Thursday, October 9, 2008

A House Divided That Still Stands! Does Wesley Powell Serve As An Example That The Ignorance Of Prejudice Still Remains?

Divorce shatters lives. It splits homes. Sometimes literally. A Cambodian couple who separated after 40 years of marriage literally split their household in two. (The husband cut the house in half!) The story has been written by May Titthara for The Phnom Penh Post, an English- newspaper in Cambodia. The remaining half of the house is in Prey Veng province of southern Cambodia. Reportedly, the husband and his friends moved his belongings to one side of the house and sawed off the other side. The divorce did not follow the appropriate steps but was effective nonetheless. The wife continues to reside in her half of the home.
On a less pleasant note, a reader has sent in a link to a police video in which the officer apparently makes some racial derogatory comments. Just when you think society has outgrown such distasteful behavior. The Georgia police officer, Wesley Powell, resigned after authorities discovered the profanity, sexual comments and racial slurs. For those interested here is the link: OFFENSIVE COMMENTS.


Anonymous said...

This was a real weird solution to a domestic dispute!

blond bombshell said...

Typical man, cuts off his nose (I mean house) to spite his face ( I mean bank account.)


Anonymous said...

How could Powell be so insensitive?

Mansford said...

Prejudice will not go a way simply by electing a President of color. Rather it is a laboratorios process of education and desensitizing the learned ignorance of racism.


Rommie said...

What my man Mansford says!


Anonymous said...

Using the "n" word post O.J. Simposon Detective Mark something or other is just inexcusable!

Ms Calabaza said...

isn't divorce grand?

katfish said...

The only intolerance that belongs in today's world is the intolerance of racism!

I wonder which spouse got the bathroom? It's just another example of splitting your sh t!

jester said...

Katfish, you are one of us. That was darn funny.


Secrets said...

Katfish that was funny.

I didnt think about the bathroom. Thats a good question.

In my divorce, I didnt get half. He took his s**t and mine. He only left our daughters furniture.

BEAT CHANGE - I wonder if Powell was on the phone with another Georgia cop.

katfish said...

Ha, that bathroom issue was the first thing I thought of...what does that say about me?

jester - What a fine group to be part of !!!

secrets - About that ex, karma always prevails.... just ask OJ !

Anonymous said...

There is no running water. The woman pees standing up over the edge or into a pan. The American expression that sh*t flows down hill applies.

You would not want to share being neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Katfish is A-Okay! Ming, thanks for the insight.

Shell, not all men are spiteful. Some of us, would have just taken the garage and the dog house. Afterall, those are the two places most men spend most of their marriage in.

Pete P.

Anonymous said...

Next, they "split" the kiddos???


Anonymous said...

Breaking up is hard to do..