Saturday, July 7, 2007

Have Bad Acting Role Models Caused Our Children to Become Juvenile Delinquents?

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (July 7) - In Orange Beach, Ala Police have charged an 11-year-old girl with DWI after a high speed chase. Greg Duck, Assistant Police Chief in Orange Beach, said thje high speed pursuit started at around 10:30 p.m. in Orange Beach near the Florida line. The girl ultimately crashed and rolled the Chevy Monte Carlo. Speed of more than 100 miles per hour were involved at times. The 11 year old sustained only minor injuries.

In Oklahoma, a 10 year old and a 12 year old kidnapped the son of David and Sheila Wells. The juvenile kidnappers demanded $200,000 randsom. Both girls were caught and the child returned. The girls face juvenile charges.

In West Palm Beach Florida, Avion Lawson age 14 and Nathan Walker, age 16 were allegedly among a group of boys who gang raped a woman and then force the woman's son to have sex with his mom. There were approximately 10 masked subject involved. These two teens are currently held without bail on suspicion of armed sexual battery, sexual performance by a child, armed home invasion and aggravated battery. Formal charges have not yet been filed. They will likely be charged as adults. More arrests are anticipated.

Lawson allegedly confessed to taking part in the attack. Walker has denied involvement; however, DNA evidence in a condom allegedly links Lawson to the crime. A palm print allegedly belonging to Walker was preserved from the scene.

Hey all you "Role Models" is it time you rethink your own behavior?

If you are interested in helping the victims of the West Palm Beech Crime, you may contact:

Dunbar Victims Assistance Fund,
c/o St. Ann's Catholic Church
310 North Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


Anonymous said...

This just made me sick to my stomach... especially what those boys did to the mom.

Barb said...

And I thought my step children were ill behaved. Next time they visit, maybe I will be a little more tollerant... Nah.

Anonymous said...

Children's punishment is limited. As a result, they get away with too much. If they do not learn the consequenses of their actions as a child, then as a teen it is not surprising that they exercise poor judgment.


Ron said...

These are terrible stories, but I am curious if the parents of these juveniles have criminal records or not? You seem to infer they are acting out roles from parents or others, but not sure what the facts are for each story. Please provide more information if you have it.

Anonymous said...

OK, I checked on the Lawson story, which seems like an example of no parental role model other than gang activities. It might also point to issues for single working parent households and failures of public housing, etc. Quotes from the local news story below:

Lawson's mother, who works at a hospital cafeteria, brought her son in at investigators' request. Lawson also lives sometimes with his grandmother, who fretted Tuesday that she would be thrown out of her Dunbar Village public housing apartment.

"He just stayed here to keep me company," she said.

His sister Shae Banks, 17, said he has two brothers and three sisters.

His 7-year-old sister wore a T-shirt that said "Brother For Sale." He had called her earlier Tuesday and said, "I love you," she said.

Anonymous said...

Here's information on Walker:

Walker's mother, Ruby Walker, cried at the sight of her son. She declined to talk about the case.

Walker's father, also named Nathan Walker, sat next to her. He later addressed reporters, soft-spoken and sad.

"I love my son. I'm going to stick by him. I don't teach violence to my son so it really puzzles me," said Walker. "Maybe he's just hanging out with the wrong crowd. I don't know."

He acknowledged he hasn't spent as much time with his son as he should have after parting ways with the boy's mother. But he said his son is shy and timid and they went to places like the Fun Depot arcade together.

"It's been a while since I really spent a lot of time with him," Walker said.

In the meantime, his son has been getting in trouble with the law.

Walker is scheduled to be in juvenile court in two weeks for an earlier arrest. He is charged as a juvenile with trespassing on school property, resisting arrest without violence, criminal mischief and loitering at Roosevelt Middle School on two occasions in May.

According to the arrest report, Walker spent a lot of time with friends in Dunbar Village, though he lived on Brandywine Road in West Palm Beach.

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Ms. Calabaza said...

I agree that these kids need better role models and probably better parenting but I think the juvenile justice system (at least in Virginia) is pathetic and also is to blame. Every time one of these kids gets away with something it encourages them and their peers to push the envelope even further next time.

redtown said...

Walker's mother and father have each been arrested seven times. Do ya suppose he had bad role models?

So they inherited rotten parents, and Avion's "alternative school" and all the other nice liberal social programs didn't work. Too bad no one ever taught him about "personal responsibility".

Going forward: someone who at gunpoint forces a 12 year-old to rape his own mother is so deeply pathological that he will never be "rehabilitated". Public safety demands life without parole.

Next time teach the kids that there are real consequences to their actions. Tough love. If the parents won't do it, the state must, or it will become a tidal wave.

Legal Pub said...

IF the allegations are true, these are all kids where some how their wiring has gotten crossed. Most likely, it was from having poor role models who did not teach them right from wrong.

These stories are all horrible in their own warped way. Parents need to bond together to do a better job of education our future leaders in the subject of morality.

Anonymous said...

Children run a muck!

Anonymous said...

Where does an 11 year old get the alcohol?

jmKelley said...


The mother is educated and they are practicing Catholics, described as good, decent people. They are legal Haitian immigrants who were temporarily living in the project. They kept to themselves and chose not to associate with the "hip-hop" element. This may be why they were targeted for attack by the perpetrators, all described as black male teenagers.

A fund has been established at St. Ann's parish, the victims' church, to help them to move and get counseling.
You can write a check and mail it to:

Dunbar Victims Assistance Fund,
c/o St. Ann's Catholic Church
310 North Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

This sexual assault upon the mother-child relationship is unimaginable, yet this mother's faith is strong; there is hope for healing

Legal Pub said...

Feel free to contribute to the family in care of the church. This is a legitimate cause.

Anonymous said...

Both the woman and the boy will have a long struggle to get over this trauma.

Anonymous said...

These juvenile delinquents have committed crimes for which they should be jailed and punished as adults.


Anonymous said...

I am becoming more in favor of capital punishment all the time.

Anonymous said...

The parents are apparently surprised at their children's juvenile delinquency. Well, wake up. The problem unlikely developed over night.

These teens are animals and need to be permanently caged.


kyle said...

Both Ruby Walker and the father have criminal records! Not surprising their little boy is choosing the wrong path. Good call pubmeister.


Anonymous said...

Not very good role models indeed.


Legal Pub said...

While not everything can be blamed on parents or adults, it is obvious that there are not enough good role models around. Is the press part to blame? Do they build up heroes just to watch them fall?

Charity begins at home. Parents, do the right thing. Teach the right things. You don't have to be able to hit a baseball 450 feet or throw a football 80 yards. Work hard, live your life well, and love your children. That is the best holiday gift anyone can ever give their children.

Anonymous said...

Send donations to Dunbars Victims Fund!