Monday, March 9, 2009

Ms. Calabaza Shares An Economic Recovery Plan

Ms. Calabaza provides the lead in to todays story. Given the sad state of our economy, this add seems most appropriate for those who have lost their ass in the stock market and with mutual funds.

Unemployment has hit a 25-year high. Even worse, most employers indicate that hiring isn't likely to increase any time soon according to a Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released Tuesday.
A slower hiring pace for the second quarter of 2009 compared to the first quarter means the recession will persist longer then some thought. Sixty-seven percent of employers expect no change in their spring hiring plans. Jeffrey Joerres, chairman and CEO of Manpower, said in a statement.
Only 15% anticipate anticipated increasing hiring during the second quarter. This represents a decline from 26% in the same period last year.

14% expect a decrease in their payrolls. The net employment outlook is the worst that has been seen since the recession of 1982. Only employers in construction, leisure and hospitality anticipate employment increases. A recent government report revealed that our economy has lost 3.3 million jobs over the past six months. Our unemployment rate is in excess of 8.1%, which represents the highest rate in 25 years.

So, any one want to buy a tractor?


Blond Bombshell said...

Pretty grim statistics. But i love love Ms. C's sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Michigan's unemployment rate is in excess of 10%!

Anonymous said...

Very symbolic of our current state of affairs.

Ms Calabaza said...

thanks Shell!

The oracle of Omaha says we're in an economic war...sheesh!

Here's the link:

Jester said...

Economic war? Hell I thought I had a hole in my pocket.


katfish said...

Ms Calabaza,
That is funny! If you can't laugh you definately have nothing!

Better check those pockets just in case. Wouldn't want you to think you were losing your ass to the economic war and then find out it was sliding out that hole in your pocket!

To everyone,
Let's hope those statistics represent the bottom of the slippery slope our country has been on. One thing confuses me about those statistics:
"Only employers in construction, leisure and hospitality anticipate employment increases." That just doesn't make sense to me, who has the money to build or go on vacation? Must be seasonal workers.(insert katfish shrugging her shoulders)

Anonymous said...

There can't be a recession, teacher's union in a county in Illinois just received a modest 3.35 % salary increase can there?

Anonymous said...

Teaachers not only got a 3.5% raise, they also got a fresh new dating pool of young men for all the cougars...