Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Operation Dual Identity Makes Your Car Sleep A Bit Safer Tonight

Your auto just got a little safer this week. Yesterday, the FBI reportedly broke up a huge auto theft network in the U.S. pursuant to "Operation Dual Identity." Warrants for 17 people in Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico have been issued. The suspects are accused of "cloning" vehicles (making stolen cars look legal.)

This organized crime syndicate allegedly operated in the U.S. for more than 20 years allegedly resulting in over 1,000 vehicles being stolen in Florida. Victims range from the average Joe car owner to the banks that financed the cars. "Cloning" occurs by taking license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN), and other tags and stickers from a legal car and putting them on a hot car. Any consumer who buys the car or any bank that lends on the car risks losing everything because once a stolen vehicle is discovered, the police are obligated to return it to the rightful owner.


Anonymous said...

Good job feds!

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Darn straight!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the Chinese guy wrote!

Property Majorca said...

Good post... was looking for advice ... but your comments aren't helping none?!

Legal Eagle 7 said...

Advice about what? A huge theft ring was broken up. If you are a victim, you get your car back. If you are one of the ones who bought a stolen car without any fault on your part, work with prosecutors. If may be possible that they will seek restitution for you.