Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dan Petanu Exemplifies Angels On This Earth

Time to bring good news! In Chillicothe, an angel / hero has emerged. A good Samaritan rescued two children and two adults out of a car that had plunged into a creek. Lesa Blackwell said she lost control of her vehicle Tuesday night on Highway 36 near Chillicothe. Lesa's car slid down an embankment and would up in Blackwell Creek. The car ended up sideways under water.

Blackwell's seven year old niece, her daughter-in-law, Kristena, and Kristena's 4-month-old baby girl were all trapped in the submerged vehicle. Dan Petanu and his friend were right behind Blackwell's car. They exited their vehicle and went to the aid of the occupants in the sunken car. All of the members of the family were helped to escape without any injuries.

Ms. Calabaza, are you reading? There is good news and good people. This is the true foundation or our country.


Anonymous said...

good to read some better news

Anonymous said...

Dan is very modest and humble about his role.

Anonymous said...

Finally some good news.