Monday, April 30, 2012

Teaching Profession Trending Down? ~by Legal Pub

Did Shannon Cardinal, a 43 year-old teacher, have a toddler present during an alleged sexual encounter with a former student? This Wisconsin teacher may face charges in Iowa in addition to the charges she is facing in Wisconsin. Cardinal is accused of having sex with a 16 year-old former student.  (He is now 17.) Prosecutors claim that the Mayville High School teacher may have had her 2-year-old child present during one of the alleged sexual encounters.

How do such inappropriate relationships begin? Apparently, the student started having lunch with Cardinal in her classroom back in May of 2011. In the fall of 2011, the student was taking her Spanish class. Lunch allegedly led to text messages.  Friendship allegedly evolved into a consensual but inappropriate sexual relationship.  Starting with allegations taking place on December 8, 2011, the relationship apparently crossed the line of legality. "Consensual in fact, but not in law,"  according to Fond du Lac County District Attorney Dan Kaminsky. 

Does the law need to change or is more education necessary so that participants realize the significance of their conduct? The answer is not clear, but so many teachers have fallen down on this path that the image of the profession has eroded.  Consequently, something needs to be done.  In the meantime, Cardinal is charged with six counts each of sexual assault and child enticement.
Cardinal was released on a $5,000 bond. She is on paid administrative leave.

5-1-12 Update:  Or perhaps the answer rests with folks like Jay Smith who advocate for online education. Here is a link for Jay as a reward for his persistent request for a link.  TEN MOST CORRUPT COPS LINK.

Monday, April 23, 2012

"So How Is Your Liver, Tylenol Users?"

Growing up I used to hear my elders jokingly ask, "So hows your liver?" For users of Tylenol, that has recently become a relevant question. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is the most popular painkiller in the United States. Americans take over 8 billion pills (tablets or capsules) of Tylenol each year. Acetaminophen is an effective analgesic and anti-pyretic (fever-reducing) medication. Although acetaminophen is contained in over 200 medications, most of them do not use the name "Tylenol" on the label.

So if a patient has liver disease, is it safe to take Tylenol? If so, how much Tylenol should they take? Ask a hundred doctors and you may get a hundred different answers. (We suspect we know what happens if we ask plaintiff's lawyers.) While there may not be any clear cut answers, the vary nature of these questions being asked demonstrates the public awareness of the potential for acetaminophen to damage one's liver.

The medical consensus appears to be that Tylenol is safe for healthy people as long as the recommended dosage is not exceeded. Furthermore, in the case of children, the use of Acetaminophen is credited with reducing the occurrences of Reye's syndrome. On the other hand, overdosing on Tylenol can cause liver failure. Similarly, long-term use of Tylenol may be associated with liver disease based upon some studies done in the 1970s. Some of these subjects; however, may have had undiagnosed hepatitis C which contributed or may even have caused the liver damage. Most physicians currently believe that use of Tylenol does not cause significant liver damage in healthy individuals unless it is taken in excess of the recommended dosage.

A person with liver disease may not be at a significantly increased risk of developing additional liver injury from taking Tylenol; however, the jury is still out on this issue. Any liver disease or damage can be further compounded by the use of alcohol. Alcohol and Tylenol use together, will put the patient at a greater risk for liver damage. In sum, Tylenol should be safe for most to use for brief durations provided that alcohol is not consumed. However, for any prolonged use of Tylenol or for anyone with liver disease, patients should consult with their physician for advice on whether Tylenol is an appropriate medication.

One would suspect that individuals with cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) or patients with liver failure will likely be advised by their physicians not to consume Tylenol. Tylenol can cause elevations of liver enzymes in the blood suggesting liver damage. Elevations of ALT, a liver enzyme, seem to increase as the dose of Acetaminophen is increased. However, enzyme elevations usually return to normal after stopping Tylenol. Thus, any significant use of Tylenol should be used cautiously under a doctor's supervision with liver enzymes being monitored.

In any event, if you regularly use Tylenol and you develop liver problems, consult your lawyer, umm.  doctor, as soon as possible.

Monday, April 16, 2012

President Obama Does Not Approve of Prostitution?

In this time of a recovering economy, one wonders what our President's position would be on the Secret Service putting women back to work in the oldest profession known to man. Would it be seen as stimulating foreign commerce or as a moral mistep. Our speculation was soon answered by our President. President Barack Obama responded to allegations that Secret Service agents hired prostitutes, by saying, "of course I'll be angry" if those accusations are proven true by an investigation.

The Secret Service is supposed to represent the United States and are supposed to conduct themselves with the highest levels of dignity anywhere in the world. Consequently, our President explained,"Obviously, what's been reported doesn't match up to those standards." President Obama has generally been treated gently by the press. Is this the beginning of the press taking a more aggressive stance against the incumbent?

That depends upon how our President responds, explained one reporter who wished to remain anonymous. President Obama seems to be saying the right thing when he stated, "I expect that investigation to be thorough, and I expect it to be rigorous;" however, actions will ultimately speak louder than words.

Meanwhile in Columbia, the President tried to focus on America's trade relations with partners throughout the Americas. Our President wants to reserve judgment until the investigation is concluded. Will the press and the public do the same?

Little is actually known about the five U.S. military service members and the eleven Secret Service agents who had stayed at Cartagena's five-star Hotel Caribe. None were assigned to directly protect Obama. Congress may hold hearings on the misconduct. This incident appears to not be a safety issue but rather an issue of confidence in the integrity or our leadership. Only time will tell whether our President can distance himself from this latest scandal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Murder At Day Care Exemplifies What's Wrong With Society

The recent murder at a Brooklyn Park, Minnesota daycare exemplifies the violent sickness that has become way too prevalent in the United States. While the identity of the lunatic that killed three adults at the daycare is unknown, when the perpetrator is caught, undoubtedly it will be a crazy man seeking attention who is the culprit. The shootings took place at about 6:30 am on April 9 at Visions and Butterflies Child Care ran by DeLois Brown. A mother who had just dropped off her toddler returned a few minutes later to discover three adults shot dead. Fortunately, the woman's child was not injured and no other children were at the day care at the time.

Police are seeking a suspect in his mid-20s, believed to have fled on a BMX bicycle.
Police canvassed the area and using police dogs to search for the suspect.
The day care is licensed for 12 children. and DeLois Brown, 59, is in good standing, with no adverse rulings or restrictions. Brown has been involved with Pink Purse Project, Inc a women's and girls empowerment organization. She has in the past worked as a child care site supervisor at Osseo Area Schools. Police have not released the identities of the victims or the woman who found the victims; however, it is believed that Brown and her parents may be the victims. DeLois Brown is 59. Her parents, Clover Bolden, 81, and James Henry Bolden, 83, had recently moved from East St. Louis last week to live with Brown, who lost her husband three months ago.

The suspect left the scene on a BMX bicycle. He was seen wearing a blue hoodie jacket and blue jeans. He is described as a thin black male in his early 20's. Police are offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading up to a conviction.

Update 4-11-12: The identities of the victims have been confirmed. DeLois Brown was a a grandmother who ran an in-home day care. She was considered a "second mom" to many. She was also taking care of her aging parents who also died. Police are still searching for a lone suspect.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jake England and Alvin Watts Throw Fuel On The Fire Of Outrage

It is easier to see why the African American community would be upset with Jake England and Alvin Watts. No matter what their motivation, if they did it, it is inexcusable. This Oklahoma pair is suspected in a shooting rampage that left three people dead and terrorized Tulsa's African-American community. Bond has been set at more than $9.16 million each.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, are being held on suspicion of three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with the intent to kill and one count of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. The judge scheduled their next appearance for April 16.

All five victims were black. Police and the FBI cautioned that it was too early to tell if the shootings were racially motivated. However, Facebook postings attributed to England, point to a desire to avenge the death of his father. (Carl England was shot in the chest during a scuffle with a man who was trying to break into his daughter's apartment.) The post appeared to blame England's father's death on a black man. The Facebook post was made on the second anniversary of England's father's shooting death.

Those close to England claim that he has not been in his right mind since his father's death and the suicide of his fiance in January. Before the race card is completely played, England is described as a Cherokee Indian. The man charged with shooting Carl England is serving a six-year sentence on a weapons charge.

Police identified those killed as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31. Two other men were wounded but are now released from the hospital. The shootings have stirred up wounds from Trayvon Martin's death. LINK. But before all Caucasians are blamed for racially motivated shootings, consider that Zimmerman was Hispanic and England of Native American decent.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Arkansas Coach Petrino Thing For Blonds May Cost Him More Than His Job...

Why is there usually more to the story than is first told? We see the additional information when in came to a recent shooting LINK. Now we see it with a football coach's accident.
Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino had a motorcycle accident a few days ago. Now the coach is on paid administrative leave. It turns out that Petrino had not been on the motorcycle alone. A 25-year-old female athletic department employee was also on the bike at the time of the crash. At a recent press conference, Petrino apologized for not reporting his “previous inappropriate relationship.”

Jessica Dorrell is the blond who was with Petrino at the time of his motorcycle crash. (AP Photo Above) Jessica is a former Arkansas volleyball player and current Razorback Foundation fundraiser. Apparently, she was raising more than just funds for the coach. Jessica Dorrell. Police report. The athletic director has no timeline in determining Petrino's future with Arkansas. In the meantime, a good divorce lawyer may be in Petrino's future. (Petrino is married to Becky and the couple have four children. Jessica was believed to be engaged to Josh Morgan, Arkansas director of swimming and diving.)

A previous news conference and a school statement had quoted Petrino's family as saying "no other individuals" were involved in the accident. In a video posted by KFSM-TV, Petrino was asked:

Reporter: "Hey coach, you said you were alone on the bike, right?"
Coach Petrino: "Yeah."

Petrino broke four ribs and cracked a neck vertebra. Petrino originaly claimed that after the accident a female flagged down a car and that "...the guy that was in the passenger's seat said, 'Get in, we'll just take you right to the hospital instead of waiting,' and so I got in the car and they headed toward Fayetteville."

However, in a more recent statement, Petrino admitted: "My concern was to protect my family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public," he said. "In hindsight, I showed a serious mistake in judgment when I chose not to be more specific about those details. Today, I've acknowledged this previous inappropriate relationship with my family and those within the athletic department administration... I will fully cooperate with the university throughout this process and my hope is to repair my relationships with my family, my athletic director, the Razorback Nation and remain the head coach of the Razorbacks."

One has to wonder how Dorrell feels about the coach trying to patch things up with his wife. Or perhaps how Dorrell's boyfriend, Josh Morgan, feels about Dorrells new promotion. Dorrell was hired March 28 by Petrino as the student-athlete development coordinator. Dorrell is in charge of organizing the recruiting process for football. According to the police report, Petrino and Dorrell were taken by a passer-by from the scene of the accident to a shopping center in southeast Fayetteville. From there, a state police officer took Petrino to the hospital.
Dorrell was dropped off at her vehicle at the shopping center.

Petrino signed a new seven-year contract in December 2010 and it is unlikely he will be given any further punishment by the university. The coach is paid an average of $3.53 million per year. The contract allows Arkansas to dismiss Petrino for "engaging in conduct, as solely determined by the university, which is clearly contrary to the character and responsibilities of a person occupying the position of head football coach or which negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the (university's) athletics programs in any way."

While there are grounds for dismissal, it simply won't happen because the Razorbacks have developed into a national contender under Petrino. He's 34-17 in four seasons. Furthermore, Arkansas is 21-5 over the last two seasons. And after all, in college sports, winning seems to trump almost anything.

Update 4-11-12:
Since the coach would not accept sanctions from the athletic director (Long), Petrino was fired. It was not the girl on the cycle, it was the lying and deception. Jessica was a subordinate. She was chosen for the job over more than 100 applicants. There was also a $20,000 gift involved. It is good to see Arkansas do the right thing. As a nation we should not reward dishonest people who serve as role models for our youth. Yet, I remain surprised. Have you ever seen Hog Fans at a bar during a game?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just How Did Jessica Ronhock's Jeep Tumble Off A Cliff?

Suicide, foul play or merely an accident. That is the question facing those investigating the death of Jessica Lynn Ronhock. The 21-year-old Jessica Ronhock vanished from Upstate New York in early January. Her body was found Saturday in a Jeep Cherokee that tumbled off a cliff in Arizona. Ronhock found
The accident apparently happened several months ago. Authorities. A group of elk hunters found the decomposing body. Ronhock was last seen at Elmira College in Upstate New York, where she was studying nursing. Jessica left a note for her roommate saying she was returning home for a "family emergency." There was no emergency, and Jessica did not go home. Credit card records showed Jessica apparently traveling through Florida, Texas and Arizona.
On January 15, security footage revealed Jessica by herself withdrawing cash from an ATM in Texas.

On January 22, Ronhock's family received Jessica's private journal. It was mailed from Williams, Arizona. Huffington Post. Did Jessica take a self-discovery trip which ended in foul play? Did she take her own life? Did she merely have an accident? Jessica was one day into her second term of junior year. Not a typical time to end ones life. Her parents seek answers while expressing their grief. Unfortunately, exactly what happened may never be known; however we can all pray that both Jessica and her family can find peace. Find Jessica