Saturday, June 30, 2007

Criminal Parental Judgment by Michelle Wright or Taking the Law into Your Own Hands? Update

A 37 year old Palmdale, California mom faces firearms charges after she allegedly drove her son's friends to a rival gang member's house prior to a gang shooting. She plead not guilty to three counts of assault with a firearm and one count of shooting a firearm at a dwelling.Bond is set at $250,000. Michelle Wright is accused of driving her son's two friends to a rival gang member's house in Palmdale. One of the cars occupants got out and fired a shotgun at a bedroom window. Three people were in the room, but no one was injured.Wright's son and the gunman were also arrested. Wright drove her son's friends to the shooting because she believed police were not doing enough to stop gang members from harassing her children.

Update 7-4-07: A little more background information. Michelle Wright is a mother of eight children. The shooting was captured on videotape by a neighbor. The neighbor was suspicious because the car allegedly driven by Wright drove up with its lights off. Word on the street is that this shooting in retaliation for an earlier shooting. According to officer Gillis, "She was tired of the rival gang messing with her kids." Keep in mind accusations are not proof!

Update 7-14-07:  Legal Pub has received a tip that Michelle Wright may not have been the driver of the car that actually contained the shooters. She may have come on to the scene after the shooting and taken the responsibility for the alleged crime. If actual evidence comes out on the topic, Legal Pub will try to post an update.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Benoit Murder Update (6-18-08)

Normally, I would add this to the original story. But this is strange enough for its own post. Investigators are looking into who altered pro wrestler Chris Benoit's Wikipedia entry. Specifically the entry allegedly mentioned his wife's death hours before authorities discovered the bodies of the couple and their 7-year-old mentally handicapped son. Benoit's page on Wikipedia was updated at 12:01 a.m. Monday, about 14 hours before authorities say the bodies were found. The site reported that Benoit missed a match on Saturday night "stemming from the death of his wife Nancy."
Fayette County district attorney's office learned of the posting Thursday. E-mail to the AP.WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt disclosed that no one at the WWE knew Nancy Benoit was dead before her body was found Monday afternoon. Text messages from Chris Benoit's cell phone were sent to co-workers a few hours after the Wikipedia posting. 10 empty beer cans were found in a trash can in the Benoit home. An empty wine bottle was found a few feet from where Benoit hung himself. Toxicology tests may not be available for a few weeks.

"He was feeling depressed, that kind of thing," McDevitt said. Apparently, shortly before the killings, Benoit and his wife argued over whether he should stay home more to take care of their mentally retarded 7-year-old son, according to an attorney for the WWE wrestling league.

Chalk this one up to marital problems? Alcohol? Steroids? Out side chance, murder meant to look like a murder suicide?

Update 7-2-07: The New York Daily News has speculated that Benoit abused gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB a/k/a "date-rape drug.") GHB which is associated with blackouts and memory loss, was thought by some to be a performance enhancing drug back in the 1990's. Legal Pub cautions that the toxicology report has still not been released, so this is still speculation.

Update 7-12-07 Stone Called Steve Austin's Ex Wife allegedly has reported abusive conduct in her relationship as well. Speculation has been fueled that perhaps the wrestling world powers need to provide more education and counseling for its entertainers.

Update 7-13-07:

Benoit regularly received deliveries from which allegedly sold steroids, human growth hormone and testosterone on the Internet. Six people at the pharmacy have already pleaded guilty to supplying athletes with drugs. Benoit apparently also injected his son with growth hormone because he thought he was too small for his age. Since the death of customer Eddie Guerrero from heart failure in November 2005 - the WWE has a strict testing procedure.

Update 7-17-07 Coronor's autopsy report contains toxicology data indicating Benoit had elevated levels of testosterone associated with steroid use. No surprise here. Still does not prove steroids caused the rage. Hydrocodone (pain killer) and xanax (anti anxiety) were also reported in his system. Dr. Astin who allegedly prescribed the steroids faces charges for improper prescription writing...

Update 7-24-07: There is an excellent comment that should be read about why steroids were likely a very minor factor in the Benoit murder- family suicide. I will not repeat it here as it should be read in the comment section where the author placed it!

Update 9-6-07: Steroids may not have been the cause of the murder-suicide after all. Brain scan and pathology reports are allegedly consistent with brain damage (protein and plaque formation around the dead tissue) from multiple concussions. This alone may account for the depression and bizarre behavior of Chris Benoit. It may also serve as an additional defense in the event of any wrongful death lawsuit.

Update 6-18-08: A recent comment on the Pub argues that the crime scene findings are consistent with murder and not murder suicide. For example, all the empty alcohol containers but only one victim with alcohol in her blood stream. Read the comment and judge for your self whether this should remain an open investigation.

Update 3-2-10: We shall never know if steroids played any role in this tragedy. What we do know is that due to unreasonable spamming, any further comments on this particular thread will need to be sent to They will then be posted manually.

Suspicion of Money Laundering

Dear Legalpub,

The house next door to me has many people coming and going, with many of the neighbors concerned with what is going on there. There are nearly always three black vehicles parked outside with tinted windows, a Mercedes S Class, a Cadillac SUV and a BMW worth probably $200k or more. The home cost them around $1.2 million. One of the women who lives there also works at the local bank as an assistant manager of teller operations. The home is listed in the real estate records as owned by a single woman with the last name of "T****". One neighbor who lives across the street from this home thinks they are in the business of money laundering, based on the expensive vehicles and many people coming and going, and bank connections. Should I report this unusual activity to the police or FBI? I have no proof that anything illegal is going on, but we are all concerned. I would prefer to remain anonomous so they don't come knocking on my door.

First, ever since the Chungs who ran the day cleaner/laundry got sued by Judge Pearson over some missing pants, there is a strong presumption in favor of a laundry business being in the right. Second, based on what you describe, there is no evidence of money laundering. In fact it sounds more like the oldest profession known to man... and that is legal in Nevada. Finally, the FBI are employed to investigate those things on its own. By doing the FBI's job for them, you run the risk of increasing their anxiety concerning job security. No one wants some one showing them up when it comes to how they do their job. In sum, relax. At least your neighbors are clean and their friends have good taste in automobiles. Unless you hear gun shots or see bodies being burried in shallow graves, sit back and take comfort in the fact that the cars that come and go are not old, loud, rusty cars like the type Ian Coburn drives.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skateboarder Choked by Officer or Apprehension of Dangerous Criminal?

The A.P. has reported that they have video of a Hot Springs Arkansas police officer who appears to choke a skateboarder. Apparently, the video was posted on line. One needs to be cautious about the video since it may be edited and probably does not show the complete story. The video also shows the officer put two others in a headlock. Hot Springs Mayor Mike Bush said investigators have talked with witnesses who saw the officer, Joey Williams, stop the skateboarders on a downtown city sidewalk where skateboarding is banned.

Williams apparently choked one of the skateboarders after forcing him to the ground. Later he is seen chasing and wrestling two others while holding them in a headlock. The YouTube video was reportedly taken by Matthew Jon McCormack and another skater.
Two arrested were McCormack, 21, and Skylar Nalls, 19. McCormack faces a misdemeanor battery charge after allegedly pushing or striking a 67-year-old city employee during the altercation. Nalls was cited for skateboarding in a prohibited area and misdemeanor charges of fleeing and obstructing governmental operations. Four juveniles also face skateboarding citations and resisting arrest charges.
Update 7-3-07: An internal review board has cleared the officer who appeared to choke a skateboarder in a video posted online.
Update 3-6-10: Due to excessive spamming, any further comment on this thread must be emailed to

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Wife Inspires 72 Year Old Marine to Ward Off Pickpocketer

Here is a great feel good story out of Grand Rapids Michigan.
Bill Barnes was scratching off a lottery ticket inside a gas station when he felt a hand slip into his front-left pants pocket. (Since there were no women around and since he had $300 in cash in his pocket, he immediately reacted. Barnes grabbed the person's wrist with his left hand and started punching with his right. Barnes landed perhaps six or seven blows before a store manager joined in the retribution.

Bill Barnes, age 72, is a tough ex Marines with Golden Gloves boxing experience. The retired iron worker is also happily married to Patricia. He would not want to return home without the three hundred dollars. "I wouldn't want my wife to give me hell for lettin' that guy get my money." Barnes explained.

Jesse Daniel Rae, 27, is accused of trying to pick Barnes' pocket. He was arraigned Monday in Rockford District Court on one count of unarmed robbery, a 15-year felony. (Remember all suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty.)

Kent County sheriff's deputies report that the store manager quickly intervened and slammed Rae to the ground and detained him.

Barnes is a retired iron worker, who now works part-time as a starter at a golf course.

Nancy Grace Weds: Twins Expected Update 12-6

Imagine CNN interrogator, Nancy Grace, asking herself questions as to her "secret marriage" and her pregnancy with twins. It was recently announced that in April Grace married David Linch, an Atlanta-based investment banker. The twins are due in January. I can see all of you trying to do the math. Let's just say if the babies are born "a little premature," there may be some talk...

Grace admits "It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to get married. I told my family only two days before." Nancy will likely continue with her show. But if she needs a substitute for a few weeks, Legal Pub is available to fill in during her absence. Congratulations to Nancy and David.
Update 11-5-07: Headline News anchor Nancy Grace and her husband David Linch welcomed twins Lucy Elizabeth and John David on Sunday. The twins were apparently an early delivery for Grace, who had developed a pulmonary edema during the pregnancy.

"Her physician determined it would be best for Nancy, and for the twins, to deliver them [on Sunday]," a rep for Grace said. "Lucy Elizabeth, John David, and their proud parents are now resting comfortably."

Update 12-6-07: Stay at home mom? Nope. Nancy Grace will return to Headline News on 1-7-08 (Two months after giving birth.)

Is Sex Change Operation for Prisoner a Good Use of Tax Dollars?

A Boston federal court has been trying to answer this question over the last year. After hundreds of hours of testimony and at least ten expert witnesses pontificating on the merits of the operation, the court may not be much closer to an answer. The prisoner/patient is a murderer serving life in prison. Legal Pub questions whether taxes be used to pay for his sex-change operation?

Michelle (previously known as Robert) Kosilek wants a sex change. To date, no transgender inmate has succeeded in obtaining a court ordered sex-change. The Massachusetts Correction Department opposes the surgery. They argue that it would make Kosilek a target for sexual assault. (But Legal Pub questions, if he has the sex change, should he not then be housed in the Women's Prison?)
The A.P. has reported that the State has spent $52,000 on experts to testify about an operation that would cost about $20,000.

State Sen. Scott Brown said,"They are prisoners. They are there because they've broken the law," who unsuccessfully introduced a bill to ban sex-change surgery for inmates. Other folks, people who want to get these types of surgeries, they have to go through their insurance carrier or save up for it and do it independently. Yet if you are in prison, you can do it for nothing? That doesn't make a lot of sense."

The opposition argues that Kosilek ( who allegedly has attempted suicide ) needs the sex-change surgery as much a medical necessity for treatment.

Kosilek , 58, killed his wife in 1990 after she spilled boiling tea on his genitals. He legally changed his name to Michelle in 1993. He alleges that the States refusal to pay for the surgery violates the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steroid Roid Rage, Insanity or Marital Problems to Blame for Deaths?

Roid rage? Insanity? Marital Problems? What caused a pro wrestler to kill his wife, child and then himself. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that steroids caused the insane behavior. But is that why pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son? We won't get an answer since Benoit hung himself in his own weight room.

What Legal Pub does know is that steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior by some so called experts. Other experts disagree as to whether steroids will make a nonviolent person become violent. Investigators don't know if Benoit had any drugs in his system right now. Look for that information in the future. Benoit (pronounced ben-WAH) killed his wife, 43-year-old Nancy, and then his son Daniel during the weekend. Benoit then killed himself on Monday.

Legal Pub also has reason to believe that Nancy Benoit filed for a divorce in May 2003 after three years of marriage. She alleged at the time "cruel treatment." She subsequently dropped the complaint and her request for a restraining order. At the time, she asked for permanent custody of Daniel and child support based on salary of $500,000 per year in the original pleadings. In response, Benoit had sought joint custody. Benoit has two other children from a prior relationship.

High School Students Do Not Enjoy Freedom of Speech

A high school student created a banner which read: "Bong Hits 4 Jesus." He was disciplined by his high school despite his claim to freedom of speech. Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the student indicating that student "free speech" rights do not exist when the message advocates illegal drug use.

The Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 on Monday against a student's right to display the banner. the court granted schools the power to restrict expression of pro-drug speech and apparently publications. Joseph Frederick, at a school-sanctioned event in 2002, was suspended for displaying the banner."The message on Frederick's banner is cryptic," said Chief Justice John Roberts. Justices Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy said the court's opinion "goes no further" than speech interpreted as dealing with illegal drug use."It provides no support" for any restriction that goes to political or social issues.

Justice Stephen Breyer said the court should have simply held that Frederick was not entitled to monetary damages because school officials have qualified immunity. (Frederick, now 23, said he had to drop out of college after his father lost his job working for the company that insures the Juneau schools.) Frank Frederick , the boy's father, was fired in connection with his son's legal fight. A jury awarded the elder Frederick $200,000 in a lawsuit over the firing.

Contrast that to a Newark New Jersey school district. It said that it regrets removing a picture of a male student kissing his boyfriend from a high school yearbook. Andre Jackson, the student, was disappointed that the Newark schools superintendent had not delivered the apology face-to-face in public. Jackson, age 18, said: "I would accept an apology - a public apology."

The district said it would issue an unredacted version of the yearbook to any student of East Side High School who wants one. District spokeswoman Valerie Merritt said school official Bolden would meet with Jackson on Tuesday. Previously, Bolden had allegedly commented that the picture, which showed Jackson kissing 19 year old David Escobales, was "illicit."

Steven Goldstein, chairman of the gay rights group Garden State Equality, said Jackson had not heard from the district as of 10 p.m. Monday.

Jackson said his sexual orientation was never a problem at school.
Newark public schools have about 42,000 students.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pearson Loses Frivoulous Suit Against Dry Cleaners. Update 8-15-07: Peason Appeals Case.

The judge ruled today in favor of the dry cleaner that was sued for losing a pair of pants. District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff ruled that Custom Cleaners did not violate the city's Consumer Protection Act as alleged by Roy L. Pearson, despite a sign saying "Satisfaction Guaranteed."

"Plaintiff Roy L. Pearson, Jr. takes nothing from the defendants, and defendants Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Y. Chung are awarded the costs of this action against the plaintiff Roy L. Pearson, Jr."

Pearson, an administrative law judge, sued for several million dollars because of a lost pair of pants that later turned up.The signs in the shop have since been removed.
See Old Blog Entry for more details about the original story.

Update 8-15-07: Pearson has apparently initiated an appeal of this case. Apparently, he does not mind being the target of jokes...

Wise Up! Husbands and Boyfriends Are Always the First Suspects! Cutts Trial Results 2-16-08

Husbands and Boyfriends are always the first suspects. In Canton, Ohio, it is no different. Authorities have arrested Bobby Cutts Jr. the pregnant woman's boyfriend on murder charges. Myisha Ferrell, a female friend of Butts, was also arrested for allegedly hindering the investigation. Ferrell is 29. Bobby Cutts, a police officer, faces charges of murdering 26-year-old Jessie Davis and her fetus.

The body of Davis was found Saturday in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Her unborn child appeared to be due any day. Davis had been reported missing June 15.Two year old Blake gave the first clues, saying: "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in rug." Bleach had also been spilled in the home apparently trying to cover up blood stains.

Cutts, a Canton police officer, is the primary suspect. He has an estranged wife. (He should have realized that he would be a prime suspect. )

Update 2-15-08 Cutts was apparently found guilty of several counts of murder. He was not convicted on one count. Expect Cutts to appeal.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

History Always Repeats Itself: Jessie Jackson Arrested

In Chicago, Rev. Jesse Jackson once again proved that history repeats itself. Jackson was arrested Saturday at a demonstration outside a suburban gun shop. Jackson was charged with criminal trespass to property. Jackson refused to move away from Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, thus prompting his arrest. While Jackson had a right to protest with other activists, it is incumbent upon him to do so within the law. Jackson's demonstration follows a 16-year-old honor student being gunned down on a city bus. The shooting was believed to be gang-related although the student was not the intended target. Two teens have been charged as adults in the death. Jackson has used protests to call for stricter gun laws. A Catholic priest. Michael Pfleger, was also arrested.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Track Coach Weds 16 Year Old Student Athlete

When does a child become a woman capable of consenting to a relationship? Some states indicate that the age of consent is 16 unless there is a supervisory relationship between the minor and adult. Others indicate 18 is the age of consent. Betty and Dennis Hager had to answer this question concerning their teenage daughter, Windy. Windy, age 16 has married her track coach, Brenton Wuache, age 40. At first, the Hagers thought he was just a caring coach. But they became concerned when cell phone bills revealed text messages between Windy and her coach as late as 2 a.m. They also discovered an e-mail where Windy expressed her affection for her coach. Coach Wuchae assured the Hagers that nothing was going on. The Hagers asked the school district to speak to the coach. The principal responded in part that "School officials can't be responsible for what happens the other hours of the day, and I would think the relationship developed much more outside of school." The Hagers contacted police and tried to get a restraining order.

In response, Windy withdrew, refusing to speak to her parents until they signed a consent to the marriage. Windy's parents gave in and signed the consent. Monday, Windy and Wuchae married. Windy and her new husband have not yet publically commented; however, one would anticipate that they would respond that Windy is "mature for her age." Is it legal, yes with the consent. Is it right? Depends on who is answering the question.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Discontent Convicted Murder's Ghost or Just Another Shadow on the Legal System?

An unexplained image captured by surveillance video at the First Judicial District Courthouse in Santa Fe New Mexico has the legal community at a loss for words. (That in and of itself makes it newsworthy.) ABC has video footage which some claim is the ghost of a deceased criminal. For example, Deputy Anthony Maes thinks it may be the ghost of Andy Lopez. Lopez took nine people hostage at the courthouse in February of 1985 before being shot by a deputy.

Others suggest it's a reflection from a passing car. Nature enthusiasts insist that it may be a piece of fluff from a cottonwood tree. Sally Saunders, assistant to District Judge Stephen Pfeffer, does not know what it is but admits, "Now we have something to talk about."

Surveillance video shows a spot of light coming from either the roof or near the courthouse's back door. It moves toward the west across the front bumper of a parked police. The light appears to cast shadows. Now the question remains, is it a ghost or just a long shadow of lady justice as she removes her blindfold before the weekend?

Comedians Get Into the Legal Act or Are they All Wet?

Wes Craven v. Pauly Shore
Wes Cravens has filed suit against his neighbor Pauly Shore. Cravens claims water seeps down a slope and damages his home.

Craven alleges that a landslide occurred in December after Shore installed a pool, spa, landscaping and other improvements. Cravens, director of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream" claims that water damage has created his own nightmare. Shore's publicist did not comment; however its anticipated that they will say Cravens is all wet. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. (Now, if Pauly had simply included him on the guest list for the pool party, would this have ever happened?)

Update: I wonder if Pauly Shore sued this person who assaulted him?

Out of Control Austin Crowd Murders Passenger

Mob mentality results in an innocent death. Two wrongs never make a right. Investigators are gathering evidence concerning David Rivas Morales death. Morales died defending the driver of a car that struck and injured a two year old boy. There were two to 20 attackers according to Austin Police. Morales, 40, was a passenger in the car that struck the boy. The boy was treated at a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. When the driver went to check on the child, he was confronted by several people. Morales got out of the car to protect the driver and was attacked as well. The driver is cooperating with investigators. The child, Michael Hosea Jr., is going to be fine. The crowd had presumably been at the Juneteenth festival. The city sponsered festival for Juneteenth commemorates Texas slaves getting freed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PonyTail Bandit (Morgan Michelle Hoke?) Out Does Barbie Bandits! Update 2-13-08

FBI had put out an all points bulletin for An
Armed, and Dangerous Blond. No, it was not Blond Bombshell a/k/a Shell. It was a suspect in her 20s who the FBI thinks is responsible for at least three bank robberies in Austin, Texas. There are similar robberies in Roseville, California, and Lynnwood, Washington.

The unknown female wears a baseball cap and has shoulder-length blond hair pulled back in a ponytail according to an FBI press release. The female suspect typically slouches with her arms folded. (She could use Pilotes or Alexander Technique to improve her posture.) "In each of the robberies, a woman entered the bank, verbally demanded money, and then left the bank on foot," according to the FBI release.

"In Austin, we're fortunate we don't see a whole lot of bank robberies," said Austin police spokesman Kevin Buchman. The FBI believes the same woman is now responsible for the robberies in the Pacific Northwest.

She is considered armed, dangerous and of course "blond" so do not try to date her without first reading the safe way to approach in God is a Woman, Dating Disasters.. Otherwise, if you do hook up, you will need to read Sex Starved Marriage by Michelle Wiener Davis because she is likely to do major time in jail once she is caught.

Update: The FBI has posted more pictures of the PonyTail Bandit

Update 10-6-07: From Federal Bureau of Investigation comes the latest word. While Legal Pub named her the "Ponytail Bandit" and yes, we do want the movie rights, the FBI describes her as " a pretty young woman whose shoulder-length blond ponytail sprouts from the back of her baseball cap in images captured by banks she allegedly robbed in three states in May." We think the description does not do her justice. In each performance, she approaches bank tellers, nicely asks for money, and then waits, arms crossed, slouching slightly, until tellers give her the money. (Then she smiles and says thank you!) The Ponytail bandit does not fit the stereotype of a bank robber because she is pretty and polite.While a famous celebrate, who has captured the imagination of many men, she remains a fugitive wanted for robberies in Washington, California and Texas.
Last year more than $72 million was stolen across the country in robberies.

Other FBI interesting information:

In Baltimore, Jeff Cisar created a website( designed to spotlight suspected bank robbers in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia regions. The site includes surveillance images from band robberies. He has surveillance images and names of suspects such as "Bad Rug Bandit," "Banana Bandit," "Paparazzi Bandit." Similarly, in Seattle, Larry Carr creates unique names assigned to bank robbers -- "Attila the Bun," "Groundhog Day Bandit," Hollywood Bandit."

At one time it appeared that the Ponytail bandit was about to be caught, she eluded capture. If she is smart enough to never rob again, she may just reform long enough to play herself when the T.V. movie comes out in the future. She has the looks and demeanor to play herself and make an honest living.

Update 2-13-08. Busted! Photo of the alleged Ponytail Bandit is above! The Ponytail bandit has allegedly been arrested in Thailand! Ms. Calabaza provided us with the following scoop: Austin police say the “ponytail bandit” suspected in a series of bank robberies has been arrested. She is identified as Morgan Michelle Hoke, age 21. Aparently Morgan is in the custody of Royal Thai Police in Thailand. Her husband, 26-year-old Stuart Michael Romine, is apparently being sought as an accomplice. The two have been living in Thailand, according to Austin police Sgt. Art Arevalo. According to FOX News, four days after the first robbery, the two married in Las Vegas. Keep in mind, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty!
Update 6-19-08: Morgan Michell Hoke had good news recently.
The so-called “Ponytail Bandit” had one of the cases against her dismissed in California last month. Morgan Hoke is accused of a string of bank robberies in the Austin area, California and Washington state. A judge in Los Angeles dismissed the case against her there. She is expected to be tried in federal court in Sacramento later this year.

Fire and Brimstone Used to Commit Arson

In the midst of the Bible Belt, there is a new arsonist in town. In Chattanooga, Tennessee the Bible has for a long time been synonymous with fire and brimstone. But Richard McCoy has apparently taken it too far. McCoy is accused of setting several small fires in a Best Western Heritage Inn motel using pages from a Bible as kindling. Richard McCoy, 37, has been arrested on charges of aggravated arson and vandalism. McCoy allegedly disconnected a smoke alarm to delay detection. No one was injured as a result of the fire which caused about $5,000 in damage. Thursday, McCoy was judged mentally competent to stand trial. McCoy currently resides in the Hamilton County Jail.

Bush Tax Cuts Still Not Enough For Some

Ed Brown calls federal agents surrounding his home "guns for hire." Brown, a New Hampshire man, has been convicted of tax evasion. Brown and his wife say they will fight U.S. marshals to the death before they will pay taxes.
The delusional Brown stated, "We either walk out of here free or we die." Brown and his wife, Elaine, were sentenced in April to 63 months in prison for failing to pay $1 million in tax. Brown's supporters include Randy Weaver who led the 1992 standoff with ATF agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Let's all hope for a better outcome for all involved than Ruby Ridge.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Alleged Pervert Pedophile Ring Busted

The A.P. has reported that British police, with aid from U.S., Australia and Canada have arrested more than 700 suspects in a worldwide internet pedophile ring. 200 suspects are from England. The residency of other suspects has not yet been released. The arrests arise out of an Internet chat room called "Kids the Light of Our Lives." The web site included images of children being sexually abused. The host of the chat room was Timothy Cox, age 27.

Authorities used surveillance tactics developed for targeting drug dealers and terrorists.
Mr. Cox will remain in prison until he is no longer a threat to children. (Hopefully indefinitely.) After Cox's arrest on Sept. 28, 2006, authorities were able to infiltrate the chat room and collect evidence on the other members. Cox's computer had over 75,000 indecent and explicit images.

Gordon Mackintosh, tried to restart the chat room in January. He was arrested in January.
Mackintosh, 33, plead guilty to 27 charges of distributing indecent images.

There is no place for such perverts in today's society. May these gentleman spend the rest of their days behind bars with those who share their deviant vision of life.

Update 7-23-07 T
homas Lane, 57, of Indianapolis, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by U.S. District Judge Larry J. McKinney for possession of child pornography. On Jan. 3, 2007, Lane pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography. The defendant possessed images of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct and links to Child Porn internet web sites. Lane was als convicted in 1998 for receipt of child pornography. Judge McKinney imposed lifetime supervised release following Lane’s release from prison this time.

For information about Project Safe Childhood, visit

Men Starting To Get Justice in Court

David Hasselhoff said Friday he had won legal custody of his two teenage daughters winning a decision over ex-wife Pamela Bach. "The judge said, `Enough is enough,"' Hasselhoff said outside Superior Court after a closed hearing. Hasselhoff was awarded primary physical custody and full legal custody, said Melvin Goldsman, his attorney.

The teens will mainly live with their father, who will have responsibility for making decisions about their health, education and welfare. Bach and her lawyer, Debra A. Opri, declined comment.

Editors note: Most states have a presumption that men should be awarded custody 50% of the time. It is time to advocate for the children. Shared 50/50 parenting. Three days with one parent, the next three with the other. Or seven days with one parent and seven with the other. This archaic concept of one parent being presumed superior over the other needs to end!

Real Life Soprano or Just a Funny Guy ?

Clowns and Comedians perform on all kinds of different stages. The court room is no exception. In December of 1977, a few burglars broke into the home of Tony Accardo and robbed his basement. According to prosecutors, Accardo was not only upset, he allegedly hunted down the six burglars and murdered them. You see, Tony was allegedly a mob boss and Joey "the Clown" Lombardo was a humerous part of the crime family. (Every family has a relative whose roll is to be funny.) Tuesday, a trial starts which Federal prosecutors are calling Chicago's biggest mob trial in years.

FBI's "Operation Family Secrets" investigated 18 long-unsolved mob murders allegedly tied to organized crime. U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said, "It is remarkable for both the breadth of the murders charged and for naming the entire Chicago Outfit as a criminal enterprise under the anti-racketeering law."

The list of defendants includes: James Marcello, Frank Calabrese Sr. and Joseph "Joey the Clown" Lombardo. The defendants also include a retired Chicago police officer, Anthony Doyle.
All have pleaded not guilty and are presumed innocent.

Tony Accardo, the alleged mob boss died in 1992 at age 86. He never served any jail time.
A federal marshal assigned to guard a prosecution witness has been charged with leaking information about his whereabouts to organized crime. The marshal has pleaded not guilty to this charge. Witness, Nicholas Calabrese, brother of Frank Calabrese Sr., is expected to testify against his brother. Nicholas pled guilty in May to taking part in 14 mob murders. This included the murder of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro (Chicago Outfit's man in Las Vegas.) Spilotro, allegedly inspired the character played by Joe Pesci in the movie "Casino." Spilotro and his brother were beaten to death and buried in an Indiana cornfield in 1986.

Lombardo, 78, and Schweihs disappeared in 2005 after the indictment was unsealed. After nine months on the run, the FBI captured him in a suburban alley in January 2006. Schweihs was captured in Kentucky in December 2005.

When U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel, inquired about Lombardo's health and asked why he hadn't seen a doctor lately, Joey the Clown responded: "I was supposed to see him nine months ago, but I was - what do they call it? - I was unavailable."

In the 1980s, Lombardo was convicted of attempting to bribe Sen. Howard Cannon of Nevada.

Lombardo attorney Rick Halprin denies that his client is a powerful organized crime leader. Expect a defense that Lombardo is just a funny guy. Experts say the Chicago crime syndicate won't be decapitated even if the government gets all of convictions.

Gus Russo, author of "The Outfit," noted that the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act has helped prosecutors make progress against organized crime. Russo said,
"Regretfully, greed is such a part of our culture that you're always going to have a criminal element and it will organize.This will hurt the mob but it won't end it." The trial is expected to take four months.

Update: 7-3-07 Emma Seifert has testified that Joey and the mobsters are no laughing matter. She testified that she was preparing to make her morning coffee when two gunmen burst through the door. She testified that she did not have time to warn her husband Daniel before they gunned him down on the morning of Sept. 27, 1974.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Disbarment Appropriate Remedy

District Attorney Michael Nifong was disbarred Saturday for his unethical rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players. Deemed a politically motivated act, the ethics panel said, that he inexplicably allowed the case to fester for months after it was clear the defendants were innocent. This was a proper remedy. Unfortunately, it will not restore the defendants lives. Most likely the prosecutor is immune from civil liability.

Nevertheless, Nifong's life is ruined. Without a law license, he can not practice any kind of law. Without his reputation, seems few will want to employ him. But he disgraced the profession when he committed "intentional prosecutorial misconduct." The punishment, in sum, fits the crime.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Inexcusable Prosecutor Misconduct Warrants Further Suspension

Part two of this tragedy is almost done. The North Carolina district attorney who with held exculpatory DNA findings has resigned from his prosecutors post. In tears at his ethics trial, Mike Nifong said Friday he would quit as district attorney. Nifong admitted he got "carried away" during his discredited rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players. Unfortunately, that is not enough. He needs to be suspended from private practice too. The legal profession has a duty to police itself.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dateless idiots are not limted to the U.K. or the U.S.

Dateless idiots are not limited to the U.K. and the U.S. Dating disasters are much more univesal. The A.P. has reported that in Peterborough, Ontario a judge has ruled that a 24-year-old Canadian man lacked so much common sense, that the Judge ordered him not to have a girlfriend for the next three years. For those who have not read Ian Coburn's book, "God is a Woman..." going without a girl friend for three years might not be a problem. But this sentence of Steven Cranley came as a result of several charges involving an assault on a former girlfriend. Cranley, allegedly has a dependent personality disorder. He attacked his girlfriend after an argument. He cut the phone cord and physically assaulted her in an attempt to prevent her from phoning the police. Ultimately, Cranley stabbed himself with a butcher knife as police arrived, puncturing his aorta. (Maybe he read the story about the California hospital and thought it best to do his own surgery instead of waiting around for the ER doctors?) Cranley apparently has difficulty coping with rejection. Justice Rhys Morgan said Cranley "cannot form a romantic relationship of an intimate nature with a female person. That is the only way I can see the protection of the public is in place until you get the counseling you need." Cranley served 146 days in pre-trial custody Cranley's attorney thinks the no girlfriend order is the first of its kind.

For Cranley, read this

and when you are ready to date again, maybe you won't repeat the same mistakes.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Iowa Name Says it All ... Butt Officer

What is in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell the same, or would it? Sometimes your name shapes your life. At least for one woman it has. In Marshalltown Iowa, police have accused a woman named Suzanne Marie Butts for stealing toilet paper from an Iowa courthouse. "She's facing potentially three years of incarceration for three rolls of toilet paper," Chief Lon Walker said. The charges have been confirmed by KCCI-TV. Workers had allegedly noticed that rolls of toilet paper began disappearing from the Marshall County Courthouse faster than usual. An employee saw Butts, age 38, taking three rolls of tissue from a storage closet. Butts insisted it was the first time. But she declined to comment further on advice of counsel. Butts could face substantial jail time because she has prior theft convictions. Butts did not work at the court house; however she may claim that the legal system is so used to the crap that a couple of rolls of toilet paper would not be missed.

Callous Negligent Treatment at Hospital Results in Needless Death

The AP has reported the painful death of a woman who died of a perforated bowel as she lay in a waiting room at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital in Los Angeles. The patient who was in agony waited for 45 minutes to see a physician. This inner-city hospital has now replaced its chief medical officer. It must correct long-running problems or close. Tapes of 911 calls document a dieing woman laying on the floor of the emergency room. Dispatchers refused to contact paramedics or an ambulance to take her to another facility. The woman's treatment was "callous, it was a horrible thing," Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne Burke said Wednesday. A federal inspection also concluded that ER patients were in "immediate jeopardy." The federal report included a patient with a brain tumor who waited four days in the ER before being transferred to another facility for lifesaving brain surgery. Medicare and Medicaid Services gave the hospital 23 days to correct problems or lose federal funding.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Therapist Molested Disabled Children

Wayne Albert Bleyle, 55, admitted to federal agents that he molested several disabled patients in San Diego. The former respiratory therapist pleaded guilty to molesting brain-damaged children that were patients at the hospital where he worked. Bleyle admitted to eight counts of forcible lewd acts upon a child and four counts of exhibiting a minor in pornography. He will serve 45 years and eight months in prison. With credit for good behavior, he would serve at least 85 percent of that sentence.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Preservatives in Vaccines Causing Autism? Update 2-12-09

While on a flight to Paris in the spring of 2001 I saw a film clip of hundreds of British parents refusing to vaccinate their children because it allegedly increased the risk of autism. On the long flight to France, I had plenty of time to contemplate the possible legal ramifications. I note that now in the states, a test case has begun on this alleged cause of autism. In Washington, two many families to count have alleged that vaccines have caused their children to become autistic. Since 1999, almost 5000 families have filed claims with the government alleging their children developed autism as a result of routine vaccinations. The most popular theory is that a preservative called thimerosal is to blame. Several scientific studies have found no association between autism and vaccines containing thimerosal. But parents respond that their children's symptoms did not show up until after the vaccinations required by many schools. If these families win, the families will be entitled to compensation from a multi billion-dollar trust fund. The first test case begins Monday in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Update: For a link concerning a study allegedly relating vaccines to autism see:

Update 2-5-08:
According to a study published today in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella do not cause autism. This is the largest study yet showing no evidence linking the childhood shot to the development disorder.
"This study really supports the view these are safe vaccines," said David Brown, a researcher at Britain's Health Protection Agency who worked on the study. "The evidence is now so solid there really isn't a need for further studies here."

Update 2-12-09: A Department of Justice special court will rule today whether certain vaccines cause autism. A special panel of "Masters" will issue a ruling concerning a group of parents claims that early childhood vaccinations triggered their children's autism.

Does the MMR vaccine led to autism? Three families -- the Cedillos, the Hazelhursts and the Snyders will soon find out what the Vaccine Court Omnibus Autism Proceeding has decided.

Update 2-28-11: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued over design defects. The vote was a 6-2 majority decision in a case brought by the parents of a child who developed seizures after a routine diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) vaccination. (Bruesewitz v Wyeth Inc). The court reasoned that the 1986 law enacted by Congress set up a no fault scheme to compensate any child injured by vaccine side effects. Consequently, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act pre-empts lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Maine's Maniac Imitating Film or Just a Bad Landscaper?

The A.P has reported that a man in Howland, Maine was arrested after waving a chain saw over his head. He allegedly threatened motorists and did some unsolicited pruning of shrubbery. (Edward scissor hands revisited?) As a result, he was arrested at gunpoint. Lionel Dube Jr., 47, of Argyle, was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening and violation of bail. It appeared as if he was imitating the actor in 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' according to Deputy Sheriff Michael Knights. Not surprisingly, "Alcohol was involved." Dube, who has a criminal record consisting mostly of minor offenses, is due in Lincoln District Court Aug. 7.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Unlawful Search and Seizure Man Now Requires Magnums?

The A.P. has reported a mistaken raid on the wrong appartment in Annapolis, Md. has resulted in an innocent resident getting kicked in the groin. The police raided the wrong apartment Wednesday night and used flash grenades before realizing they were in the wrong place. Police spokesman Hal Dalton said "We don't know how the mistake was made," Dalton said. About 15 officers burst through the front door while the resident was cooking dinner about 8:20 p.m. Officers kicked her husband in the groin while she fled into a bedroom. Eventually both her and her husband were taken to the ground and handcuffed. They were supposed to have raided a different apartment. Spa Cove apartment manager Latisha Marshall says the front door is dented and there are two large black stains from the flash-bang grenades. (There goes the couples damage deposit!) When police finally entered the correct apartment, it was empty.
As compensation Legal Pub suggests a 6 week supply of Magnums until the swelling goes down. Ian this is your cue for a story.

Athletes and Stars Can Be Good Role Models

Because it's not dirty laundry, it is unlikely to make a lot of news. Another famous person goes to jail but unlike other fallen heroes, it is not as an inmate.
The AP has reported that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made a surprise visit to Beaver, Utah. Brees visited inmates at the Beaver County correctional facility on Friday. "I was pretty blown away by the idea that somebody like him would come to a small town like Beaver, Utah," Sgt. Curt Heslington of the Beaver County sheriff's department said. Drew Brees spoke to 124 inmates in the Beaver County residential treatment program. He encouraged inmates by sharing his own trials and tribulations. "What Drew Brees did for us was incredible... It was highly motivating, not only for our residents but for me and for the staff," said Henslington. Brees signed autographs and posed for pictures after his speeches, then left town quietly like a gentleman. See Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Anonymous Lawsuits Against Borat

Reuters has reported that the movie "Borat" has been sued again. The most recent lawsuit is by a man filmed running away from the fictional Kazakh reporter in New York City.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's interactions with unsuspecting ordinary people drew great laughs at the theater. A man anonymously identified as John Doe sued 20th Century Fox last week over the scene in which he is seen "fleeing in apparent terror," When you watch the film, he appears to be screaming "go away."

The comedy has grossed $260 million plus more than $60 million in DVD sales and it appears this anonymous man wants his share.

"Borat" has been sued at least three times already. The film attracted complaints from people who say they were tricked into appearing in the film. In February a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by two college fraternity members who were filmed drinking alcohol and making ignorant racist remarks. The college plaintiffs had the audacity to claim that the scenes tarnished their reputations!

Last November, two individuals from a Romanian village sued 20th Century Fox claiming the film wrongly depicted them as criminals.

A suit concerning a bathroom scene was apparently deleted from the movie after a South Carolina man filed a lawsuit.

Is ABC Exploiting Paris Hilton's Misfortune?

ABC may be exploiting Paris Hilton to promote Dirty Sexy Money.
As Paris Hilton headed back to jail, there was a media frenzy outside the L.A. courthouse reminiscent of O.J. and Michael Jackson. Apparently a plane flying a banner "We Love Paris - The Darling Family" flew overhead as a promotion for ABC's new fall show "Dirty Sexy Money." ABC claims that the banner refers to Paris, France, because the Darling family (the family in the show) owns property in France. T.V. marketers stoop to an all time low when they think the public is that stupid. Why not just admit you are trying to cash in on the latest celebrate delinquent?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tearful, Traumatize, Hilton Has Only Herself to Blame

Paris Hilton will likely spend the weekend in a medical ward at the jail referred to as the Twin Towers. Plans should firm up within an hour. Hilton will stay there over the weekend. Most likely, on Monday morning, her lawyer will file an appeal, called a writ of habeas corpus. In the mean time, we warned last night that Paris was in a tight spot (not unlike the gentleman who got his head caught in the sewer.) Paris' cesspool resulted from her own life style.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cell Phones Kill! Wrongful Death Suit Around the Corner For Drowning in Sewer? Update 10-30-08

6-8-07 For statistic lovers who want to regulate cell phones as if they were handguns, this story provides some ammunition. (It may also be an example of the type of powerful ATTRACTION that our guests from the Mystery Forum hope to generate in their quest of women.) The A.P. has reported in Sheboygan, Wis. that a 41-year old man drowned in a sewer on Wednesday trying to retrieve his cell phone. The 300 pound man's head and shoulders became wedged underwater in the storm drain in front of his home. The man was kneeling over the sewer. He had pulled the iron gate off trying to get his cell phone. Neighbor, Chris Van Erem said he then saw the man's feet sticking up out of the grate. (Can you imagine a 3o0 lb man squeezing into this drain? Not even Tony Soprano could intentionally stuff a body in such a small space.) Van Erem ran over and tried to pull him out but was not successful. A child called 911 as Van Erem tried to free the man. It ultimately took six firefighters to free the body from the sewer. David Leffin, Sheboygan County Coroner, ruled the death as accidental. The cell phone was later found at the bottom of the sewer. (Should the cell phone manufacturer or the cell phone provider be liable for wrongful death in a court of law? Or is it the city's fault for not providing cell phone resistant grates?)
For a some what serious article on the dangers of cell phones follow the link: CELL
While not a 300 pounder, Paris Hilton finds herself in a tight spot too! Ms. Hilton's recent release from jail may not last. After she was sent home under house arrest on Thursday because of a "medical condition," the judge ordered her back into court to decide if she should go back to jail. Some times it sucks to be infamous...
Update 10-30-08: a passenger on a French high speed TGV train, apparently dropped his phone into the toilet. When he tried to get it back, the bowl's suction system latched onto his arm and left him unable to free it. Emergency services cut the toilet free of the train, delaying the other passengers for two hours, and removed the man on a stretcher with the toilet still stuck to his arm. A Lebanese student got stuck in his bathroom in 2005. A passenger on a Grand Central Station train suffered the same fate in 2003. Not everyone takes cell phone hazards seriously: killer cell phones. [Source: BBC via]

Teacher Lawsuit Strikes Back at Pupils

In this day and age when teachers have been prosecuted for inappropriate behavior, one teacher is apparently striking back at students. A math teacher in Indiana, Daniel Clevenger, is reportedly suing a group of students who made a film of an evil teddy bear. The four boys, all aged 16, made 'The Teddy Bear Master' a film in which a teddy bear was trying to harass and kill a teacher named Mr. Clevenger. The toys' leader, The Teddy Bear Master, orders a Sopranos' like hit of the teacher for embarrassing him. In the film, some students fight back and try to save their teacher - but the would be heros are unsuccessful in the 78-minute film. The four Knightstown Intermediate School students have been named as Isaac Imel, Harrison Null, Charlie Ours and Cody Overbay. Their parents are also sued. (If nothing else, what an innovative way to get publicity for a film!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Product Liability Lawsuit Concerning Perpetual Erection

Sorry, but no photos of this! The A.P. is reporting that in New York, Christopher Woods has sued the maker of the health drink Boost Plus. Woods claims that the vitamin-enriched beverage gave him an erection that would not subside. This allegedly caused him to be hospitalized.The nutritional beverage is made by Novartis AG. Woods bought it at a drugstore and drank it on June 5, 2004. Court papers say he woke up the next morning "with an erection that would not subside." He sought treatment that day for severe priapism. Woods, 29, underwent surgery for implantation of a Winter shunt (moves blood from one area to another.) Woods later developed problems that allegedly required penile artery embolization. (Closing blood flow prevents engorgement and lessens the likelihood of an erection.) Novartis' Boost Plus Web site states it is "a great tasting, high calorie, nutritionally complete oral supplement for people who require extra energy and protein in a limited volume," While I personally drink all of the flavors (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) it has never really excited this author.

Video Surveillance Documents Crimes, Poor Fashion & Horrible Judgment

Every time a consumer pulls out of a gas station the natural inclination is to think that he or she has been robbed. Sometimes, they really have been robbed. The A.P. has reported that surveillance video shows a thief forcing a woman to fill his SUV with gas in Salt Lake City. The woman was pumping gas Sunday morning when a man allegedly stuck a gun in her back and ordered her to fill up his SUV. Salt Lake City police Detective Jared Wihongi said, "This is definitely not common." The woman put $15 of gas in the other vehicle's tank before her debit card reached its limit. Surveillance video showed two men in a large, white sport utility vehicle with Wyoming license plates. If caught, the crooks could face aggravated robbery charges (not to mention what other charges they may face for driving a gas guzzling SUV.) The woman didn't call police until about three hours later.

In unrelated video, a man in a pink shirt and beige ball cap was caught on video tape as he tried to get into the Pope mobile. What was he thinking? Pink and beige do not go together. Just ask Lindsey Lohan and her friend, Entertainment Tonight star Vanessa Minnillo, as they know all about getting caught on unflattering video.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Outrageous Divorce Settlement or Just Good Advice? Update 3-24-08

Grandma always advised that it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich person as it is a poor one. But this author's grandma was admittedly ahead of her time. By 1960, good old Grandma had already been married three times and was once again single. She died relatively pennyless as an example of good advice never taken. I wonder what the subject of today's story would say about Grandma's advice?
Michael Polsky's estranged wife was awarded $184 million Monday in Chicago. This appears to be one of the biggest divorce verdicts in U.S. history. Maya Polsky , a 55-year-old homemaker and art gallery owner, filed for divorce from her husband in 2003. Judge William Boyd ruled in October that Maya Polsky was entitled to half of the Chicago couple's assets. Her share was estimated at $176 million. However, on Monday, the judge amended his decision to include previously omitted assets that increased the value of her award to $184 million. Attorney, Howard Rosenfeld, said more than $170 million of the award is nontaxable cash. He said "She's very much satisfied with the court's decision. She thinks she was fairly treated by the court," The couple married in 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine. They arrived in the United States in 1976 with only four suitcases and $500 in cash. In 1980, they moved from Detroit to Chicago, where Michael Polsky became wealthy in the energy business. Michael Polsky 's attorneys may appeal Monday's decision. "He ...always believed that this shouldn't have been a 50-50 split," attorney Joseph Tighe said. David Meyer, a law professor at the University of Illinois said the Polsky case is "remarkable and historic" because of the size of the award and the split of the estate equally. "Gaetano Ferro, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, said he wasn't aware of a bigger award in the U.S. Michael Polsky is now president and CEO of Invenergy Wind LLC, a Chicago-based wind energy company. This case has become the rally cry for some Marriage Strike Advocates.

Update 8-27: There is a separate article on Marriage Strike dated 7-28-07 in the Archives. LINK
Update 1-8-08: Best reason for a prenuptial agreement?
Rupert Murdoch, developed his worldwide media empire when he inherited his father's Australian newspaper in 1952. He was married to Anna Murdoch for 32 years. They split amicably in 1998. The divorce was finalized in June 1999 when Rupert agreed to let his ex-wife leave with $1.7 billion worth of assets, $110 million of it in cash. Seventeen days later, Rupert married Wendi Deng. I wonder if he was smart enough to get a prenup?
Update 3-24-08 Heather Mills got 48.6 million from her split with Paul McCartney? Bet he wishes he would have had wings to fly away a heck of a lot cheaper!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Injured Comatose Man Awakens

On a positive scientific note, a real life Lazerus has risen to a better Warsaw, Poland. An injured man emerged from a 19-year coma and thinks "the world is prettier now." He injured his head in 1988 while attaching two train carriages. Gertruda Grzebska, 63, for years fed her husband Jan carefully with a spoon and moved his body to prevent bed sores. For 19 years he basically did not move or speak. "Now he spends his days sitting in a wheelchair and last weekend we took him out for a walk in his wheelchair," his wife said. "He was so amazed to see the colorful streets, the goods," she said. "He says the world is prettier now" than it was 19 years ago, when Poland was still under communist rule... He remembered shelves filled with mustard and vinegar only" under communism. (Poland shed communism in 1989 and has developed a market economy. )

On a less than positive scientific note, Robert Cooksey, federal microbiologist/father-in-law of the man quarantined with drug-resistant T.B., will be investigated to determine his role in the case. Mr. Speaker said his doctors and the CDC all knew he had resistant TB before he flew to Europe for his wedding. Robert Cooksey, who attended his daughter's wedding, provided "fatherly advice" about traveling. Speaker claims that the Fulton County, Ga., health authorities said that he was not a danger to anyone. Officials preferred that he didn't fly, but no one ordered him not to fly. However, despite warnings not to board another flight home, he flew back anyway. He tried to sneak home by way of Canada. He was federally quarantined May 25, after passing through the Canadian border. Speaker is now hospitalized for what could be a two-month period. (As a lawyer, one would hope Speaker knew better than to take such a risk. His expert father in law needed to give scientific advise, not fatherly advice!)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Criminal Stupidity is Shared in the UK

Kentucky in the U.S. apparently does not have a monopoly on crime thought to be a product of inbreeding. Our U.K. readers have shared with Legal Pub that according to the A.P., a ridiculous argument over balloons elevated into bodily injury. Now, one person is in the hospital and two others need Barristers to defend criminal charges. Brad Freeman and Shawn Asher went to the in south-central Kentucky home of Charles Murphy and his 14-year-old son to ask if their balloons had been stolen from another birthday party. The four began to argue. Murphy allegedly hit Asher in the head with a piece of pipe. Murphy's son then allegedly demonstrated his qualifications to play in the big leagues by hitting Asher with a baseball bat. (Wonder if it was a Louisville slugger?) Freeman and Asher drove away. Asher was taken to Marymount Medical Center in London and was later flown to University of Kentucky Hospital, where he was in serious condition. Murphy and his son were charged with first-degree assault.
While the violence is unforgivable, the reason for all of the violence is equally unforgivable.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Complete Invalidation of Chemical Drug Testing

The A.P. is reporting a new study from Rome that may completely invalidate blood testing used to confirm parol violation for drug offenders who travel to Italy. Researchers discovered what makes "la vita so dolce" in Rome. Italy's National Research Council confirmed that there are traces of cocaine and cannabis in the air of the Eternal City. (No wonder that pious man wears a silly hat and always seems so happy.) The discovery appeared during a study of air quality in Rome, Taranto, and Algiers. In Rome, there were clear traces of cocaine and cannabis (as well as nicotine, caffeine and benzopirene). "The highest concentrations of cocaine were found in the center of Rome and especially in the area of the University of La Sapienza," said Dr. Angelo Cecinato. The maximum concentration of cocaine in Rome was 0.1 nanograms per cubic meter. There were small traces of the drugs found in Taranto and none in Algiers. (This definitely explains why Rome is such a popular vacation spot.)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Intollerable Negligence Inspires Future Commercials?

Two infants lives inexcusably ended in Waterford, Pa. Two infants drowned after wandering away from home while their teenage baby sitter napped. The baby sitter put the girls down for a nap Wednesday and then the baby sitter fell asleep. When the sitter awoke, 20-month-old Jenna Walker and 2-year-old Maggie Kovski were gone. The baby sitter discovered the girls floating in a small fishing pond 100 yards from the home. The 18 year old baby sitter performed CPR without any success. Coroner Lyell Cook declared the deaths accidental; however, that does not preclude criminal charges if the baby sitter was negligent or reckless. (Will these senseless deaths become a marketing bonanza for No Doz, Mountain Dew and energy drinks?)

A little further south in Miami, the A.P. is promoting Chili! A manager at Wendy's was shot several times in the arm trying to protect chili sauce. A man in the drive-through wanted 10 packets of chili sauce and the store limit is three. When the manager came out to speak to the customer, the condiment demanding customer shot the manager in the arm. The customer along with his female companion fled the scene. (Is this superior secret sauce worth its weight in gold or is another man trying to generate attraction by being a bad boy? Or perhaps it is an example of the proposition that "behind every great man is a woman?")