Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bob Filner, Michael Vick, Cory Mashburn, and Ryan Cornelison Are All Apparently Sorry Now? Update on Vick 9-25

Bob Filner

The public may not have known before he was elected what Representative Bob Filner (Democrat from California) meant when he said he was "tough." Perhaps we now know. Rep. Filner has been summoned to court on assault and battery charges after an incident at Dulles Airport on Sunday night. Apparently Filner pushed a United Airlines bag claim employee. Filner should know better, he is an eigth-term Democrat. He allegedly entered an employees-only area at Dulles Airport and pushed a bag handler aside according to Courtney Prebich, assistant media relations manager for Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Filner disputed the charges. His camp has issued the following statement, "Congressman Bob Filner is on his way to Iraq , visiting our troops, and will have a full statement when he returns. Suffice it to say now, that the story that has appeared in the press is factually incorrect, and the charges are ridiculous." The incident happened after Filner "experienced a delay in claiming his bag," according to a United Airlines. Assault and battery is a misdemeanor charge. Filner chairs the Veterans Affairs Committee. This is not the first time he has lost his temper. A year ago, Filner shouted obscenities at two V.A. officials after a briefing concerning the burglary of a laptop with military personnel information. The VA officials termed the briefing a "publicity stunt," which upset Filner.

Michael Vick

After three associates turned State's evidence and were ready to testify that Vick brutally executed dogs and bankrolled gambling, Vick agreed to "accept full responsibility" for his role in dogfighting. He will plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges.

Michael Vick will likely serve one year in prison. The offense has a penalty of one to five years and a $250,000 fine. Federal sentencing guidelines will likely indicate the least penalty possible. Prosecutors will likely recommend a sentence of a year to 18 months since he is a first-time offender. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is not bound by prosecutors' recommendations or the sentencing guidelines.
Only 25 days ago, Vick said he looked forward to clearing his name. But with the help of his lawyer, Billy Martin, he will now plead guilty and that he is "sorry." The plea will be finalized Aug. 27." The NFL noted in a statement, by commissioner Roger Goodell, "We totally condemn the conduct outlined in the charges, which is inconsistent with what Michael Vick previously told both our office and the Falcons."

Update: 8-27-07: It is now official. Vick is plead guilty and on the same day apologizes as he turns to Jesus to save his career...
Update: 9:25:07
Vick's problems are not over. Tuesday he was indicted on additional dog fighting related charges by a grand jury, including one count of beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs and one count of engaging in or promoting dogfighting. Each count is a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Update 8-14-09: Vick having served his time in jail has been given a second chance by the NFL. Vick has signed to play for the Philadelphia Eagles for 1.6 million dollars this year. Next year he will receive in excess of 5 million dollars. Perhaps crime does not pay: but the NFL sure does!

Cory Mashburn and Ryan Cornelison

Perhaps taking Michael Vick's lead in public relations management, two infamous thirteen year old boys (Mashburn and Cornelison) told Oregon judge, John Collins, that they were "sorry" for inappropriately touching girls at school. In accordance with the remorse, the Judge dismissed criminal sexual harassment charges against the boys. They were accused of slapping female classmates' bottoms and poking their breasts at school. Pressure had been place on prosecutors to drop the charges because the matter had been "blown out of proportion." Four girls listed as victims joined in the request for charges to be dropped. Judge John Collins said Monday his decision was in the "interest of justice." Accusations included swatting girls on the bottom, grabbing girls' breasts on at least two occasions, poking girls' breasts and mimicking sexual intercourse while dancing according to police reports.

The boys were originally charged with felony and misdemeanor sex abuse charges. Public opposition against sending the boys to prison and putting them on a sex offenders' registry, caused prosecutors to drop felony charges and added misdemeanor harassment charges. Prosecutors later dropped all sex abuse charges, leaving only the harassment counts. The judge dismissed the final charges following negotiations between prosecutors and the defense. The boys apologized to the girls in the courtroom. Mashburn said, "I never intended to hurt you in any way." Cornelison said, "I hope we can still be friends." McMinnville News-Register reported that a "civil compromise" called for both boys to apologize and pay each of the four girls $250.


Anonymous said...

Sorry does not cut it for me.

Brenda said...

The congressman is a hot head. I hope he gets convicted. He is no more special than anyone else.

your secret l.a. reader said...

Good to see other California residents make mistakes besides celebrates.

Your Secret L.A. Reader

Dollar Bill said...

It was the right thing to do to dismiss the charges against the boys.

This was blown up way out of proportion.

Dollar Bill

Ms. Calabaza said...

I think the boy's case was "blown out of proportion"; the congressman lost his cool and he should pay the piper like anyone else in his position - Vick, I have no mercy for - sorry.

Legal Pub said...

Ms. C., not sure anyone has too much sypathy for either Vick or the Congressman.

As to the boys, while I think we should not just say "boys will be boys" this one was clearly an overreaction on the part of prosecutors. Clearly the principle could have handled this with a detention or suspension.

Anonymous said...

what a grouping of newsmakers!

ned said...

Nope. I say the law is the law. Hang every law breaker!