Monday, October 13, 2008

Clara Meadmore Correlates Virginity With Longevity! Does Obama Fail To Qualify As A Natural Born Citizen?

For the last few years, a major trend is to justify lifestyle decisions with health reasons. So, it should not be surprising that Clara Meadmore has correlated her longevity with her virginity. The British woman is 105 years young. She claims that remaining a virgin all these years has kept her young.
Legal Pub sincerely doubts that celibacy will make you live forever, but it is our speculation that going without sex may make each day seem like forever! Clara's photo is courtesy of Splash News.
While we ponder the possibilities of immaculate conception, a Pennsylvania lawsuit against Presidential candidate Barack Obama questions whether he is a natural born citizen. Is Obama's birth certificate being hid from the public?
Worth watching:

Update 4-27-11: President Obama publishes his Hawaii birth certificate.


iron mike said...

Maybe that is why Shell looks so young!

Iron Mike

blond bombshell said...

No, Mike. Just avoiding neanderthal men like you keeps me out of stressful enocounters. Afterall, explaining to thugs why it is best not to eat steak with their fingers can be very taxing. Removing stress is a well known antiaging secret of Hollywood! That is what keeps the L.A. divorce lawyers so busy.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she just looks at statistics.
If u are in a relationship with a white guy or girl (a non asian) then u got a great chance of getting divorced. Ur folks may even say well don't date em or don't date em seriously b/c white ppl tend to divorce. Maybe this lady just wanted to avoid the inevitable by not getting started. Stats with white ppl reveal too many single moms and divorcees.

How rare is it to see a chinese couple divroce? Compare it to white folks who divorce 50% or more. White ppl just statistically are not worth the risk. I am just explaining the reason why a white woman may choose not to marry a another white person. So if they is prejudice against asian or african american, they just stay single.

Thats my view and will consider yours.


Anonymous said...

You bump your head or something, Demetrius?

Ms Calabaza said...

Me, I'd rather die young.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Obama produce the birth certificate?

Anonymous said...

Seems like Barack should just produce the birth certificate and be done with this unfound rumor!

Secrets said...

So are all of Clara's promiscuous friends dead?

So in my guestimation, there's a correlation between "no bone" and "alone"

Secrets said...

Demetrius, thats some imaginative reasoning.

kelly said...

No bone? End up alive but alone.

Secret, maybe you can become the new attorney general and use this slogan instead of just say no!


ralph said...

Kelly you crack me up.


katfish said...

Soooo...that's what an 105 year old virgin looks like....OMG, she's like a real ancient artifact! Though with that shit eating grin, is it possible she forgot about meeting Johnny out under the apple tree 90 years ago?

holly said...

Nope, Katfish. She is legit! She obviously has never had sex on the beach like Michelle Palmer in the more recent story on Legal Pub.


Anonymous said...

No virginity with this lady:

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katfish said...

I'd say it's a little late for Clara to start taking viagra, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Never too late for a little nooky.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katfish. It would take more than viagra to do this lady at this point in time!

Anonymous said...

Viagra is not the issue. Celebacy is the issue.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Married men have been getting some on the side dating back as far as as 2,000 years. The saying is: Prostitution is the oldest profession.There's a reason behind that.........(ie marriage)


Anonymous said...

Enough of the spam, please.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Spammers go away or get sued!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And how does that correlate with this woman's virginity?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Does Clara like Olympic hockey?

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Legal Pub said...

Update 4-27-11: President Obama publishes his Hawaii birth certificate.

Scottfsgq said...

Nope, Katfish. She is legit! She obviously has never had sex on the beach like Michelle Palmer in the more recent story on Legal Pub. Holly