Monday, October 20, 2014

Enterovirus D68 Is A True Halloween Predator! ~by Legal Pub

Enterovirus D68 is a rare, deadly viral infection.  It comes with little warning and often ends in respiratory failure. Its symptoms are hard to distinguish from a common cold: cough, runny nose, a low-grade fever. Yet, the virus is deadly.  Since September, five children have died after getting the virus know as Enterovirus D68.  Enterovirus D68 was first recognized in the U.S. in 1962.  The virus can cause respiratory problems and low blood-oxygen levels. The effects of the virus are much more harsh for children. At this point, death is still considered a rare event.  But for the 5 families who have lost children this year to the virus, that is of no consolation. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Indiana Doctor Weds Wife Than Kills Her and Himself ~by Legal Pub

You can't write scripts any more bizarre than reality. Dr. George Samson, an anesthesiologist,  married his bride, "Kelly," who was a nurse at Union Hospital in southwestern Indiana.  The couple lived in a gorgeous house at 4025 Creal Street in Vigo County.  After a beautiful wedding and reception at the Ohio Building in Terre Haute, the couple left separately for what was suppose to be an after hours celebration at their home.  Unfortunately, a murder-suicide ruined the weekend.  Just what triggered the dispute?  It appears that the good doctor's credit card was rejected at the reception.  Could it be that his new bride charged the card over its limits?  Officially, the Vigo County Sheriff's department is still investigating what appears to be a murder suicide.  But behind the scenes, folks say the relationship was troubled even before the red wedding. Apparently, the couple did not see eye to eye on money issues and the topic apparently surfaced at the reception and again when they returned home.

A 911 call originated around 1:20 am Sunday. An excited woman said her new husband had threatened to kill her.  The line went dead.  The woman called back and then gun shots could be heard. (Chilling audio tape of the 911 calls are  available on the internet but will not be posted here.) When police arrived, a woman was dead.  The man had barricaded himself in the basement. An elder couple (relatives) and a fifth grade boy (son of the woman) were removed from the home.  After a robotic camera search of the house, it was revealed that the man in the basement had taken his own life.

The name of the male and female was not initially released.  However, it did not take long in the Terre Haute community for the word to get out that the doctor was George "Scott" Samson and the woman was Kelly Ecker Samson.  This was the doctor's second marriage. It was apparently Kelly's third or perhaps her fourth.  Samson was a 54 year-old anesthesiologist who collected guns.  He had many guns in the house and a federal dealers license. Kelly was 50 years-old.  Her ten year-old son was inside the home at the time of the tragedy. Fortunately, the young man was not physically harmed.  Vigo County Sheriffs Deputy Clark Cottom served as a spokesman for law enforcement.  Cottom is running for sheriff in neighboring Sullivan County, Indiana and has been recognized on "Cold Cases." While the investigation continues, it is unlikely that any reason other than rage will surface as the motive for this tragedy.