Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama Needs To Get To Work On Some Serious Problems

On the day that the world is suppose to change with the inauguration of President Obama, there is more of the same bad news. In England, an 81-year-old mugging victim died of her injuries after passers-by ignored her pleas for help. Apparently bystanders thought Molly Morgan of Harrow England was drunk so they ignored her cries for help. Molly had been on her way to a library lecture when she was attacked from behind. Molly suffered serious head injures, a broken left arm and multiple fractures to the left side of her face. Her wounds proved to be fatal since she went untreated. Must world wide apathy continue?

Here in the states, teenagers are "bum-hunting." Packs of teenage boys are stalking homeless people and attacking them. Sometimes they shoot them with paintball guns, beating them with bats or even set them on fire. Over the last five years, at least one homeless person has been murdered each month, for no apparent reason. If any other group was being targeted like this, there’d be a national outcry. Why must the homeless continue to suffer, soon to be President Obama?

Last January in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., two teenagers were caught on video surveillance tape as they beat a homeless man with baseball bats. The man survived, but the same night, the same teens allegedly beat another homeless man, 45-year-old Norris Gaynor, to death. Seventeen-year-old Thomas Daugherty and 18-year-old Brian Hooks have plead “not guilty” and are awaiting trial. The National Coalition for the Homeless, using local news reports and other sources, says that since 1999 there have been more than 500 such attacks, resulting in 180 deaths. Why is senseless violence so common?

Yesterday a teen age boy was beat by six other boys because he stood up for a girl being hit. He was beaten for twelve minutes. Even worse, the beating apparently took place on the school campus. See the brutality at this site: LINK Why must violence among our young people continue?
Mr. President, after the euphoria of tonight, it is time for you to get to work.


Anonymous said...

That video made me sick!

Anonymous said...

Six on one in that video is not a fight. It is a cowardly beating that should be considered attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

How about addressing the economy too, Mr. President?

Secrets said...

This is an amazing day in US history.

I was hoping you would focus on that.

Anonymous said...

Dear President Obama:

I have been in and out of homelessness since being honorably discharged as a USMC Vietnam veteran in 1969. I wound up homeless then, in and out of homelessness with my two sons in the Eighties, and homeless on my own again in the Nineties.

I started the American Homeless Society in 1987 while my sons and I were homeless in California. I have been in several hunger strikes, marches and demonstrations for homeless rights since then but have seen little progress.

My longest hunger strike was 58 days against President Reagan’s “trickle down” economic policies that created much more instead of less homelessness in our country. You now speak about fixing our nation’s economy from the “bottom up” and that should mean you are starting by ending involuntary homelessness at the bottom.

HUD Secretary Philip Mangano has been promoting 10-year plans to end homelessness in major cities across the country on behalf of the Bush Administration for the past few years. We would hope and pray you make a similar commitment to abolish homelessness but throughout our nation, not just in individual cities because there are far more homeless than these urban plans will ever reach.

Slavery was abolished in America over a century ago; why not abolish homelessness today, Mr. Obama? Homelessness is just as bad as slavery in several ways and much worse in others.

Men, women and children from all the races, colors, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and creeds in our diverse society find themselves homeless daily. They are forced to endure harassment, discrimination and persecution in our nation today much like the slaves President Lincoln’s armies fought to free in the Nineteenth Century.

America’s homeless are also forced to endure nature’s harshest conditions without warm homes or shelter for protection; without good food and nutrition; without essential hygiene, medicine and healthcare; and without the necessary education, training or experience required to qualify for the dwindling supply of jobs in today’s worsening economy. Many of America’s homeless today are even employed but underemployed and unable to afford existing rentals while thousands of others are altogether unemployable.

How can our great nation permit so many of these poor souls to continue to suffer and die needlessly on our streets? I joined the Marines to fight for my country in the Sixties so that all Americans could have a better life, not just the rich and well-to-do who are receiving all the bailouts today.

The list of barriers and obstacles facing today’s homeless goes on and on, Mr. Obama. Please, if you are serious about fixing our nation’s economy from the bottom-up, begin at the real bottom by making a firm commitment to end involuntary homelessness throughout our country without further ado.


Ruben Botello, Founder

Anonymous said...

I doubt President Obama can put an end to bullying around the world.

I think shutting down Gitmo is a pretty good start, though. ;)

Ms Calabaza said...

I pray God will grant our new President wisdom and balance and that he is very successful in keeping us safe, productive and that our nation thrives under his leadership.

Anonymous said...

That prison houses some bad aSS WAR criminals. I hope he don't turn them lose.

law dog said...

Reuben, email legal pub at

legalpub@legalpub.net. I think Legal pub is doing a story on the homeless and may wish to interview you.

Law Dog

Legal Pub said...

What a first day. President Obama becomes our 44th president. He retakes oath of office after Roberts' mistake. He drafts orders to close Guantanamo facility. He shows affection for the first lady. Stay tuned, things may move fast.