Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Take Two and Electronic Arts, Inc. A Needless Match?

Take Two apparently created the violent, but popular video game "Grand Theft Auto." Take Two is apparently not going to accept a $2 billion buyout offer from Electronic Arts Inc. The offer is "the wrong price at the wrong time," Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. chief executive Ben Feder told the A.P. The $26-per-share bid sent Take-Two's shares up 55 percent to a $26.89 close on the stock market.

Admittedly, the game is fun. But it is not a good example for anyone playing the game. The object is to steal cars, dodge rival gangs bullets and complete missions including the transportation of prostitutes. $2 Billion buy out? Society should mandate that such poor influences on society should not be worth two cents. Regardless, does Electronic Arts, which makes quality EA Sports games, need such a violent arrow in its quiver? Violence in todays society suggests not.


Anonymous said...

You are consistent in your stance against violence, whether it be movies or games. Unfortunately, financial interests always seem to prevail over common sense.


dollar bill said...

Jill, as I say, it is all about money!

Dollar Bill

colleency said...

I've gotta play Devil's Advocate here ...

Is it worth $2 billion? If someone's willing to pay that much, then it's worth it.

SHOULD it be worth it? Not in my mind, not for a minute.

But - should Society prohibit such violent games? - I don't like the idea of the State telling me what's acceptable or what's not.

I've had 3 teenaged sons, all have played 'GTA', none of them are violent. They've also played many, many hours of nonvioltent games of strategy.

I believe that a steady diet of violence- games, tv, movies, music - will weaken and sicken a mind, just like a steady diet of junk food will weaken and sicken a body.

Parents - not government - should be monitoring the health of children's minds.

Ms Calabaza said...

I really, really dislike that game. What is bothersome to me is that they could have just modified it and not made the "bad guys" the heroes in the game. I agree with Colleency that people should have the choice to buy it but that doesn't mean I will ever recommend it. Colleecny, this game did not affect your boys adversely because your children were brought up in a healthy, nurturing home. They, can deal with that and much more. The problem are these poor souls who don't have these supporting parents. . . and spend all their free time alone and learning the values of carjacking, killing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, good story, but not enough curb appeal. Come on, we want the real blood and gut stories not cartoons.