Monday, September 15, 2014

Extended Stay in Hospital May Make You Sick, Both Physically and Mentally ~by Legal Pub

We all know that extended stays in hospitals may be hazardous to your wallet; however, it may also be hazardous to your health. Recent studies suggest that staying in a hospital increases your risk of serious infection.  A University of Utah interpretation of a recent hospital study suggests that the risk of serious drug resistant infection increases 1% for each day a patient stays in a hospital.  The actual study was performed at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston by John Bosso.

In general, the risk of getting an infection while in hospital is about one in 20 according to Michael Schmidt PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.  Furthermore, the risk of dying from infection once acquired is also 5%.  (The overall risk of infection-related mortality is only .25% which is 1 in 400.)

Bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections are all possible complications of extended hospital stay. Studies suggest there is a definite link between length of stay and the chance of getting a drug-resistant infection. The overall risk of a drug-resistant infection rose 1% a day.  The risk of bankruptcy also increases exponentially for each day stayed in the hospital.  Stay out of the belly of the beast.  Avoid extended stay in hospitals and keep your money in the bank.


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No kidding!

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The threat of lawsuits often CAUSE "extended hospital stays." Defensive medicine IS real.