Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Peggy Fossett Seeks Court Declaration That Millionaire Husband Steve Fossett is Dead. Update 2-16-08

Steve Fossett on the surface appeared to have every thing. He was a millionaire adventurer who had on previous occasions laughed in the face of danger. For example, Fossett had previously survived a 30,000-foot fall in a crippled hot air balloon. He had successfully completed a dangerous swim of the English channel and had once survived being stranded for hours in shark-infested seas. Fossett completed Alaska's Iditarod race. He climbed some of the world's tallest mountains, sailed and flew around the world, and set several aviation records.
All of these successful adventures now seem less relevant after Steve Fossett disappeared in September while flying his plane. His wife, Peggy Fossett, has now asked a Cook County (Illinois) court to declare Fossett legally dead.

"As painful as it is for Mrs. Fossett, other members of the family and his many friends, it is time to initiate this process," said attorney Michael A. LoVallo. This is the first legal step in settling and estate estimated to be well over $10,000,000.

Steve Fossett was 63 when he disappeared Sept. 3. His single-engine plane took off near Yerington, Nev., and was heading toward Bishop, California when it disappeared. Fossett was supposedly on a pleasure flight according to court documents. He did not have a parachute. He was not wearing his watch that had a transponder. While there was a transponder aboard, no signal was received. Fossett had only a single water bottle.

According to his wife's petition, "Fossett did not have any reason to disappear... (he) was happy and passionately involved in his pursuit of adventure."

What is the rush? There may be millions of reasons... perhaps some have to do with money? Difference between Drew Peterson who claims his wife is still alive and Peggy Fossett who seeks a declaration that her husband is dead? An educated guess is over $10,000,000 and perhaps freedom to choose residency for the next 40 years. But who really knows? In a perfect world, Peterson's wife turns up with Fossett joyfully pursuing outdoor adventures in the wild which end up being shown on the Discovery Channel. Steve Fossett, R.I.P. you will undoubtedly be missed by your friends and family.

Update 2-16-08 Despite the John Darwin possibility (see Legal Pub Story) and the fact that no wreckage or body was ever found, the court has declared Steve Fossett officially dead.

Update 10-3-08: The plane wreck has been found. One source reports that A small amount of human remains has been found in what remains of the plane. The wreckage was found in California's Sierra Nevada on Thursday. However, according to NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker, "very little" remains were found among the debris. Hikers found a sweatshirt and credit card believed to be Fossetts. It is doubtful that anyone could have survived the crash.


jill said...

Seems weird that an adventurist would fly alone with only one bottle of water, no parachute and not take his watch locater. Talk about not being prepared.

Wonder if this is out of character or him?


brenda said...

While both Stacy Peterson and Steve Fossett are from the Chicago area, the similarities stop there! One may have been tragically killed by her husband and the other apparently killed in an aviation accident. No similarities there!(Ok,maybe Stacy was last seen in a jogging suit and Steve in a flying suit, but certainly that is where the comparisons stop!)


dollar bill said...

Four more similarities:

1. Neither body has been found.

2. Massive searches were conducted trying to find each of them.

3. Neither one of them was with their spouse when they disappeared.

4. Their respective spouses are both arguably better off finacially now that they are "gone."

Not suggesting there was any foul play, just pointing out similarities...

Dollar Bill

I am sure there are more...

Dollar Bill

Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot of money involved in this estate!

Anonymous said...

Is it safe to be married to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Clearly Fossett's death was an accident!

Anonymous said...

I smell fish!

Let me get this, go around the world, fight lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) and live to tell about it and take off over the desert with one water bottle, no parachute, and not a damn piece of kit?



ralph said...

I was hesitant to post. But I am with L.S. A man like this does not fly so unprepared. I smell foul play. Add to the equation that the plane wreckage was never found!


Ms. Calabaza said...

I saw this story in a Colombo episode . . .

Greg said...

Hate to say it, but where there is smoke their may be fire. Problem is no fire, nor wreckage. Why not look into this a little more deeper! Who all has a lot to gain by his disappearance, including himself?


amigo said...

Not so fast amigos... let's investigate this alleged death a little further!


Anonymous said...

Did he have debts? Huge insurance policies?

Legal Pub said...

Update 2-16-08 Despite the John Darwin possibility (see Legal Pub Story) and the fact that no wreckage or body was ever found, the court has declared Steve Fossett officially dead.