Monday, November 24, 2014

What Was This Australian Mom Thinking?

One natural response is to stare at this article in disbelief.  Postpartum depression is a disease. It can make a mother do things that she might not otherwise do; however, what possibly could this 30 year-old Australian mom have been thinking when she allegedly abandoned her baby in a place that it was unlikely to be found?  This mother, Saifale Nai, is accused of trying to kill her newborn son who was found abandoned in a roadside drain by bicyclists. The newborn may have been in the eight foot deep drain for a few days before he was discovered and taken to Westmead Children's Hospital.  The young lad is now in serious but stable condition where he is surrounded by nurses and doctors providing much needed affection as well as medical attention.

Saifale Nai, the newborn's mom will undoubtedly be subjected to an evaluation to see if she is competent to stand trial.  She is currently in custody without bail.  If found guilty, she could be sentenced to 25 years in jail. Abandoning a newborn without food for several days can cause the child to have serious impairment, including brain damage. Yet, newborns can truly be amazing with their resilience. 
The infant was discovered wrapped in a hospital blanket.  The mother was identified using hospital records. Presumably the state will find a good home for the child after he is released from the hospital.  

Of course, this mom must be presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

This was such a sad story

Anonymous said...

Nice Thanksgiving story if the baby recovers 100% and the mom get the help she apparently needs.

Anonymous said...

Police believe the poor baby was squeezed through a stormwater drain and dropped about 2.4 meters.

Anonymous said...

The suspect allegedly told police she dumped her newborn baby in a stormwater drain knowing it might kill him. If true, this should be attempted murder, right?

Scoop said...

The 30-year-old woman apparently is charged with the attempted murder! She did not appear for the first hearing at Blacktown Local Court on Monday.