Friday, December 21, 2007

Men are the Root of Most Problems in the Era of the Internet Tough Guy -by J.F.

Internet tough guys or girls is today's topic. It is easy for an individual to be next to perfect on the internet, but few men measure up to their internet image. In fact, J.F. (mild mannered elementary school teacher) shares with Legal Pub readers her observation as to why men are to blame...
MEN tal illness
strual cramps
tal breakdown

real trouble...

HIS terectomy

J.F. concludes that almost all of women's problems start with


Blond bombshell said...

Totally cool!

I was thinking the same thing. But, J.F. can we also add that if you want a great listener, someone who won't talk back, someone who is always agreeable to go out and loves you unconditionally, then you need to have a ....



jill said...

This gets my post of the year nomination!


Ms. Calabaza said...

. . . been traveling all day and just settled in with a nice cup of coffee to browse Legal Pub. Once I read today's post, my first thought was - wonder what blond bombshell's comment will be to this. Sure 'nough!

Ditto to Shell and Jill.

Anonymous said...

Back for the holidays, I too turned to Legal Pub for a little inspiration. But I look at men a little more favorable. There would not be my lifestyle if there were no men...

hmm. Happy Holidays

Your Secret L.A. Reader

colleency said...

Of course. It's fundaMENtal.

Anonymous said...



jim said...

Internet tough guys and girls are all over the world. Shell, deal with it. Men are here to stay!


Ron said...

Seems like a strange theory, and that kid looks like a real nerd. I guess this post was a joke after all.

Ms. Calabaza said...

I wish Legal Pub and all the folks who frequent this blog a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post that got buried because of the holidays!