Monday, December 31, 2007

Legal Pub 2007 Awards- Happy New Year

In a day of everything (including pregnancy) being outsourced to India, Legal Pub attempted to outsource the selection of Legal Pub's top 2007 story. Unfortunately, only 1.3% of our readership comes from India and much was apparently lost through lack of an accent. Besides, the Indian readership may be preoccupied with a possible uprising in Pakistan. So, email votes were counted an a panel of "experts" assembled and the winners are as follows:

1. Does Harrel Franklin Braddy Belong with the Gators?

2. Legal Pub Endorces Crazy Joe's (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) Solution to Animal Control Problem - Idea from R.K. of Naperville.

3. Vicious Shark Attack Temporarily Ends 24 Year Old Todd Endris Quest For the Perfect Wave - Update By Surfer Dude

4. God is A Woman Book Review by Legal Pub and numerous other dating disaster stories just barely fell short of the top three.

Other awards were: Most Thoughtful Poster: L.S.
Best Looking Poster: Ms. Calabaza
Best Story Idea: R.K. of Naperville
Best Liked Poster: Blond Bombshell
Most Humerous Poster: Did You Ever Stop to Think
Most Original Reporter: Surfer Dude
Most Considerate Poster: Colleency

All three were ranked real high in the number of reads and in email votes. Not surprising, the Wiccans came out in force to cast their spell (vote) for Sharon Graham a Wiccan Witch of Salem or Just Another Good Business Woman?

Others such as Want To Send Harrel Franklin Braddy Or Anyone Else a Tripletz
lacked massive numbers of votes, but still enjoyed support from the panel.

Next year hopefully will have some thing for everyone. Stories and ideas can be submitted to The extent of Legal Pub's readership is impressive to say the least. It is a direct tribute to the outstanding posters and the ability of posters to remain anonymous and have their privacy respected. Look for great things in 08!


blond bombshell said...

So does this mean that I actually defeated "Your Secret L.A. Reader" in a popularity contest? Yup, Hollywood here I come. I hear they are auditioning parts for the new "Bewitched" movie. My broomstick and I shall be a natural.


Legal Pub said...

Iron Mike said...

I want a recount. Sure, I was a little too preoccupied during the football season, but surely I could not have lost out to Shell? As for the movie role, I agree. You would make a great Endora (the mother in law.) Just the thought of you on the big screen sends chills down my spine(just like fingernails on a chalk board.)

Iron Mike

Ms Calabaza said...

Congrats Shell! Me, I just feel pretty, ohhhhh so pretty . . .

Happy New Year folks!

Legal Pub said...

Ms. Calabaza, Iron Mike is a client of mine. When he read the post of Shell he could not resist so I let him post from my CPU.

Your most attractive award is of course in large part due to your icon. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly deserving.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to some great stories in 08. Wish you would have done more on the outsourcing of babies to India. It is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you very much. I don’t know if I’d award myself that, but thanks.

Happy New Year to all. And STAY OFF THE ROADS tonight

Legal Pub said...

Great advice Lee (L.S.)

Yup, you deserved most thoughtful. Keep up the great comments and story ideas.

colleency said...

Awwww, you're too kind! Gracias.

I know Ms. Calabaza - her icon doesn't do her near enough justice - undoubtedly, irrefutably, most certainly the best looking! : )

Anonymous said...

Tripletz Rock!

california surfer dude said...

Never done tripletz, but I did have one wild beach party with a pair of twins once. Now days, the Surfer Dude takes a more altruistic view of life and does unto others as he would have done unto him.

In other words, I keep my zipper closed more often then I did during my youth.

Good luck anonymous with rocking those tripletz

Surfer Dude

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Where are the more recent years winners?