Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brianna Denison Apparently Raped And Strangled By Serial Rapist Who Is Taunting Police. Is James Biela Her Killer? ~ by Legal Pub

Brianna Denison was a Santa Barbra City college student. She left the California college to visit her home town over winter break. She was sleeping on a friend's sofa near the University of Nevada when she disappeared. Brianna's body was apparently found. She had been raped and then strangled aby someone police believe is a serial rapist in Reno. DNA evidence apparently links Denison's kidnapping to two other attacks on women late last year. An earlier attack may also be related. In the earlier attack, a man raped a woman at gunpoint in a garage where University of Nevada campus police park their squad cars. The earliest victim apparently described the suspect as a white male between ages 28 and 40 and at least 5 feet 6. He has a long face and brown hair. Police opine that the killer's familiarity with the city suggests he likely lives in Reno. The killer probably lives near the campus just north of the downtown casino district or on the northwest side. He may work close to the city's southeast side where the body was found.

A black thong with a Pink Panther emblem was apparently left behind by the serial rapist to taunt police, according to Chief Michael Poehlman. The underwear did not belong to Brianna Denison. The underwear appears to contain the DNA of two people. One of the DNA sample is consistent with the DNA associated with two other sexually motivated crimes.

A "Bring Bri Back" flier with her photo was tacked to a telephone pole on the corner of the field where her Brianna was found. Bridgette Denison, Brianna's mother, issued a statement thanking police and the community for their help in the search. She also asked, "We ask once again that if there is anyone out there with information, we beg you to come forward. Now is the time." Our hearts should all go out to Brianna's family and friends. Please help the police bring this sick person to justice.
Update 5-6-08: Police are still looking for the suspect who matches the above description.
Update 1-5-09: James Biela, a 27 year-old ex-Marine is accused of being the serial rapist who raped and murdered Brianna Denison. Biela pleaded not guilty this week to all charges. James Biela is charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. Biela, who is now a construction worker, plead not guilty in Washoe County District Court on Wednesday. Judge Robert Perry set a tentative trial date for February 22, 2010. Three weeks after her disappearance, Brianna's body was found in a field near her friend's home. A pair of panties that were not hers also were found near the body. The panties apparently linked Biela not only to Denison, but also to another sexual assault. Biela is presumed to be innocent until otherwise proven.


Anonymous said...

One sick puppy out there that would do this to innocent young ladies.

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Anonymous said...

Need to organize a march to find the owner of the black underwear. That will track down the killer in my opinion.

Ms Calabaza said...

This is tragic. I heard about this story a while back on the Greta Van Sustern show. I remember some friends and locals were hoping that she was still alive and was a kidnap victim. Sadly, it did not work out that way. Anonymous#3 is right, that underwear should be a good clue. Hope they find this dirtbag soon.

ralph said...

Sick, dirt bag, whacko, lunatic, there simply are not words strong enough.


Legal Pub said...

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Anonymous said...

Reno is a fast paced place. This kind of a Perv is often attracted to the college campus life. Some rapes are not even reported. Rumor has it this guy shaves his pubic hair. He also is apparently short but muscular. Some question whether he may be a weight lifter or former athlete.

In the end, he will outsmart himself and then spend some real quality time behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Hope they catch him.

Legal Pub said...

Update 5-6-08: Police are still looking for the suspect who matches the above description.

Legal Pub said...

Any anonymous tips are welcome!

Legal Pub said...

Suspect supposedly drives a truck or SUV.