Tuesday, June 24, 2008

L.S. Was Right, FEMA Actually Does A Good Job - by Legal Pub

Is East St. Louis, Illinois much diffent that New Orleans? When floodwaters knocked out the water treatment plant in Mason City, Iowa, FEMA was ready. FEMA promptly set up an account with a Pepsi bottler to supply bottled water. FEMA officials quickly moved into a vacant building and began distributing goods.

City Administrator Brent Trout said, "We really started seeing FEMA people showing up to see what was going on in town and puttin,g out the word on flood assistance."
Nearly three years after Katrina, most homeowners, politicians and community leaders say that the agency is doing a heckuva job with midwest flood victims. Perhaps through controvercy, even the Government can learn and improve.


Ms Calabaza said...

As someone who lived through many hurricanes including Andrew in 1992, I can tell you that the first three days of a disaster you are basically on your own. If your local folks aren't their to help, then you're in real trouble. Although FEMA did NOT function well during Katrina, much blame really should have fallen on city, county and state authorities in Louisiana who just couldn't get it together. FEMA, IMHO became the scapegoat for the Katrina aftermath. I recommend the book, The Deluge by Douglas Brinkley about what really took place there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. C

Anonymous said...

One of the Illinois Levys previously approved by FEMA just breached. They may still come out of this with some egg on their face.

Ms Calabaza said...


The Great Deluge
by: Douglas Brinkley (now in paperback)

....sorry folks.

Anonymous said...

Still need someone to blame, might as well be FEMA

Secrets said...

I'm curious, what is the ecomonic and racial demographic in East St. Louis????

Anonymous said...

Not that it should matter, but E.St Louis probably has the highest population of minorities by % in the mid west. My guess is that it is 70% or more minority based. Again, race is not an issue with FEMA. Some people want to make it one, but it is not the case.


Anonymous said...

Just to stir it up...

I got this e-mail from a friend.

Is it just me? ....

... As you watch the flooding in the Midwest? Have you noticed that there are no farmers running around with stolen plasma TVs or holding stolen liquor over their heads?

There's no looting or yelling

'Where's Bush?',

'Where's FEMA?,

Where's my check?', or

'Why isn't the Gov't out here saving me and my farm?',

“It’s a government conspiracy”,

“They wanted the levies to fail”,

Shocking contrast, isn't it?!?!?!

Just food for thought.

I say race has nothing to do with it. I say its culture.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I did notice the disaster appeared rather peaceful.

Good observation L.S. It does stir things up!