Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Senior Duo Rafael Echeverri and John McMullan Chase Down Robber

John McMullen and Rafael Echeverri want the world to know that Senior Citizens are not easy marks. John McMullen, an 87 year old retired Suffolk County police officer, was robbed coming out of the North Folk Bank in Patchogue, New York. He was hit over the head and the proceeds from his social security check taken. Once he regained his bearings, he took off running after the thief. Unfortunately, McMullen stumbled. That is when another senior citizen, Rafael Echeverri assumed the chase. Suspect Murray Martin was later apprehended at the appartment complex where the chase had ended. Rafael is 69years old. Martin, age 33, faces second degree robbery charges.


california surfer dude said...

Ride on, Seniors!

Surfer Dude

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with seniors!

brenda said...

John McMullan shows that life does not end at 70!


colleency said...

God love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting.

It’s neat to see the last of the “American warrior class” still kicking ass (or trying) at this age. America does not really raise warriors so much anymore….at least in my opinion…I wonder if this is why this stuff is news worthy?

Is it his age or the fact that he fights evil? So many of the younger generation are so willing to surrender to evil….heck, if I fight I might get hurt. Duh! That’s the idea of fighting!

You just hope that the other guy gets more that he gives. Some things are worth fighting for. That’s something we don’t really teach many of our youngsters nowadays.

And we should.

All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


Legal Pub said...

L.S. Great contribution. You are right. Warriors are few. Bill Barnes the Senior citizen Marine from
Michigan fought off an attack. Now these two seniors.

Was this the last of the good warriors who fight evil? I think not. I suspect you have some of that blood in you too! Some do it in the street, but others do it in the Court room or in the legislature. It still exists, but not as much as it should, perhaps.

Legal Pub said...

collency, yes, got to love the seniors. If the young folks would gather their courage, perhaps the crime rate would fall to new record lows.

l.k. said...

Great feel good story!