Friday, April 10, 2009

Did Richard Poplawski's Hatred Fuel An Attack On Police?

Did white supremest beliefs supply the motive for Richard Poplawski shooting rage? Polawski is the man believed to have ambushed and killed three Pittsburgh police officers last week. Prejudice is being bantered around as a possible motive. Poplawski apparently posted on the internet under the name "Braced for Fate." Anti Semitic postings believed to be his are rather disturbing. Some may have even foreshadowed the fateful shooting as he wrote that he was "probably ramping up the activism in the near future." Could prompt action have prevented this fateful tragedy? 3 officers slain

Poplawski referred to himself as a "skinhead" in some posts. He wrote about the "ultimate victory for our people" by "taking back our nation." He pontificated that " ... A revolutionary is always regarded as a nutcase at first, their ideas dismissed as fantasy."

Poplawski's act of shooting more than 100 rounds at officers on April 4 was more then delusional, it was a psychotic act of terror. The police had little chance of knowing this 911 call concerning a domestic disturbance would turn into a full fledged ambush.

In fairness, Poplawski is to be presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law. In the interim, don't be surprised if his defense team pursues an insanity defense.


Anonymous said...

hatred is at the root of too much violence in this world.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Poplawski just doesn't like cops?

Anonymous said...

Assault with an insult.

Secrets said...

There are some sick MF's in this world.

It sounds premeditated to me.

Anonymous said...

DEARBORN, Mich. - A community college student apparently used a shotgun to kill an aspiring actress and dancer Friday on the campus west of Detroit where they attended class together before killing himself as police rushed to the scene.

Officers heard a gunshot as they rushed inside a Henry Ford Community College building and discovered the bodies of 20-year-old Asia McGowan of Ecorse and 28-year-old Anthony Powell of Detroit in a classroom.

"Nothing like this has ever occurred on campus," said Marjorie Swan, vice president/controller at the school, which was locked down as police and campus security worked to secure the area.

he was obviously upset about the state of divorce law in this country. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just another insane prejudice nut.

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Anonymous said...

Prejudice fuels hatred

Anonymous said...

Hate crimes are on the rise as the economy fizzels!

Anonymous said...


Richard Poplawski had strong views in favor of the Second Amendment, but
he had become involved in the "Stormfront" website, operated by an ex-con,
who expressed disdain for the law and ignorance of the Constitution. By seeking
shelter in a "storm" of criminal-characters, Poplawski allowed his impetuous
patriotism to become misdirected. Don Black, proprietor of "Stormfront," who
learned his computer-skills while serving time in a federal prison, had repeatedly
upbraided Nationalists for demanding that would-be rightist-reformers act within
the law.

When Nationalists would counsel to "stay out of jail," Black would respond
by calling them "lunatics," "crazy" and "pathological liars." He would lambast
Nationalists as Jews and "perverts" for not festooning themselves with Swastikas.
And, he would insist that criminals, who had pleaded guilty to being ex-cons in
possession of arsenals, tax-evaders, frauds, child-pornographers, conspirators
and bombers, had all been "framed." Black, even admitted, when his wife, Chloe,
garnered attention for distancing herself from his website, that he "could not
afford" a lawyer.

Not only had many of Black's cohorts been jailed, but Black had apologized
for Matt Hale, who is serving forty years for murder-conspiracy. Caught
up in such a culture of criminality, Poplawski apparently found it difficult to
distinguish between self-defense and anti-social behavior. During the time that
Poplawski, a foe of Barack Obama, was frequenting, Black was warning "stay
away" from Nationalists, insisting that they "confuse and alienate our potential
supporters." Black praised his "best friend" for having been on the FBI's
most-wanted list.
Copyright 2009 The Nationalist Movement

Anonymous said...

There is often a fine line between patriotism and criminal activity. When the lines are crossed, disaster is right around the corner.