Monday, December 22, 2014

South Korea Nuclear Plants Cyber-hacked? ~by Legal Pub

What is Nuclear Power?We simply can't let North Korea have headlines without sharing the hacking of computer systems at South Korea’s nuclear plan!  While South Korea claims to have lost security of only non-critical data, who knows if there is risk to the safety of nuclear installations including the country's 23 atomic reactors? 

 North Korea threatened cyberattacks against industrial and social targets as part of its assault on Sony Pictures.  Furthermore, South Korea is still technically at war with the North Korea.  So is North Korea so stupid as to cause nuclear explosions?  Let's see, the fall out radiation would eventually kill all citizens of both North and South Korea...  guess that's one way to protest a bad movie. A more likely effect would simply be to shut down the nuclear power plants. Yup, that would be good news for the oil barons who have seen the price of oil plummet.  So far a South Korean blogger is under suspicion for the cyber attack.

Can it get any sillier?

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Merry Christmas for world order!