Monday, May 3, 2010

Science Confirms That Unhappy Marriages Are Not Healthy ~by T.J.

Men: Want to keep the critical care hospital bed vacant? The "catch and release" health benefits enjoyed by marriage strikers are well known for most. MARRIAGE STRIKE LINK. At first blush, it appeared that the marriage strikers were not a significant threat to marriage. Then along came Helen's Article in support of alimony, than another advocating wealth building through marriage. ALIMONY LINK. MARRY FOR MONEY. It was obviously a direct jab at the marriage strike people. Now, with the statistical decline in the number of marriages in the U.S., advocates of the institution of marriage are fighting back with overgeneralized theories and misleading statistics.

The latest propaganda argues that there are some health benefits of being married. Advocates contend that happily married people tend to live longer, healthier lives. "The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier and Better Off Financially."Happily married women have less work related stress according to a University of California study. But the key word is "happily." When it comes to marriage, happily ever after only happens in fairy tales. In fact studies show that unhappily married women experience almost an 11% increase in weight gain. Weight. While studies suggest happily married men have a 64 percent less risk of a fatal stroke, the study is flawed because they could find so few "happily married men." In fact, heart disease risk significantly increases for both sexes in a bad marriage! Heart Disease. Roberto De Vogli has a very persuasive study on the effects of a bad marriage on heart disease which is published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Those in bad marriages are 34 percent more likely to develop heart disease.

Want to forget a bad marriage? Stay in a bad marriage. A recent study suggests that divorced men have three times greater risk of dementia. ( See the study of Miia Kivipelto from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet.) Married folks who argue are simply making themselves unhealthy. Those of us who have been unhappily married don't need to read the recent study at Ohio State University Medical Center. Immune system to confirm our anecdotal experience. The solution? Don't get married in the first place.

Don't even get me started on depression. I can't think of anything more depressing than losing at least half your assets and paying alimony so that your ex spouse and her boyfriend can vacation in the Caribbean. I sincerely believe that married men do not live longer.  It just seems that way because of the torture!  In sum, want to be healthy? Join the marriage strike movement. This is the best way for men to live long and prosper.


Update 6-10-2013:  In the season of June brides, this update might save some unfortunate male from stepping into a huge financial disaster.  Specifically, if you can not avoid marriage altogether, at least avoid these type of women: 

  1.  The “Gold Digger.”  Listen, usually your family can spot this money grubber a mile away, so why can't you?  Ask yourself:
     a.  Does she seem to make everything about money?
     b.  Does she light up when something expensive is in front of her?
     c.  Does she ask a lot about how much money you make?
     d.  Does she wear expensive shoes, clothes, purse, etc?
     e.  Does she insist on fine dining?

  2.  The “Overly Feminine Feminist.” Beware, men hating non-shaving power hungry women are out there and they do want to hurt you.  If your future bride belongs to a women's rights groups, run.  Run far and fast! Feminism is NOT bad.  It is just bad karma for a man to marry a feminist. Men who marry a feminist typically end up miserable because everything they do is criticized and interpreted to somehow oppress women. So if a woman gets mad because you open a door for her or pull out a chair for her because “she can do it herself” then, I repeat, run far and fast.
3. The “Excessively Sensitive.” If every little thing evolves into an argument because you hurt her feelings, then your relationship is doomed from the beginning.  A man does not mind occasionally comforting his woman when she actually needs emotional support.  However, if  every discussion causes her to suffer an emotional crisis, run away.  A woman who is too emotionally needy seldom makes a good long term match for a man.

As a man, if you need support in removing a potential ball and chain from your neck, read: 
Marriage Strike, Helen I why women deserve alimony, and Helen II marry for money IF YOU STILL WANT TO MARRY ONE OF THE ABOVE TYPE OF WOMEN, PLEASE GET PSYCHIATRIC HELP IMMEDIATELY



Brad said...

T.J. HOMERUN! Thanks for putting Helen and the others in their place!


Anonymous said...

happy v. unhappy is so subjective!

Cal said...

Here is more evidence that bad marriage = bad health!

Brenda said...

Well thought out for a neanderthal!

Anonymous said...

NO wonder I am so much healthier since I lost 148 lbs... by divorcing that woman.

Sin City said...

Come on... guys. We are worth spending your cash on!

Anonymous said...

Desparado, why don't you come to your senses, you been out riding fences for so long...

Anonymous said...

How depressing for both sexes!

Anonymous said...

As a man, if you need support in removing a potential ball and chain from your neck, read:
Marriage Strike, Helen I why women deserve alimony, and Helen II marry for money. IF YOU STILL WANT TO MARRY ONE OF THE ABOVE TYPE OF WOMEN, PLEASE GET PSYCHIATRIC HELP IMMEDIATELY


Anonymous said...

Great advice in update T.J. Any normal woman would advise her brother not to marry such a woman.