Friday, December 7, 2007

Day Care Attacked by Molotov Cocktails, What a Waste of Gasoline- by Legal Pub

threw Molotov cocktails through the windows of a Lula's Kids Day Care. Lula Jones discovered the damage when she came into work Wednesday morning.

Jones smelled fumes so she shut off the alarm and realized something was wrong. The fire was no accident. An arsonist used Molotov cocktails (glass bottles filled with an accelerant) through the windows. Police indicate the homemade bombs were two beer bottles filled with gasoline. Each bottle had a burned wick stuck in them. One of the bottles started a small fire in a bathroom. The daycare is near Lem Turner and Edgewood on the northside of Jacksonville.

Lula and her workers are attempting to clean and to sanitize the day care in order to reopen next week. Despite limited physical damages, authorities are taking the criminal act very seriously according to Lt. Robby Stephens, of the State Fire Marshal's Office. Fortunately no one was injured and physical damage was minimal. But what an idiot. Not only was it a crime, there ought to be a second count for wasting $3.29 a gallon gasoline.

Any one with information, please call 1-877-NO ARSON. A $2,500 reward is being offered.


dollar bill said...

I see the ABA did not select your web/blog as one of the top 100 sites. What gives? Maybe you better rethink your position on advertising revenue.

Dollar Bill

blond bombshell said...

Pretty low vandalizing a day care.


Anonymous said...

Call the gas police!

Ms. Calabaza said...

What kind of a jerk would do this? Geeeeeeeeeeeze! a daycare?

Anonymous said...

A big jerk!

Anonymous said...

lowest of low.