Monday, August 13, 2012

Chan Wants To Know Why More Asian Topics Aren't Discussed...

Chan:  Why you not take care of your Asian readers? You never talk about stories of our land?

Legal Pub: What with the Olympics and all, who would of figured China has its own dirt bag worthy of some discussion.  Zhou Kehua, 42,  appears to be a scum bucket worthy of  western as well as eastern interest. Kehua is wanted in China. This creep hails from the southwestern city of Chongqing, China's biggest city.  Kehua allegedly shot a woman dead and injured two others outside a bank after an attempted robbery. (Xinhua news agency)  Later on Friday, a railway policeman was found dead.  It is believed that he is Zhou's tenth victim in eight years.  Zhou, a serial robber of banks in Chongqing, Nanjing and Changsha, apparently is also a serial killer.

Seems Zhou targets people withdrawing money from banks and shoots them in the head. Police and military units from Hunan and Jiangsu provinces have joined in the search for Zhou Kehua. Zhou is supposedly an expert at survival in the wild and therefore is not an easy target. Officially, Zhou is labeled a "class-A" suspect.  However, we officially name him as first class scum.  The 5.4 million yuan (US$849,000) reward is not nearly enough money to erradicateany part of this world of such filth!

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


Anonymous said...

National coverage of scum?

Anonymous said...

I thought China blocked much of the Legal Pub in its country?

Video Guy said...

"I thought China blocked much of the Legal Pub in its country?"

I would never have thought that people in China read this blog either.

Sooooo...Zhou Kehua waits around and shoots people instead of just robbing them.
Is he trying to eliminate witnesses or does he just like shooting people?