Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ian Coburn's Latest Blog Story Updated 7-24-07

Ian Coburn, author of God is a Woman Dating Disasters has a new story about his days on the road at http://didyoustoptothink.blogspot.com/

Ian is a frequent reader of legal pub and a good contributor in the comment section. Since he refers readers to this site, turn around is fair play.

Legal Pub

7-24-07 Update: God is a Woman was ranked number one two days ago on the Canadian Best Seller list in the category of Humor. It is holding in the top ten. Congratulations Ian.


brenda said...

Ian's account of the old man and woman in the car on fire is hilarious.

Ian, I also enjoy your comments on the Legal Pub.


Anonymous said...

His web blog is pretty neat. Gives you a chance to get to know him as a person.


Did You Stop to Think? said...

Thanks, guys; I'm flattered. I do enjoy entertaining and have updated my site, www.godisawoman.net. I have now posted many excerpted stories from the book on the site and will be adding standup stories from time to time. I entered a new post in the blog today, so here is a direct link to the story Legal Pub mentions:


BTW, I want to thank everyone who participated in Legal Pub's review of the book, as well as those who put up reviews on Amazon. When you write a book or a comedy set or whatever it is, you hope you accomplished what you set out to do but you don't really know if people like it and find it useful until you read their thoughts. I really appreciate it and the reviews on Amazon and in other places help spread the word and reach more people. Thanks again.

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. We enjoyed your book and enjoy your comments on legal pub.


Legal Pub said...

Always willing to help loyal contributors to the site!

Anonymous said...

yeah, what Sally said.


Anonymous said...

Ian Coburn, your book God is a Woman
has become the bible of the male college freshman. My buddies and I have read the book this summer and can not wait to try out our new found confidence and humerus personalities on the college dating pool.

Joey C.

blond bombshell said...

Ian, you have some talent. Your book was very entertaining and I really enjoy reading your posts. Legal Pub puts some pretty heavy topics on here some times. Your levity really brightens what otherwise could be a depressing topic. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

After the Braddy story, I need something to make me laugh. Post something funny, Ian, please.


Anonymous said...

I will help you. Read his web blog. The story of Harry looking like Santa Clause or a Thug, trying to save the old couple in the car is hilarious.

Did You Stop to Think? said...

Thanks again, guys. Joey C., that is especially good to hear; I wrote it predominately with college students in mind. What school do you go to? I hope to get some press in college newspapers and maybe some ads in the restrooms in bars near campuses; not that you'll see them for a few more years, I know you would never sneak into a bar...

Anonymous said...

Ian, thanks for stopping by. I go to THE Ohio State University.

Joey C.

Anonymous said...

Great read!