Saturday, August 25, 2012

Does Stupidity Run In Families? ~ by Friar Fred

Now, I can't say I learned this from the confessional.  After all, so many people lie behind closed doors that it becomes hard to tell fact from fiction.  But somewhere in the dark spiritual world comes certain inspirational ideas which lead to themes which leads to a scientific hypothesis.  Here's mine from behind the veiled door:  Stupidity runs in families.

Bless me father for I have sinned...  I stole my sister's crack pipe and used up her last samples.  Wow, say five "Our Fathers" and two "Hail Marys" and immediately see a shrink so that I can validate my hypothesis.  Pretty clear to me that both the victim and the perpetrator meet the criteria of being stupid.  Now sisters in the Church would never condone such a practice but how about those Kardashian sisters?  Do they really think that died jet black hair is attractive? Not that we have television. in the friary, but we certainly do talk to parishioners who regularly tune into the famous sister show. 

Lest one thinks I am picking too heavily on females due to the long hard sacrifice of celibacy, lets examine the Baldwin brothers.  Alec refused to turn off his cell phone on the runway?  Really?  How special must he think he is to warrant a disponsation from Homeland security?  And how about baby brother Stephen?  Who needs a license anyway, must have thought the younger Baldwin prior to his arrest in New York City yesterday.  There is baby Baldwin driving without a licence at 5:14 PM when he decides to perform an illegal U-turn in Harlem. Did he not realize that now days New York P.D. actually patrols Harlem? N.Y.P.D. welcomed Baldwin to the neighborhood by arresting him for driving on a suspended license.  He was given a V.I.P. tour of a nearby jail.  He was booked for aggravated unlicensed operator and released in exchange for is autograph on an order to appear in court in October where he will be arraigned.

Now some say us brothers in Christ don't get out much and perhaps that's true.  But if blood related relatives continue to demonstrate my theory, perhaps we are a little smarter to spend most of our time behind these sacred walls than you think.

~Friar Fred


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree your grace.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you fat f,ck. how do you know about pressures of real life?

Video Guy said...

I think most of those hollywood types do it for the publicity since they consider any press good press...knowing that their lawyers will get them off if the crime not that bad. especially the "B" type actors.

Baldwin is now joking about his situation with the cell-phone in a TV ad. I think he did it for publicity and it worked!

Anonymous said...

Sad if true video guy.