Tuesday, July 17, 2018

DNA is Turning the Tide in Solving Cold Cases ~by Legal Pub

photoDNA is a game changer!  The Golden State Killer was a serial killer stopped in his tracks by DNA. The GSK, otherwise known as 72 year-old Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., was recently fingered for serial murders based upon sophisticated DNA technology. DeAngelo may be tried for as many as 12 murders and 46 rapes that occurred over a time span of  1976 to 1986 in the California area. DeAngelo may never have been caught in the absence of advancement in DNA analysis.  Similarly, the Grim Sleeper, another deranged individual, was allegedly caught because of DNA left on a slice of pizza.
Now we turn to our most recent miraculous DNA fingering in Indiana where Johnny Miller joins the list of accused based on DNA analysis.  Miller allegedly confessed to raping and strangling April Tinsley in 1988.  Tinsley was only 8-years-old.  Apparently, Millers's DNA was left on April's body as well as on threatening notes he used to taunt authorities.  CeCe Moore, a genealogist, allegedly helped track down Miller as a probable suspect.  Similar techniques are used to help an adoptee track down his or her natural parents.  Using public data bases, a family tree can be used to locate a person's identity based upon age, physical traits, and location.
Fort Wayne Police and Indiana State Police detectives had John D. Miller under surveillance at his mobile home in the 13700 block of Main Street in Grabill. Contrary to some of the poster's theories, he lived alone.On July 6, police secretly collected trash from Miller’s residence which included three used condoms. Indiana State Police Laboratory analyzed for DNA. On July 9, Indiana State Police lab confirmed that the DNA profile extracted from the condoms in Miller’s trash matched the DNA profiles of the condoms found in 2004 and the DNA found in Tinsley’s underwear. Game over. Fort Wayne Police Det. Brian Martin and Indiana State Police Det. Clint Hetrick arrested Miller at his home. When police asked him if he knew why they wanted to talk with him, Miller reportedly said, “April Tinsley.”

The Zodiac Killer, accused of killing many in the Northern California region remains at large.  Given the increasing popularity of "familial DNA" and public websites, it is only a matter of time before law enforcement will have access to almost everyone's DNA.  Gven the advances of DNA forensics, this Zodiac Killer psycho will likely be apprehended soon.

All suspects must be presumed innocent unless otherwise convicted in a court of law!