Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Florida Football Player, Janoris Jenkins, Gets Tazed ~by Gator Hater

Gainesville Police saw UF cornerback Janoris Jenkins punch another man in the head shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday. Police tasered Jenkins when he continued fighting. Jenkins then unsuccessfully tried to run away. Jenkins was charged with resisting arrest without violence. Jenkins posted bail later that same Saturday. (How does a college kid raise bail money so quickly?)

Jenkins told police the fight started because he thought someone was going to steal the gold chain around his neck. (Where does a college kid get money for a gold chain?) Jenkins is represented by attorney Huntley Johnson. Johnson says his client acted in self-defense and prosecution should be deferred or charges dismissed. (How does a college kid afford such a good attorney?) Jenkins was named to the freshman All-SEC team last season.

A University of Florida’s athletic association spokesperson said no action has been taken. (Indeed, what lack of action is he referring to as it seems several things apparently have happened behind the scenes?)

Gator Hater


Dollar Bill said...

It is all about money dude.

Dollar Bill

Anonymous said...

Never trust a man without scars on his face!

Anonymous said...

Head knockers

Anonymous said...

"Don't tase me bro I gotta slug this thug."

Secrets said...

He probably has "roid rage" (steroids).

Since when can you justify hitting someone because you "thought" they were going to do something to you?

Anonymous said...

Secrets, strike hard, strike fast, and get no bruises.