Friday, June 1, 2007

Intollerable Negligence Inspires Future Commercials?

Two infants lives inexcusably ended in Waterford, Pa. Two infants drowned after wandering away from home while their teenage baby sitter napped. The baby sitter put the girls down for a nap Wednesday and then the baby sitter fell asleep. When the sitter awoke, 20-month-old Jenna Walker and 2-year-old Maggie Kovski were gone. The baby sitter discovered the girls floating in a small fishing pond 100 yards from the home. The 18 year old baby sitter performed CPR without any success. Coroner Lyell Cook declared the deaths accidental; however, that does not preclude criminal charges if the baby sitter was negligent or reckless. (Will these senseless deaths become a marketing bonanza for No Doz, Mountain Dew and energy drinks?)

A little further south in Miami, the A.P. is promoting Chili! A manager at Wendy's was shot several times in the arm trying to protect chili sauce. A man in the drive-through wanted 10 packets of chili sauce and the store limit is three. When the manager came out to speak to the customer, the condiment demanding customer shot the manager in the arm. The customer along with his female companion fled the scene. (Is this superior secret sauce worth its weight in gold or is another man trying to generate attraction by being a bad boy? Or perhaps it is an example of the proposition that "behind every great man is a woman?")


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the parents of the two girls. Baby sitting is serious entrustment.

As for Wendy's, I like their chilly but come on, its not worth going to jail over.


Anonymous said...

Tragic result. One moment of irresponsibility and two children are forever lost.

Anonymous said...

Best darn blog on the planet!


Anonymous said...

I once got mad at McDonalds, but I kept my cool. I only threw my hamburger on the floor!


Anonymous said...

Blond Bombshell said:

I really feel bad for the baby sitter. She will be scarred for life.


Viper said...

Not even I could cook up a defense for the Wendy's shooter.

Anonymous said...

Well, Viper, the sauce really is that good.

Jill from P.A.

california surfer dude said...

There supposedly is a granny who left a toddler in a car and went in to visit a friend. She says she fell asleep inside.

Five hours later the child was dead.

If true, this Granny could become the poster child for No Doz, Mountain Dew and Monster Energy Drinks...

Surfer Dude