Monday, June 1, 2009

Does Michael Hicks Serve As An Example of Man's Inherent Weakness? ~by Blond Bombshell

I will spare you the picture. Not likely that my followers would be impressed anyway. Talk about initial lack of judgment. Can he be saved by brilliant lawyering? The Department of Justice recently initiated its quest to stamp out unsanitary freight elevators. Apparently, Michael Hicks, a Michigan man, was charged in a U.S. District Court complaint with "urinating in the freight elevator of an Internal Revenue Service building in Detroit." According to the charging information, the Defendant allegedly relieved himself in the lift "on numerous occasions." He was apparently apprehended after federal agents installed surveillance cameras in two freight elevators.

Initially one ponders how one individual would have the opportunity to soil freight elevators on more then one occasion. The alleged perpetrator apparently had access to the freight elevator because Hicks was an IRS contract employee. Hicks allegedly "admitted to frequently urinating" in one of the elevators, " according to Special Agent Delmaria Scott's complaint. As a result of the urination, the IRS allegedly incurred a cleaning expense in excess of $4,500. For more details see:

While we are reminded that all suspects are innocent until otherwise proven guilty in a court of law, one can not help but feel, that if in fact Hicks is guilty, then it may just be one more example of a guy not being able to keep it in his pants!



Anonymous said...

If no one saw "it" how can it be a crime?

It's not indecent unless it is seen and judged to be so, right?

Anonymous said...

Can't see a bunch of lawyers lining up to defend this case. Even if you win, you may end up losing in the public eye.

Good luck Mr. Defendant. Try to surpress the tape evidence if you can.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Noface said...

Only one question comes to my mind:

Were there no bathrooms in this building?

katfish said...

My first thought was at least he didn't do like the guy that got caught urinating in the coffee served in the employee lounge of his office a few years back. Now that would piss me off!
Good question Mr.Noface!

Anonymous said...

There were johns but it was not convenient

Anonymous said...

Yet another sad example of a man pushed too far by the divorce laws in this country.

Blond Bombshell said...

More an example of what a flawed species the male creature really is in modern day. From the idiot man who walked by with the pencil digging in his ear to the idiot actor on the stage playing pocket pool, examples of an inferior creation are present every where!