Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rafael Izquierdo Fights Foster Parent Jo Cubas For Custody of His Daugher

Rafael Izquierdo is fighting for his Cuban daughter's custody. He allowed the mother to take his daughter to the U.S. The state took custody of the child after the woman attempted suicide.

Rebecca Kapusta, attorney for Florida's Department of Children & Families, argued that custody should remain with former baseball agent Joe Cubas and his wife. Cubas plans to adopt the child if successful.

"Our experts have told the father to remove this young girl at this young age would result in permanent injury and she would never recover," Kapusta told Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeri B. Cohen.

Izquierdo, 32, wants his daughter to return to Cuba. Cubas argues that the father abandoned his daughter by allowing her to come to the U.S. and by not paying child support.


Anonymous said...

i feel bad for the dad.

Anonymous said...

This is another David v. Goliath tale... in the end it may all be about money.


california surfer dude said...

The dude looks like he is ready to cry...

Surfer Dude

Anonymous said...

It is a sad story.