Thursday, May 14, 2009

Richard Rodriguez May Have Learned That A Failure To Yield The Right Away Ticket Is Better Than A Kick In The Head

"No peace, no justice, I say," says a pub member as he watches a video of a police officer in California kick a suspect (Richard Rodriguez) in the head. "Cops got to follow rules just like everyone else," he quickly added. What has the pub stirring this morning is another alleged police brutality case. Richard Rodriguez, 23, was apparently driving a silver Toyota Corolla that failed to yield the right away. Apparently, there was a police chase through suburban Los Angeles County on Wednesday. Originally there were three suspects in the vehicle. One got out and surrendered. The car continued to flee with two suspects in the vehicle. After a vehicular collision with a parked car, the chase ended in a foot pursuit. After a brief run, the driver apparently gives up and lays face down. Then it appears an Elmonte Police officer comes over to the suspect and kicked him in the head. Then another police officer appears to hit the suspect with a baton. The suspect continues to lay face down on the ground. A KNBC-TV helicopter filmed the chase and the alleged incident with the driver. HERE.

Skip over this contentThe officer accused of abuse is from the El Monte Police Department. It is alleged that he ran up to the suspect after he had given himself up and delivered a kick to the head or neck. Three other officers and a police dog arrive on the scene shortly thereafter. El Monte police Chief Tom Armstrong told the media that he had not yet seen the video. Rodriguez was apparently a parolee at large. He had served time on an unspecified drug charge. He is alleged to have been a member of the El Monte Flores street gang. After the incident he was taken to Greater El Monte Community Hospital to be medically evaluated.

Richard Rodriguez, 23, of El Monte and Alfredo Rodriguez, 22, of Long Beach were arrested at the scene. The third man who had surrendered earlier was identified as 29-year-old Tony Castro of Baldwin Park. According to El Monte police officer Lt. Bob Roach, Castro is not known to have any gang ties. El Monte police Lt. Chuck Carlson said his department has initiated an internal affairs investigation into any alleged excessive force by the officers.
Richard Rodriguez was wanted for alleged parole violations. He now will likely face additional charges of felony evading, interfering with or obstructing police, a parole violation and an allegation that he committed the crimes for the benefit of a gang.

Alfredo Rodriguez was also on parole. Alfredo was booked on suspicion of interfering with or obstructing police. Both are currently held without bail. Castro was cited on suspicion of interfering with or obstructing police; however, Castro was released. During the chase, the car allegedly reached speeds of up to 80 mph in 30 mph zones. At one point, the car travels in the opposite direction of traffic. According to reports, allegedly, the occupants of the vehicle were "throwing gang signs" during the pursuit.

Legal Pub: Keep in mind, that all of the suspects, including the police officers are innocent until other wise proven in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

You can't expect people to follow rules if cops don't. That simple.

Anonymous said...

A kick to the head did not appear necessary. Now if the cop was being threatened or believed he was reaching for a weapon, that may be a different story.

Anonymous said...



Ms Calabaza said...

It was clearly wrong and I don't condone this kind of behavior by our law enforcement. However, let's consider this officer's state of mind after chasing these thugs and trying to prevent a major accident and the possibility of innocent people losing their lives or ending up maimed. Again, what the officer did is WRONG but these sleazy characters should have been in prison to begin with. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well I’m most comfortable with WTF, but I will reserve judgment for the facts. It is true that the adrenaline was pumping as the direct result of the “deadly fight” he was in (anybody who thinks a car chase is not a deadly fight has never been in one). But that will only go so far. Looks like WTF just based on that.

But keep in mind California has become a war zone, and cops are losing. The gangs are winning and until the people wake up, the streets are going to burn. Now the cops know this and the involved cop may know more. Time will tell.

Who knows, gang banger who is known personally by officer belongs to a gang that kills by indicating submission, getting a target glance, and then going for a weapon hiding in their front waistband. Happens all the time. That’s the real world. Sorry if your soft, safe house (made that way by the blood and courage of others) has made that concept hard to grasp. But spend all day long every day fighting to stay alive having to deal with people who want to kill you and you’ll learn quickly. Or die.

If that’s the case, as I run up on him, you’re DAMN right I’d be yelling "turn your head, don’t look at me!" If he did, I can only conclude that he’s watching his target and I’m going to get his eyes off me and break his concentration and balance. Gee, how do I do that? KICK HIM!

I belong to a group which kills, rapes, burns, steals, and has made it well know that anybody who tries to stop our carnage will be hurt or killed, especially law enforcement. We train all day long how to deceive and sucker people into positions of compromise and we like to carry firearms in the front of our waistbands and lay down when challenged by law enforcement. When they come in to arrest us, they’ll have to transition from firearm to hand cuffs. Keep an eye on them, when they go for the cuffs, roll over, go for the gun and shoot them. And go back to robbery and killing! Repeat.

Many gangs use this ruse. And I know that the proper response is to MAKE them turn their heads so the critical target glance can not be made.

Is this what happened? Don’t know. But for those who are so quick to judge, come role play with me for awhile. Take me to jail. If you not an absolute idiot, I’ll only kill you 2 or 3 times before you learn what it takes to survive. You’d be yelling “turn your head, don’t look at me.”

And you’d better make me quick, because if you don’t…I’ll kill you.


Legal Pub said...

L.S. Now this is the kind of explanation that is needed. We don't know what perception the officer had; however, your explanation is certainly plausible.I have defended alleged police abuse of force cases where despite the initial appearance the officers actions were justifiable.

Anonymous said...

That would be a plausible explanation if Rodriguez's hands were anywhere near his waistband. They weren't. In order to go for a weapon in the front of his pants, he would have had to have rolled over enough to get his hand underneath himself. One officer should have had him at gunpoint and another should have come up to cuff him.

After the suspect was already subdued, another officer hit him with a plastic flashlight. What is the justification for that?

Anonymous said...

True enough. But the facts have to be found before judgment can be rendered. But I would caution “Monday morning quarter-backing” this to death. The opinions of those who have never fought somebody into cuffs should be given the simplistic value that they deserve.

That said, his hands weren’t near his waist band, or any other place a weapon can be hidden, but they can get there in a ¼ of a second. Faster than you can react. Turn your head or get it kicked.

And as for the kidney shots, I was not there. But it looked like his hands were not behind his back as they should be. A good shot to the kidneys has the effect of making one reflexively putting his hands back to protect them! Magic! Hit the kidney, back come the hands.

Yes, it must have been done by law. Again, time will tell. But I can read “between the lines” here that NONE are qualified to fight, must less give an informed opinion on how to do so lawfully.

Hold opinion until the investigation is done. Then form an informed one. Consistent with law, facts, and the realities of combat.


Anonymous said...

Got to agree with L.S. Plus, we don't know what the suspect said to him.

Anonymous said...

Some times some folks don't listen until they are kicked in the head.

Anonymous said...

Trying to follow-up on ignorant cies of police brutality as this quickly disappeared from news. L.S. appears to have it about right. The ACLU and all you fools that say officer is wrong get off your computers and become and officer. Then risk your life with the dangerous people that care not for anyone's lives and run up to one after chasing him and come to a stop and say, "Plese lie still while I cuff you and read you your rights." "By the way can I get you some water or something?" Right!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you and L.S. got that right!

Anonymous said...

It's a war against crime, not a friendly argument.