Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Senseless Deaths ~by Legal Pub

We all join in the mourning for the innocent lives lost in Paris this weekend.  There is no rational being who can justify the slaughter of innocent human beings.  French authorities have seized a black Reunault Clio believed to have been used by some of the terrorists who killed 129 people in Paris. Another vehicle, a Belgian licensed car has also been discovered.  Meanwhile, authorities are searching for an eighth attacker believed to have escaped the scene of the killings.

Unfortunately, such barbarian behavior is not limited to Middle Eastern terrorists. In Kentucky, an innocent 7-year old girl disappeared from her brother's football game and was apparently murdered.  Police are investigating the death of Gabriella Doolin very carefully and trying not to jump to conclusions.  When the girl was discovered missing, the stadium announcer at the Scottsville High School football game announced her name over the PA and the game was stopped.  WTVF  

Approximately 30 minutes after she was reported missing, Gabriella was found dead in a creek about a quarter of a mile from the football field.  The death is being investigated as a homoicide. WHAS   There are a few persons of interest whose names have not been revealed.

11-20-2015 Update:Timothy Madden age 38, was taken into custody by the authorities.  Gabriella had been playing with other children when she disappeared,  Timothy Madden is presumed innocent until it is proven otherwise by a court of law.

Friday, November 6, 2015

G.I. Joe Officer Joseph Gliniewicz Apparently Faked His In Line of Duty Death ~by Legal Pub

Image for the news resultImage for the news result

Two faced?  If you can't trust the police, who can you trust?  Joseph Gliniewicz, a Fox Lake Illinois cop who was the subject of a massive manhunt, apparently committed suicide but tried to make it look like a heroic in the line of duty death.  Apparently GI Joe had been accused by some of his colleagues of misbehavior on and off the job. Gliniewicz, a lieutenant, was 52 years old.  He staged the scene to look as though he was killed by someone else, the reasons are rather shocking.
According to investigators, Gliniewicz apparently unsuccessfully tried to hire a hit man to kill the village administrator to prevent discovery of Gliniewiz' embezzling from the department's Explorers Program for children.  If proven, such an allegation could be devastating to Gliniewiz because he was no stranger to accusations, several of which were detailed in a letter that members of the Fox Lake Police Department apparently sent to Mayor Cindy Irwin in February 2009. According to the letter, Gliniewicz had apparently been suspended six times for "an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate." Other allegations included alleged touching of a women's breast at a Christmas party, been kicked out of local bars, walked out on a $300 tab and used his squad car to run personal errands. All of these incidents allegedly contributed to low moral among his colleagues. 
Not all police are devious or untrustworthy.  In fact, it is rare that a police officer is bad.  But people get sick in all professions and in this case, apparently Joseph Gliniewicz suffered from a lack of judgment that perhaps we will never really understand.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Will Wacky Weed Become Legal In the Midwest? ~by Legal Pub

Election day means the opportunity for change.  Some changes are for the better- others are not.The state of Ohio faces a big decision whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.  Issue three on the ballot would amend the state constitution to legalize both personal and medical us of marijuana for adults over the age of twenty one.  If voters adopt the amendment, Ohio would join Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and the District of Columbia as states permitting recreational use of marijuana.

If the amendment passes, Ohio plans to regulate and monitor producers and sellers.  The state would also tax all sales of marijuana. In fact, if the approved, marijuana will in essence become a highly regulated and controlled state cash crop.

As a key state in presidential elections, the nation will closely watch Ohio. Several other states will vote on the issue in 2016. One suspects that NORML, a group advocating for legalization of marijuana, will be lobbying hard for an affirmative vote in between frequent breaks for "reflection and munchies."      Update 11-7-15:   Ohio voted NO to the amendment.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Adacia Chambers Impaired Driving Costs Lives? ~by Legal Pub

Adacia  Chambers, 25-year-old, is accused of  killing four people at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. Adacia crashed her car into spectators with such force that bodies literally flew into the air.  She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and is potentially facing four counts of second-degree murder.

Second-degree murder charges are warranted when an act that's "imminently dangerous to another person" is done without premeditation. Each count is subject to potentially 10 years in prison.   Besides the fatalities, seventeen others were hospitalized. Five are in critical condition.  Chambers' attorney, Tony Coleman, believes she is mentally ill.   

Chambers will appear Monday in Payne County District Court. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Zombie Massacre? ~by Legal Pub

An idiot fired shot in Fort Meyers at the annual ZombiCon killing one person and injuring five others.  Zombie-dressed revelers could be seen running through the streets after the murder. The event was scheduled to end at midnight and it was getting close to the end of the evening when the shots were fired. 

Expavious Tyrell Taylor, a 20-year-old who played football at a local junior college died in the street. Four others were taken to the hospital. One person refused medical treatment. There were perhaps as many as 20,000 visitors dressed as zombies. Local surveillance video is being reviewed. No suspect has been arrested.  However, given many witnesses, an arrest is likely.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Full House of Booze? by Legal Pub

John Stamos, actor and producer, was charged with one misdemeanor count of DUI and will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. Stamos will be arraigned Friday at 8:30 a.m.  The charge carries possible jail time up to six months in the event of a conviction.  , and if convicted, he could face up to six months of jail time.  NEWS

Apparently Stamos was also stopped under a suspicion of driving under the influence back on June 12, 2015 after the Beverly Hills Police Department received numerous calls reporting a suspicious DUI driver near Canon Drive and Brighton Way.

Come on Jessie... I mean John.  What kind of a role model is this for all of the children viewers?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Christopher Harper Mercer Is Another Example of a Modern Day Coward ~by Legal Pub

Another coward hiding behind religion or just some sick 26 year-old man seeking media fame?  Does it really matter?  Nine are dead and nine others injured because of a needless, senseless shooting on Umpqua Community College campus (an Oregon junior college).  Christopher Harper Mercer asked his victim's as to their faith before he shot them.  Those that answered Christian were shot in the head.  Those that answered other were shot in other parts of the body.  Mercer's social media presence suggest that he was not religious but was sympathetic to the Irish Republican Army.   The gunman ultimately was shot dead in a firefight with police. This is not a video game- there is no reboot or second chance.

Image: Christopher Harper Mercer

Christopher Harper Mercer, 26. Myspace.com

The IRA is known for masked gunmen.  It is generally considered a paramilitary group made up of Catholics trying to promote independence for Northern Ireland.  Apparently the gunman was born in Ireland but has lived most of his life in the United States. Mercer shaved his head and wore camo pants. He was described as a loner by those who knew him.  As for me, I simply call him a coward needlessly seeking ten minutes of fame at the cost of innocent lives.