Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Outrageous post designed to generate publicity?  Nope!  You couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried. Times are changing but not as fast as technology.  The Japanese have created robots so similar to human's that sex orientated businesses want to cash in.  Some of the so called moral majority want to end such practices before they get started.  Suddenly Houston, a progressive city, is thrust into the national spotlight. Mayor Sylvester Turner wants the City Council to modify Houston's rules on sexually oriented businesses in order to prevent a "robot brothel" from opening.  

The move will not be unopposed.  Toronto company, KinkySdollS previously announced the plan to open the Houston branch where "adult love dolls" constructed of synthetic skin would be available "to rent before" purchase.   As the storefront was being constructed, City inspectors shut it down claiming the Richmond and Chimney Rock location did not have the proper permits.  The Houston City Council must now decide if the sexually oriented business regulations will permanently bar the opening of the store.  Strip clubs have been barred from operating within 1,500 feet of schools, churches, daycares, parks and residential areas.  Council members such as Mike Laster want to do the same with the robot business since the proposed store is close to Anderson Park. "District J deserves better" is the repeated battle cry.

Adult "arcade device" is a tricky definition to comprehend but it likely will be construed to include more than peep shows.  The dolls cost $4,000, a steep price for most.  Thus the appeal for rental of the anthropomorphic machines.  While sales will may be permitted, the ban of the storefront and rental will clearly hurt KinkySDollS if the City of Houston is successful. ......................................  

(Bridget, pictured above is $3,200.  KinkySdollS website says: they are the "first Adult Love Dolls Rent before you buy service in North America. We offer a unique service for those looking for a companion." )