Thursday, June 25, 2009

Does Emily Horne Give Credence To Marriage Strike Advocates?

Maybe she just likes weddings. Or maybe, she is a girl who just can't say no. Regardless the case, Emily Horne finds herself in hot water these days. After all, she is accused of polygamy. At the ripe old age of 30, Emily has been married five times. It may not be a record, but it may be illegal. Her most recent wedding was to 25-year-old Ashley Baker in 2007. Despite the wedding, Emily never technically divorced her first husband.

If Emily never divorced hubby #1, then the former escort and bartender never technically married her last four husbands. So why did Ashley Baker fall for Horne so quickly? Could it be that she told him that she had cancer? Fortunately, for Emily, she doe not have cancer. But can you imagine the honey moon? Let's get to know one another. How many men have you been with?

For Emily, her moment of truth apparently came during a train ride to Scotland. During the romantic ride, she apparently shared with Ashley her newspaper clippings. She apparently confessed to serving jail time in 2004. Ashley Baker's initial reaction is not well known. But he must have at least once loved Emily as her name appears in a tattoo on his neck. (Compare that to the poor teen age girl who woke up with over 50 stars tattooed on her face. 56 stars on Teen's face.) Furthermore, Ashley remained with Emily for 10 months. So the feelings must have been real, right?

Emily Horne is likely to serve some real jail time. In the mean time she is being treated for bipolar disorder. She has told the press that she is genuinely sorry for any hurt feelings. The question that one has to ask is what the heck were all these guys thinking? Are men really this gullible? For our Marriage Strike Advocate readers, there seems to be an opportunity to pick up a few supporters! Marriage Strike Link.


Anonymous said...

Men are that stupid. They think with the wrong part of their bodies! As long as men are so primal, us gals will do what we must to get the upper hand. If this means taking a man's sorry but to the cleaners, so be it! Divorce laws are there to protect and to help us girls, use em!


Anonymous said...

Not all men are that stupid. Some times it takes a couple of "I am not in the mood tonight" to hookem.

Anonymous said...

Black widows?

Anonymous said...

I think that Christy might have had issues in the past with men.

While it is true that we are usually quite willing to breed (read shadows of forgotten ancestors, you do read don’t you?) that has little to nothing to do with intelligence.

We do have a predilection to protect and provide for women we like, that’s the way it is (read above). And if a woman wants, she can twist that into something bad. But there are bad people all over the word.

Women on the other hand tend to look at men’s size and strength as attractive (again read) and have a predilection to trust such size and strength will not be used against them. Usually its not. We’re raised to “never hit a girl”, “it isn’t right”…since little boys. But sometimes such strength is used to harm the women who trust it rather than love and protect her as it should be. That’s wrong.

And sometimes a woman will take a man’s love, devotion, and hunger for her and hurt him with it rather than give and take love and companionship. That’s wrong too.

With ability comes responsibly not privilege. Grow up!


Anonymous said...

No issue problems with Christy. I've been through the divorce route myself twice. Each time, I come out financially better. If I could repeat the scenario a couple more times, I could always have the house I dream of.

Not Haten on Christy

Anonymous said...

Chris is what you call a modern day entrepreneur.

Anonymous said...

I agree, manure sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

She has a mean look and Cnris has a mean streak.