Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patricia Ingalls Should Know That Drinking And Driving Is Nothing To Clown Around About!

Send in the clowns. Don't worry they're here. Well actually, when it comes to bad examples maybe we need to worry about the presence of clowns. Patricia Ingalls is a clown recently arrested by Wheeling Police for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.
Ingalls told NEWS9 that she's sorry that the children witnessed her get taken into custody.

Ingalls faces charges of driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of an accident. According to police, Ingalls left the scene of an accident before arriving at her entertainment gig.
Ingalls denies driving drunk. She said that she consumed alcohol after the accident but before she was to start entertaining the kids. Ingall's blood alcohol content was apparently .252.

Ingalls is no novice to clowning around as she has 17 years experience. She seems genuinely sorry that she disappointed the kids and set a bad example by getting arrested in their presence. Apparently some of the children even begged the police not to arrest their entertainer. In the end, lessons can be learned at any age. And whether guilty or innocent, driving under the influence is nothing to be clowning around about.

Patricia Ingalls is to be considered innocent until otherwise proven in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

Even if she did not drink until after the accident, she still fled the scene of an accident which is a no no!

Anonymous said...

Not a good experience for the kiddies.

Law Man said...

All clowning around aside, this is serious crime, if true.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes adults need a drink before they face kids...

Jester said...

Here is some open advice to Ms. Ingalls or any one else who has been drinking...

Access your state of intoxication, you are probably drunk if:

10. You hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the Earth.

9. Mosquitoes get buzzed after biting you.

8. You keep chipping your teeth on the toilet bowl.

7. Your idea of watching out is using less salt with your taquila.

6. You focus better with one eye closed.

5. You fall off the floor.

4. You forget what a drivers license looks like.

3. Tom Arnold starts to look handsome.

2. You don't recognize your significant other unless you look through the bottom of your glass.

1. You spend more time horizontal than you do standing.


Ms Calabaza said...

Clowns have always scared me . . .

Joker said...

Actually, Pat could have a defense. I hear that she may have preiously went to the doctor complaining of pain when she drank coffee. the rumor went something like this:

Pat went to her doctor with an unusual problem. “Doctor,” she said, “I have a strange problem that I’m hoping that you can help me with. Whenever I drink coffe, I experience a sharp, excruciating pain.”

The doctor smiled and told Pat, “Try to remove the spoon from the cup before you drink.”

BOZO the Clown said...

Not funny at all ... woo-hoooo!

Anonymous said...

A little levity never hurt any one Bozo!

Feeling Much Better said...

As a little kid I loved clowns. I mean LOVED clowns. I had photos and posters of clowns all over my walls. One day I went to the Circus to see all of the clowns. It was my first experience seeing a clown up close. During the show 30 clowns popped out of a tiny little car.

Then the lead clown took a microphone and asked for a volunteer. He picked me and I was so happy I screamed yeah!
In front of everyone, the clown asked me, ''Are you the horse's nose?'' I said ''No...''

Then the clown asked, ''Are you the horse's ears?'' ''No. " I remember giggling.

Then the clown got an evil look in his eye and said, ''Then you must be the horse's ass!' Everyone started laughing at me. I burst into tears.

To this day, I am hateful of clowns. When ever I see the circus coming to town I avoid it like the plague.Whenever I see a clown I think of a donkey. If by chance I ever run into that clown again, I plan to say, "Cram it Clowny!"

Feeling much better