. Adam was only 37. He fought brain cancer for over 10 years. Recently, it had spread to his spine. While I never tried a jury trial with Adam on the other side, on the occasions that I did oppose Adam in deposition or mediation, I always found him to be a strong but civil advocate for his client. A gentleman, an attorney and a man worthy of his own story instead of a mere footnote.

Adam was born in Kokomo, Indiana, June 5, 1971. He was admitted to the Indiana State bar in , 1997. Adam obtained a B.S. in History at Indiana State University in 1993. He graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law in 1997. Adam was a member of the Terre Haute Bar Association and the Indiana State Bar Association. While David Cook often mentioned his older brother while on "American Idol," Adam was well known in his own right as a young hard working attorney. He fought for his clients in the court room just as hard as he battled cancer outside the courthouse steps.
On Sunday morning, just a day after his 37 year old brother had died, David honored his brother again, serving as grand marshal at the 12th annual Race for Hope 5K run in Washington, D.C. David said, "I actually lost my brother yesterday to a brain tumor, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now. " David Cook choked back tears as he discussed his brother in front of the crowd at the benefit for brain-cancer research. "I lost one today, but I gained 9,000, and I will be here every year that they will have me."
Adam was always celebrated his younger brother's success. Last year he was able to see his brother perform Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" on "Idol" last season, after Terre Haute residents raised more than $45,000 to pay for Adam to travel on a private plane with a nurse to attend the show. Near the end, David Cook canceled a pair of concerts in March to go home and spend time with Adam. David has written a song, "A DailyAntheM," in honor of Adam which will be on his debut album.
If you would like to contribute to the Cook family in any amount, no matter how small, please go to, click the Send Money tab, and use the email address This email address is linked to the Paypal account which was used to collect money for Adam to get to the finale, and all funds are transferred to Old National Bank, the Cook family's bank in Terre Haute, IN. Vickie Wallace, the bank officer, transfers all funds to the Cook family's bank account. You can email Vickie at or call 812-462-7413 for confirmation. You can also send checks or money orders. Please make them payable to "Adam N. Cook Fund". The address is:
Adam N. Cook Fund c/o Old National Bank701 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47807Attn: Vickie Wallace

Brittanee Drexel Joins A Growing List Of Missing Children? Update 4-13-10

Brittanee Drexel is not just a statistic. She is a 17-year-old New York girl who disappeared south of Myrtle Beach while on spring break. She is a girl who needs to be found. Her last location (south of Myrtle Beach was determined from her last cell phone ping. Georgetown County Sheriff Lane Cribb told the press Saturday that neither Brittanee nor her cell phone have been located. Dogs, helicopters, boats and foot patrols have all failed to find Brittanee.

The 17 year-old high school student vanished during a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C. a week ago. Brittanee joins a growing list of missing children: Missing! Brittanee was last seen nearly a week ago after she left a group of friends who had traveled from Rochester, N.Y. Brittanee was suppose to be visiting another group at a different hotel when she disappeared. The possibility of Brittanee running away has not been completely discounted. Brittanee's mother told authorities that an impending family divorce may have caused her daughter to be depressed. Most suspect foul play or an accident. Regardless, if any one sees, a young woman matching Britanee's appearance, please contact authorities.
Update 4-13-10: Lt. Neil Johnson, a Georgetown County Sheriff's Office spokesman, is hinting that more recent information leads authorities to believe that Brittanee is dead. Johnson cautions that they still don't have enough information to make an arrest but clearly there are one or more individuals that the police are interested in talking to again. In the meantime, some of the family members have returned to South Carolina where Brittanee was last seen.