Saturday, August 25, 2012

Does Stupidity Run In Families? ~ by Friar Fred

Now, I can't say I learned this from the confessional.  After all, so many people lie behind closed doors that it becomes hard to tell fact from fiction.  But somewhere in the dark spiritual world comes certain inspirational ideas which lead to themes which leads to a scientific hypothesis.  Here's mine from behind the veiled door:  Stupidity runs in families.

Bless me father for I have sinned...  I stole my sister's crack pipe and used up her last samples.  Wow, say five "Our Fathers" and two "Hail Marys" and immediately see a shrink so that I can validate my hypothesis.  Pretty clear to me that both the victim and the perpetrator meet the criteria of being stupid.  Now sisters in the Church would never condone such a practice but how about those Kardashian sisters?  Do they really think that died jet black hair is attractive? Not that we have television. in the friary, but we certainly do talk to parishioners who regularly tune into the famous sister show. 

Lest one thinks I am picking too heavily on females due to the long hard sacrifice of celibacy, lets examine the Baldwin brothers.  Alec refused to turn off his cell phone on the runway?  Really?  How special must he think he is to warrant a disponsation from Homeland security?  And how about baby brother Stephen?  Who needs a license anyway, must have thought the younger Baldwin prior to his arrest in New York City yesterday.  There is baby Baldwin driving without a licence at 5:14 PM when he decides to perform an illegal U-turn in Harlem. Did he not realize that now days New York P.D. actually patrols Harlem? N.Y.P.D. welcomed Baldwin to the neighborhood by arresting him for driving on a suspended license.  He was given a V.I.P. tour of a nearby jail.  He was booked for aggravated unlicensed operator and released in exchange for is autograph on an order to appear in court in October where he will be arraigned.

Now some say us brothers in Christ don't get out much and perhaps that's true.  But if blood related relatives continue to demonstrate my theory, perhaps we are a little smarter to spend most of our time behind these sacred walls than you think.

~Friar Fred

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why The Senseless Killing In Chicago? ~by Legal Pub

People are outraged at the casualty reports in Afghanistan.  There were 2,000 troops killed in Afghanistan! But as awful as that sounds, 5,000 people were killed in Chicago over the same time period. And its not all U.S. cities.  For example, New York City hit a record low 193 murders in the first six months of 2012.  But more than 250 murders occurred in Chicago during that 6 month period.  Keep in mind, New York is three times larger than Chicago.
Murder is about crime, and criminals. Chicago is becoming the crime capital. Police blame gangs, weathermen blame the heatwave.  None of it makes much sense in explaining Chicago's 36 percent increase in murder. Especially when you consider New York City's 17 percent decrease in murder since last year. In fact, New York is on pace to record fewer than 400 homicides this year which would be the lowest number since 1963. Of course, the NYPD employs the controversial  "stop and frisk" policy which apparently is only used on governors in Illinois. Chicago politicians side with the weathermen; however, it has been hot all over the country. (Especially when Lady Gaga goes on tour.)  The experiment in New York suggests that crime is not inevitable.  Is Chicago willing to admit it has a problem?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chan Wants To Know Why More Asian Topics Aren't Discussed...

Chan:  Why you not take care of your Asian readers? You never talk about stories of our land?

Legal Pub: What with the Olympics and all, who would of figured China has its own dirt bag worthy of some discussion.  Zhou Kehua, 42,  appears to be a scum bucket worthy of  western as well as eastern interest. Kehua is wanted in China. This creep hails from the southwestern city of Chongqing, China's biggest city.  Kehua allegedly shot a woman dead and injured two others outside a bank after an attempted robbery. (Xinhua news agency)  Later on Friday, a railway policeman was found dead.  It is believed that he is Zhou's tenth victim in eight years.  Zhou, a serial robber of banks in Chongqing, Nanjing and Changsha, apparently is also a serial killer.

Seems Zhou targets people withdrawing money from banks and shoots them in the head. Police and military units from Hunan and Jiangsu provinces have joined in the search for Zhou Kehua. Zhou is supposedly an expert at survival in the wild and therefore is not an easy target. Officially, Zhou is labeled a "class-A" suspect.  However, we officially name him as first class scum.  The 5.4 million yuan (US$849,000) reward is not nearly enough money to erradicateany part of this world of such filth!

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Old Legal Profession Aint What It Used To Be - by Legal Pub

Once upon a time, lawyers made a lot of money and enjoyed the respect of society.  The nobility of the profession eroded away with the ambulance chasing image of advertising.  Now the financial rewards also appear to be dwindling. Three years ago Herwig Schlunk, a Vanderbilt law professor, used salary data to calculate the economic value of a law degree.  The findings were not pretty. Schlunk updated research hasn't changed his conclusion that going to law school doesn't make economic sense. 

"My overall assessment today is much the same as it was in 2009: Law school is a very risky (and expensive) investment; it should not be undertaken lightly," he wrote in "Mamas 2011: Is A Law Degree A Good Investment Today?"  Quite frankly, based on salary and job placement data that is  worse now than in 2009, its not hard to see why the opinion has not changed. Schlunk opines that a "Hot Prospect," who attends a top-tier law school, has an 25 percent chance to get a job at a large  firm.  A. "Solid Performer," who does relatively well at a second-tier school, has an 8 percent shot of a good job.  An average student at a third-tier private law school, has a 5 percent chance of landing a good job.  In more simple terms, the opportunity cost of attending law school, including tuition and the wages those students would have earned had they entered the work force, ranged from $209,714 for to $252,441.  

The National Association of Law Placement suggests that the best-placed graduate won't earn enough to make his or her education a good investment. Only 31 percent of average students are likely to earn enough to justify the cost of attending law school. For most, law school is simply a bad investment. But for those of you future students who love to argue even when you are not getting paid, there is still a place for you in the next freshman class.